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Alcide has come a long way from his humble and mangy beginnings as a stray that waltzed up to Dan and tricked him into thinking he was Minerva. Ever since we took him in, back in July, he’s been living high on the hog: food and water available 24/7, cat litter, comfortable temperatures (A/C in the summer, heat now that it’s cold), and human affection. Lots of human affection. Alcide is our lover kitty — he loves to nuzzle, head-butt, and in general rub as much of himself, as often as he can, all over the nearest available human. We should have named him Casanova or Romeo.

I recently had the opportunity to review a custom-made leather cat collar from Around the Collar, and check out the gorgeous lime-green, amethyst-studded masterpiece they sent for Alcide:

Around The Collar

Around The Collar

Around The Collar

As you can see, Alcide the former-stray-turned-happy-house-cat is now gorgeously decked out in a comfortable, snazzy collar that I swear he enjoys strutting his stuff in.

Around the Collar specializes in handmade leather collars, harnesses, and leashes for cats and dogs, with many styles, colors, and crystal adornments available. When ordering, use coupon code ATC2013 to get free shipping! Check them out at, and on Facebook!

Read my full review at In My Bag!

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  1. Jason


    His name is now Fancy cat! He’s been upgraded from Minivan 2.0! :P

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