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What goes down doesn’t always stay down

My stomach pouch is still really touchy about food food. I’m good on soups, cereals, eggs, yogurt, and of course protein shakes, but more substantial things are kind of hit or miss. I just got done throwing up the bit of chicken I ate at dinner (very moist and tender, very well chewed – two things that usually mean the meat will go down and stay down). For some reason that gave me a flashback to the first couple of days after my bowel perforation surgery. For once I woke up post-op completely pain-free (the first time, anyway, when I was in the recovery room and barely conscious enough to figure out what was going on, let alone be able to open my eyes and have a conversation with the nurse that was with me) as well as nausea-free. But for whatever reason, when I was three days post-op, when the nurses were getting ready to discharge me, BAM, nausea. Meds kept it at bay, but after we got home I threw up the bit of water I had drank. Anyone who’s had abdominal surgery can tell you, the worst thing to do afterwards is vomit. :( But vomit I did. And for the next couple of days, it seemed like my stomach pouch had issues with liquids… if I drank and then immediately stood up, up they came. That was so painful. SO painful. I remember leaning over a pillow in order to press it as firmly against my abdomen as I could, and dry-heaving while doing that weird gaspy-crying thing you do when you’re crying but don’t want to.

Thank god that’s over with. The pain, that is. Unless I twist a certain way or press something against the right side of my abdomen, or sleep on my side, the pain has all but faded away. At five weeks post-op, I’d say it’s about time, wouldn’t you? The pain lasted so long this time because my surgeon had to cut through a bunch of muscle – I found that out when I saw her for my post-op checkup.

In happier, non-vomity news, I gained back a couple of pounds since my lowest post-op wait of 153 lbs. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? To be HAPPY about weight gain? I don’t know… I mean, before all this (pneumonia, exploded intestine, ambulance/ER drama, surgery) happened, I really wanted to get down to 150 lbs. But then I just about did, and whether it’s because it happened as a result of serious illness and surgery or because I’m finally losing some of my Fat Girl Syndrome, I saw myself in the mirror, and how my clothes were hanging off of me… and I didn’t want to be 150 lbs anymore. I wanted 155-160. I wanted — and still want — a bit of cushion so that if I DO get seriously ill again, I won’t get down to an unhealthy weight.

Holding steady at 1551.

Sorry for not blogging much recently. I kind of left you guys hanging with the still hilarious Twitter recap of the version of Thrift Shop’s chorus that Amanda, Kylie, Catie and I threw together. Speaking of which: AMANDA IS FREAKING TALENTED. THAT IS ALL. <-- You MUST click that link and read. You will seriously LOL. And if you don’t, then you suck. Anyway, I’ve mainly been MIA with blogging here because I’ve been busy with work, and with catching up on the eight weeks of product reviews that piled up while we were all sick with pneumonia and I was having/recovery from surgery (and then Dan got sick with pneumonia, and then Alcide got sick and had to be put to sleep).

Somehow I blanked on blogging about Dan and I taking Alyssa and Ryan to see the Harlem Globetrotters on March 15th. Ryan’s Boy Scout troop (if you call three other kids and three other adults a troop, ha) arranged for it, and the tickets were discounted, so off we went. It wasn’t bad… funny, not as boring as I thought, decent seats, and Alyssa got a signed t-shirt and Ryan got a signed basketball. They both enjoyed themselves, though I think Ryan’s favorite part was the (overpriced) lemonade and (overpriced) popcorn.

DSC_1268 DSC_1280

This past Saturday was a beautifully sunny, albeit blustery, early spring day, and what better way to spend it then with an extra kid at my house all day, taking said extra kid out to Target with us and then to an Easter egg hunt down the road, and then letting said extra kid sleep over? In actuality, it wasn’t that bad…going from two kids to three kids is no big deal, and this one’s eleven years old and thus super-independent and a good role model for Alyssa. She’s good to Ryan, too. Plus, the three of them spent the majority of the afternoon outside, so all I had to do was throw food and drinks at them every little bit, and then drag them in and feed them dinner when it started to get dark.

DSC_1817 DSC_1887

Sunday turned chilly, though we spent the day at my sister-in-law’s for her BABY SHOWER! She’s due next month. We’re so excited for her, and to have a nephew! When she goes back to work Dan and I will be babysitting (mostly Dan, but on the days he can’t I will) the little munchkin so my sister-in-law doesn’t have to put him in daycare. Loving family members to watch him + a little extra money for us = win/win all the way around.
Sidenote: Good husbands not only make chocolate chip cookie dough fudge for their sister-in-law, but they make an extra batch for their wives and daughters, too!

And today? SNOW. A good 5″ of it. What the hell, Mother Nature. I just had to fill up our propane tank AGAIN, and I’d appreciate having enough propane to get us through next fall…kindly get rid of the cold stuff and bring on the warm stuff.

Some random photos from the past week…

Happy Easter!
Dash is ready for Easter.

No, there is nothing wrong with him. This is how he is.
Fritzy’s normal expression. Seriously.

Mirror shot.
Mirror shot.

Luna. This cat is all eyes, and all vocal cords2.

Felix, looking and feeling much better after his ball-whacking surgery on the 18th.

Felix & I
Felix & I. He loves being held, and held CLOSE, and loved on.

DIY Lunchables. Same cost, three times as much bologna, cheese, crackers, juice, and peanut butter cups. #diy #lunch #frugal #lunchables
DIY Lunchables. Cuter and MUCH more cost-efficient than the pre-mades.

My vitamin stash. #vitamins #supplements #bariatric #gastricbypass #rouxeny #weightlosssurgery #WLS #hoarder
I’m a hoarder of the bariatric variety.

  1. I’m subtracting 3 lbs of PMS/period weight.
  2. when you talk to/pet her, she meows/chirps/trills CONSTANTLY.

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