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Bzz bzz, busy Jenn has been busy

So I’ve got another period from hell (I can begin using my February-18th-backdated health insurance on May 2nd, and one of the first appointments I’m making is with my gyno, during which I’m going to beg him to de-uterus me. If he won’t, then I’ll try my bariatric surgeon – she’s rooted around inside me enough to know what’s what, and if de-utering is a surgery she can do, then she’ll most likely doing it.), but I did work today in between multiple naps on the couch. My last one was cut off when our next door neighbor came over with a few packages that our mail lady put in her box instead of mine. While she was here Felix kept hanging around her for pets, and she was happy to see how wonderful he’s doing (this is the same neighbor that tried to take him in herself, but couldn’t because the indoor/outdoor cat she looks after is the one that would beat him up, as well as other neighborhood stray cats).

I’ve been busy with new layouts lately, and I’m so happy that I forced myself to set aside the time to dabble in Photoshop, CSS, HTML, and WordPress. I got new layouts together for,, and In My Bag, but by far In My Bag’s is my favorite. ♥ In My Bag

I’ve got probably one hundred or more photos to process from the past 4-5 days, but right now I’m getting super sleepy from the uterus-calming meds I took. No NSAIDs, unfortunately…they work decently for cramping and swelling. But moderate pain relief for my period is not worth taking something that could cause another ulcer and subsequently another bowel perforation, so prescribed stuff it is! Nighty night. :)

Last, but certainly not least: I woke up from my second nap today to the horrifying news about the Boston Marathon. I am so sickened and disillusioned with humanity. My sincere condolences and prayers to those who were hurt and killed, as well as their families. :(

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  1. I wish you luck with getting your gyno to remove your uterus – my doctor flat refuses. And I quote “unless there’s a good medical reason – more than just severe cramps – it stays.” Of course, I tried pointing out that my system doesn’t work right anyways and it’d just be easier to get rid of it, but he still won’t budge. :(
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