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What’s Rotel without tortilla chips?

Dan is at his brother’s apartment for a Super Bowl party, Alyssa is asleep in her bed, and Ryan is lying next to me, coughing and complaining about not wanting to watch House (to which I answered: “You’re not watching House. You’re laying here and going to sleep.”). I took a shower and slathered on various facial moisturizers and body lotions, and am laying bed with my laptop. For all intents and purposes I’m working while watching House (yes, I’ve seen all eight seasons, starting with the first season shortly after my gastric bypass surgery; Jason got me turned onto the show while I was still recovering in the hospital), but in reality it’s more like watching House and periodically taking my eyes away from the screen to write a blog entry).

So earlier tonight I gave in to my spanning-several-days craving for the best tasting (and probably worst for you) chip dip: a can of Rotel combined with Velveeta. Sadly, after I made it I realized I had no tortilla chips. So, no Rotel dip for Jenn. Not tonight, anyway. Boo.

On a related note, caffeinated protein powder has got to be the best thing ever for post-op gastric bypass patients who don’t always get out of bed in the morning with a bounce in their step. I’m reviewing a few protein powders, and so far Big Train and CLICK kick absolute ass because of their caffeinated options.

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