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Kirin has been therapizing me, as we put it, since last night. Kirin is a really weird cat. He’s a neurotic (anxiety problems), obese DSH/Siamese mix, and we’ve had him ever since he was a seven week old kitten. He is six now, and is exactly one month younger than Ryan. Despite his anxiety issues, tendency to shed like crazy, and a love of licking skin (hands, arms, etc.) until you’re swatting him away because his tongue is very rough, he’s surprisingly intuitive when it comes to knowing when I’m in pain. Whether the pain be physical (such as my twisting intestines before my two surgeries last year; or recently when I was laying in bed waiting for the ambulance to arrive) or emotional (our loss of Alcide), Kirin has a penchant for recognizing it and dispensing with lots of affection — cuddling close, resting his paws on me, purring, licking, etc. We call him Crazy Cat on his “normal” days, and Therapy Cat on his therapizing days.


I won’t be swatting him off of me now. I need all of his affection, and then some, to fill this awful void. ♥

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