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Ryan and I had the sex talk today. It came about while I was helping him in the bathroom, and he asked me to be careful around his “scrootal” (scrotum – we correct him, and inwardly die laughing). He then asked if his scrootal (I gave up correcting after the fourth usage of it) held urine, and I said no, his bladder does. Only I never got the word “bladder” out, because he then wanted to know what his scrootal does hold. The following only-slightly-awkward but totally hilarious (I laughed later, when retelling it to Dan) conversation ensued:

Me: Your scrotum makes and holds sperm and hormones. Sperm helps to make a baby, and hormones are what make you a boy.
Ryan: What else is needed to make a baby?
Me: An egg, which is inside a woman. Women have ovaries, which are like a scrotum, but inside: they make eggs, and hormones to make us women.
Ryan: If I ate an egg from the refrigerator, would I have a baby?
Me: No….only a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg can make a baby.
Ryan: What if I ate a woman’s egg? Would I have a baby then?
Me: No, a baby is only made when a man and a woman have sex and their sperm and egg meet.
Ryan: What’s sex?
Me: Sex is something two adults have because they love each other, and sometimes because they want to have a baby.
Ryan: How does it work?
Me: In order to have a baby, a man places his penis inside the woman’s vagina so that his sperm can meet her egg.
Ryan: Do kids have sex?
Me: No (in my mind it was more like, “NO!”). Only adults do. Kids don’t have babies, silly! Now, let me tell you where urine is held…

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  1. Varra


    You did good mom. I am really nervous about the sex talk. My honey is 8 so I know it’s coming.

    • Thanks. :) I had a similar talk with Alyssa about a year back, and Dan and I have rehearsed what we’d say…I was caught a little off-guard since the question came out of semi-nowhere (granted, we were in the physical “area”, lol)… but I guess that’s how it usually is with kids!

    • Alyssa has been checking out Facebook and Twitter with me lately, too. *sigh* Time to clean up my language… or just keep my kid off of my social networks. ;) Meh.

      I went ahead and explained since we explained it to Alyssa, and they both watch and read about animals and biology/science stuff…one way or another they’re going to hear about it, and at least this way they have the basic facts.
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  2. Wow, that conversation went -really- well. I’ll definitely have to remember that when I have babies. I really like that he asked if kids do it. That gave you the opportunity to discourage him from trying to having sex at too early of an age.

    Lol, I don’t remember when my mom told me about sex but she says that when she told me the penis goes in the vagina, I was so disgusted that she had to tell me she was just kidding.
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    • Thanks for the feedback. :) I didn’t mind explaining it to him, but since he’s a little younger than Alyssa and is also autistic, I definitely fumbled a bit…I wanted to provide the basics but didn’t want to throw a lot of details at him, if that makes sense. He seemed satisfied, so that’s all that matters!

      And yes, I definitely pounced on the opportunity to tell him that kids don’t have sex. In my mind I was all, “NO KIDS DO NOT HAVE SEX NO NO NO NO NO”, but outwardly I was calm haha.

      Your reaction to your mom sounds a lot like Alyssa’s. Kids are funny. :)

  3. Your sex talk was way funnier than mine…and, how come we both ended up having to give the sex talks to our boys?
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    • Of *course* Dan wasn’t even *home* to pitch in. I had to relay the convo to him later. Isn’t that how it always goes? LOL.

    • Thanks! I tried. :) I wasn’t expecting the questions to occur so soon, but oh well. I don’t even remember when I asked my mom, or what her response was. I know we had the sex talk…at least I *think* we did. But I seriously don’t remember it.


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