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Photography & favoritism

As a blogging, photo-sharing mom I am somewhat self-conscious about what I share in terms of anecdotes, stories, and photos. And lately, after seeing the flack that some mommy bloggers are getting over presumably playing favorites among their children, simply because of the number of photos they post of one child over another, has me taking a second look at my own photography. Am I taking and sharing roughly equal amounts of photos of both of my children? A peek at my Flickr tags says yes: I have 4,050 photos that Alyssa is in (either by herself or with others), and 3,483 photos that Ryan is in. Considering there are 21 months between them, I’d say that the difference of 567 photos is kind of a wash.

For the most part, I don’t think the majority of parents, in this case the online moms, are playing favorites if they happen to have more photos of one child over another; or if they tend to focus on photographing one child more than another for a period of time. A lot of the time the photos I take of my children are wholly dependent upon my children. Kids go through stages where they either love hamming it up for the camera:


Or they want nothing to do with it:


Some kids sit still and make for easy portraits; others tend to be flitting about or deliberately dodging the lens. In other cases, specific situations may hinder photographing a particular child. A lot of the time I don’t photograph Ryan because he isn’t wearing pants (this is the case 99% of the time we’re at home); and lately I haven’t really been photographing Alyssa because she is playing with one or more of her friends, and I don’t feel comfortable taking photos of other children and uploading them to the internet.

How does this work for you? Do you ever worry about being accused of favoritism because you photograph and/or share more photos of one child over another?

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  1. It isn’t playing favorites – most families find that there are more pictures of the first born than there are of any of the other children, and usually the least of the baby of the family.

    Some kids absolutely hate having their pictures taken – my friend Nichole despises having her photo taken and so there are hardly any photos of her even though she’s the oldest child. It is what it is. I think it’s more of an “it’s the Internet and we must find something to be a troll about” thing than a “you’re really playing favorites with your kids” thing.


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