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Live frugally and help others

As I’ve probably mentioned before, for about a year now we only have one income to support the four of us (myself, my husband Daniel, and our children Alyssa and Ryan). Things are tight, but we’re getting by. After an initial difficult adjustment period that involved drastically curbing our spending habits, calling up various bill & utility companies to find out about lowering our monthly costs, and learning more about coupons and other methods of saving money on everyday purchases, we’re keeping afloat and staying pretty stable.

One of the easiest ways you can reduce how much you spend is to look for coupons and other money-saving opportunities, particularly for online purchases. When shopping online, it’s important to keep this in mind: just because a company doesn’t advertise a coupon doesn’t mean that a coupon doesn’t exist!

I routinely make the rounds with several coupon & savings sites, and one I recently discovered and want to share with you is’s purpose is to provide you with coupon codes and special offers for more than 5,000 online merchants. But what sets Save1apart from other coupon sites is that for every single use of a coupon or other offer on their website, Save1 will use a portion of their commission to provide a nutritious meal for a child in need. Save1′s official slogan is, “Save money. Save lives!”, and with good reason: in the time it took you to read this far, at least 5 children have died due to malnourishment. While you sleep tonight, at least 5,000 more will die. These deaths are very easily preventable, and it’s amazing when a company steps forward to do their part to help change these statistics by donating some of their own profits to help.

So before you blindly do a search engine query for a coupon code, or visit any other coupon code websites you’re already familiar with, take an extra moment and visit Nothing changes for you or your purchase, except the source of your coupon code or other money-saving opportunity. But for the child that your purchase will benefit (by providing a nutritious meal), everything changes.

Here’s a few savings opportunities at Save1 that you might be interested in:

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