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Ryan has pneumonia. While most of me thought that Ryan just had a cold, or perhaps bronchitis, a smaller part of me worried about the possibility of pneumonia, since I myself had it three years ago, and I distinctly remember the shallow, dry cough that got deeper and wetter. And then the fevers started, and after nearly a week of misery and plenty of bitching and whining on my part, and increasing chest tightness, I “shit or got off the pot” like Dan told me to do by going to the doctor, and getting an affirmative diagnosis plus meds. But since Ryan didn’t have a fever, all but that small nagging part of Mommy Jenn ruled out pneumonia. Well, the fever started this afternoon, a few hours after his doctor’s appointment and about two hours after his first doses of Amoxicillin and codeine cough syrup.

Dental surgery in the midst of pneumonia developing1. Mom of the Award can be bestowed upon yours truly. :/

  1. though in my defense, two nurses and the anesthesiologist cleared him for the surgery after listening to his cough and his lungs, so maybe I’m not an entirely shitty parent.

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  1. Danyel


    In my experiences the nurses, doctors and all of the above just want to cut you open. I had a bad chest cold and previous issues with anesthesia and they still wanted to cut me open. So it does not surprise me that they cleared him for surgery even with phenomena.

  2. Nah, not a bad parent. He was cleared by the nurses & anesthesiologist to have the surgery done. I will say that you and Ryan must get an interesting strain of pneumonia – I never had the fevers or anything, just a really obnoxious cough and I felt like utter ass. :/

    Hope he gets better soon!!
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  3. Don’t blame yourself GF. Especially if he was checked out and cleared for surgery. Although as moms we think we need to know it all, there is no way and you listened to pro’s. SHAME on them for not catching it pre-operatively. As a former nurse, shame shame shame on them. I would call them and give them the what for!

  4. oh stop jenn you are not a bad parent because ryan got sick right after a surgery! you are correct in saying the nurses DID clear him – but his body was working on healing from the surgery his little self couldnt fight off the sickness around him :( has he been in a lot of pain from the oral surgery or really uncomfortable? hope his spirits are as up as they can be!
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  5. Jenn… :( Just my humble opinion, but you’ve been keeping an eye on the poor little guy more or less constantly. And, like you said, the nurses and anesthesiologist thought he was okay. I think you did the right thing by getting him to the doctor so quickly. I’m also so sorry to hear he’s sick on top of all of this too. :(


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