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My unintended Greek yogurt fast

So this is what happens when you shop at a discount grocery store, and find two 12-pack cases of Greek yogurt for $3.00 apiece:

Two dozen containers of Greek yogurt

Needless to say, I shoved both of those suckers in my cart, dragged them home and Tetrised them into my refrigerator. I’m not a fan of the taste of Greek yogurt, but the flavored options are palatable, and I like how the fruit is separate from the yogurt (in Fage’s case, the fruit portion is in an entirely separate compartment!), since I can add just enough for flavor, but not enough to dump on. And hey, to a post-op gastric bypass patient, cheap Greek yogurt (Greek = even higher in protein than standard yogurt) is where it’s at. ;)

Needless to say, I will be eating a LOT of yogurt in the coming days, especially since these particular yogurts were so cheap due to their up and coming expiration dates. ;)

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