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The stray cat has a name: Luna. She has an appointment for vaccinations and spaying: Monday. And she most likely has her forever home: with us. And we’re now back up to six cats. :cute:


Sigh. We’re such suckers. But on the bright side: we’re suckers that have removed yet another cat (the fourth, actually – I almost forgot about Ares) from the streets, thus providing it with a home and preventing more contributions to the overrun cat population.

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  1. Aww, she’s adorable! It’s gotta be frustrating to see all these cats being dumped though. I can’t imagine doing that.
    Nat Marie recently blogged about: Site: 1, Nat: 0.

    • It’s infuriating. Around here, puppy mills and out of control cat populations are a big problem. Like you, I can’t imagine just dumping an animal… or not doing *something* about one roaming around homeless. :(

  2. How do you manage to get your cats to stay still when you take pictures? My cat, Abi, will stay still right until just before the flash goes off and then it’s like “AHAHAHA I RUINED THE SHOT!” And I have blur o’ cat instead. Needless to say, I’m always impressed with your pictures lol. And YAY LUNA! She was meant to be with you. :)
    Shannon recently blogged about: Oh, by the way…

    • Luck? Eh, I have a fast shutter (DSLR – probably the best feature is no delay in taking pics!), and the cats are used to me getting up in their faces with my lens. Their laziness helps, lol. :)

  3. You may have addressed this before, but how do you know she’s just a stray? She has looked quite well groomed and taken care of to be just a stray. Is it not possible that she has a forever home and somehow got outside and lost? I mention this because Lubbock has a huge population of feral cats. They actually serve a purpose out here and are tagged, spayed/neutered and then released back out into the city. They aren’t hurting anything by being out there. Plus there is a group of three male cats nearby Corbin’s school that have a home. They are taken care of, well groomed and well fed, but they spend a majority of their time together and outside. They’ll wander away from their house, down to the school, play with the kids after school, then wander back home. I think people would be pretty upset if someone scooped them up and took them away, thinking they were just strays.

    • We’ve been in this neighborhood since 2007, and since then we’ve seen way too many stray cats…and the horrific results (examples: maggot-ridden kittens; sick cat that was pregnant, then unable to naturally miscarry/abort the dead babies; she was euthanized because treatment was too risky and she was too far along with infection) of them. We live in a county where puppy mills and out of control cat populations are a HUGE problem, and there just aren’t enough shelters, or townships paying the required taxes for shelter services, to go around.

      In our neighborhood, people just don’t “do” cats… they have dogs, but cats? They’re tossed out, maybe some bowls of food or water are left for them… but that’s it. In Alcide’s case, I asked around and several neighbors claimed to do nothing more for him than feed him on occasion. In Felix’s case, we knew he was a stray from all the times we saw/heard him fighting with another stray, and roaming in the fields behind our house. With this cat, Luna, Alyssa checked around with her friends and their parents, but again…nobody knows anything. Of course not. *eyeroll* They’ll see cats, they’ll leave food out for them, but heaven forbid one go the extra mile to take one in…even if it’s just to trap it and turn it into a feral cat program (spay/neuter-return) that is held during the warmer months.

      • Forgot to add: we’ve also seen Luna roaming around outside several times since January, but the two times I tried to catch her, she wouldn’t let me get close. Apparently she’s been cozying up to Alyssa and one of her friends, and eating food they’d give her (Alyssa snuck some treats out, and I think one day the girls had some cheese and lunch meat), so that’s how Alyssa was able to finally pick her up and bring her to me, lol.

        • Aha! I see. It’s just so weird to me, now that I’ve lived down here for so long, that more places don’t have better systems in place for feral trap/release programs. I definitely won’t take in any of the feral cats because, well, they’d eat me! But I don’t mind putting food and water out or putting up a shelter for them when it gets wet/cold/windy. But that’s just me. :) I have two cats already. I can’t afford a third!

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