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Pneumonia, take four

Dan got his official diagnosis of pneumonia today. I say official because high fevers since Wednesday + persistent dry cough + chest tightness + body aches = DUHmonia, especially in this household. Jason kindly schlepped Dan to Urgent Care and back while I stayed home and took some downtime with the kidlets.

While they were gone, Dan’s aunt N stopped by with food for us. She initially said she’d be bringing beef stew, and some butter (she asked if I needed anything, butter was the answer), but showed up with that plus a couple of bags of basic grocery essentials (milk, eggs, bread, cereal, fruit; plus some breakfast/dinner items). That was so sweet of her. I teared up when I saw the bags. Then I apologized to her for crying, and of course thanked her for bringing groceries. She stayed for a while and gave sugar-laden goodies to the kids, we reminisced over sick pets and the current ones, and caught up on family stuff (we haven’t seen Dan’s aunt and uncle since a few days after Christmas).

Dan is in bed right now. I’ve been playing nurse, checking on him and alternately shoving Tylenol and Ibuprofen down him every two hours. Wednesday night was the worst: I officially had the worst night’s sleep ever, because between Dan and Alcide I was waking up every hour (not on purpose, it just kept happening) to check on them.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to get my minimum protein (60g) in me, even if I wind up nursing protein shakes all day long. I haven’t had sufficient protein since before Valentine’s Day. I didn’t eat much between then and the day of my surgery (Monday the 18th), and that Monday and Tuesday I had absolutely nothing to eat and not much water to drink. Pneumonia + surgery + insufficient protein + insufficient vitamins (I slacked on taking them until a couple of days ago) = severely rundown Jenn. I’m down to 153.5 lbs, which is good in terms of I’M NO LONGER FAT, but bad because of how it happened (eleven pounds lost in two weeks is not healthy!). But lack of appetite + stress/trauma of surgery + extra-tight stomach pouch = not getting what I need. I need to get back to where I should be.

I’m going to do our taxes now. If I weren’t full from two peanut-butter-slathered-crackers (courtesy of Alyssa) I would definitely work on a protein shake while I’m plugging in numbers and crossing my fingers that we break even, or don’t owe that much.

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  1. After having bronchitis for two weeks, I’m starting to wonder if pneumonia is a possibility for me, because bronchitis CAN have the tendency to develop into pneumonia.

    I’ve had a borderline fever these last few nights (between 99.8 and 100, 101 a few nights ago – I consider 99.5 and up to be a fever – for me anyway, because my normal body temp is usually around 97). The tightness in my chest, difficulty breathing, and the dry (very painful) cough are definitely making me concerned. It’s also been very painful to talk. :/

    Then again, it doesn’t help that I’ve still been continuing to go to work and straining myself.

    This plague, it needs all of the deaths. Cheers to a full recovery for you. Dan, and the kidlets.

    Ps. I miss you all. Once we’re all clear, we need to catch up. Haven’t seen you since January 2012! (Wow, has it been that long already – oh life)


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