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Our pets

Recently Michelle suggested I do an update of our pets, since we’ve had a few new additions, and one very sad departure, over the past eight months. FYI, I do have a dedicated Cats and Dog pages that I try to update regularly — though now that I said that, I realize that I need to add Luna to the Cats page. Figures. :cry: So anyway, in type/chronological order, here are the furry, scaled, and other creatures that live with us:


Leah, an almost five year old (she was born on May 15th, 2008) Pug.


Blueboy (male, Persian, 13); Kirin (male, Siamese/DSH, 6 — exactly one month younger than Ryan); Fritzy (male, Persian, 5 — his brother Simon has been with my brother-in-law K and his wife L since the summer of 2009); Minerva (female, DSH, 2 as of March 21st — both of Dan’s brothers have one of her siblings, isn’t that adorable?); Felix (male, DSH/something, 6ish); and the most recent addition (courtesy of shitty assholes and Alyssa and her friend bringing her home): Luna (female, 8, DSH).

Regal Blue


Photo a Day July: 19/31





Alyssa has a 1ish year old Columbian Red-Tailed boa constrictor named Cynder. Currently she’s about 3′ long, but since she’s not too big around she doesn’t seem that big unless you stretch her out. She was a birthday/early Christmas gift last October.


Ryan has a 1ish year old hamster named Orzo (yes, after the pasta).
Orzo the hamster


Ryan has a 9ish month old Russian tortoise named Dash (the irony, I love it). He was an early Christmas gift last October.
08/31: Something Beginning With T


Alyssa has three neon Tetras (she’s had them almost a year!) named…something to do with dragons and glitter and sparkles (she changes their names every month it seems), Dan has a nearly one year old Silver Mollie named Ash, and I have two Betta fish named Northman and Edgington (yes, from True Blood – that’s where Alcide’s name came from as well).
Northman DSC_0610

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    • Cynder and Dash are a lot of fun, even if they’re “just” reptiles. We handle Cynder almost every day (not on the day of/after she eats), and she was hand-raised, so she’s very docile and easygoing. And Dash is adorable, if tortoises can be adorable.

      It’s funny that you mention Luna’s size, because I was going to mention in my post — but forgot to — her tiny size! We thought she was a kitten because of how petite she is! I haven’t weighed her, and I forgot to ask the shelter that I took her to for microchip scanning/shots/spaying (the two latter wound up being unnecessary since she already had it all done, but they did give her booster shots) if they weighed her… but venturing a guess based on the others, I’d say maybe 5-6 lbs? It’s like picking up a cotton ball.

  1. I would love to get a tortoise but I don’t think my allergy’s would like me very much.

    • Oh man, you’re allergic to turtles?! That sucks, I’m sorry.

  2. I just love that you have your own little zoo. When I was living with my parents they had a lot of pets. With currently renting I am limited to the amount of pets I can have. Two cats is enough for now. But when I own my own house I can see myself having more pets.
    Christina recently blogged about: Apparently I am Too Stressed

    • Haha, it is a zoo. We usually go to the pet stores (PetSmart & Petco) to troll for marked down cat food and dog food (they clearance the higher-end brands by 30% – 50% if the use-by date is coming up in the next month or so — and with six cats we don’t have to worry about not using any food!) every two weeks, and I buy 2 42 lb bags of Fresh Step litter at Petsmart each month with a coupon since it’s cheapest there. And then about once every 6-8 weeks we’ll pick up hamster and fish supplies. The snake is cheap but kind of a pain – run to a pet store every 2 weeks for a $1.12 mouse. The tortoise eats greens, which we always have around.

      So yeah… it is a zoo, but we’re semi-organized and insanely clean about it, LOL. I hope you have fun putting your own zoo together someday. :)

      • I wanted to mention that you can get your mice for Cynder cheaper. I personally have a bearded dragon and I get my crickets from here… the website is lllreptile(dot)com… you can get them for a lot cheaper and in bulk!
        Stephine recently blogged about: A natural protein drink… and a mess!

  3. You have a zoo! Can I pleeeeeease move in? Then you can list one monkey as well!

    Kirin is still my fave. <3 Something about him that makes me love him!

    • Only if you’ll help with scooping cat litter! ;)

      Kirin is a sweetie. Anxious, kind of neurotic, and drools… but it’s all good!


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