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I can see you

Google Latitude is fun. ;) I’m currently stalking Dan’s and Jason’s whereabouts. The weekend went surprisingly quickly. Then again, that’s how time seems to go these days, especially with two kids and a house full of animals to keep me busy.

At the moment I’m lounging in pajamas and am very tempted to take a Flexeril, as I started my period overnight and am currently dealing with some pretty nasty cramps that are only bound to get worse as the day progresses. But Flexeril has a habit of hitting me like a ton of bricks about an hour or so after taking it, and I need to pick Dan up from his brother’s house once they all get back, so I’m holding off and making due with a heating pad and some Tylenol. And water, of course. I’ve been working on a 24 oz. bottle of water with two packets of protein mixed in. It’s not that bad…the protein powder is mostly unflavored, and the resulting mixture is kind of milky tasting, but again, very subtle. I’m not sure how much protein is in the packets…I think 10? So, 20 grams in progress, and another 30 to go. On my “off” days I still try to get 40-50g in.

Currently Alyssa is driving me crazy with wanting to put a collar on Precious, aka Nameless. Alcide had a snazzy leather crystal-studded collar, but that was because he was handsome and gorgeous and had amazing swagger that called for a collar. ;) The rest of these guys? Pfft. Half of them hate collars, and do their best to work them off and leave them in obvious places for us to find, as if to say, “You think you’re going to make me wear a collar? Think again, human”.

Puff turns eighteen on July 1st, and if all goes well, he will be enrolled and attending college in the fall. And by fall, I really mean summer, since ’round these parts school starts up in mid-to-late August. Dan and I have discussed Puff living with us until college starts…and we’ve mostly decided that yes, he can. It will certainly bring its challenges, but if Puff needs a place to live, then better with us, you know? And to be perfectly honest: he is willing to pay rent, and right now we are in no position to turn that offer down. We want to make sure he starts building up savings, too, so it’s not as if we’d charge him an unfair amount. And on the flip side, we’d be providing not only housing for him, but food, hygiene products, transportation, etc. My dad lives in a residential group home in Philadelphia with the same type of “benefits”, and pays $425 per month. Reasonable? I think so. I don’t think we’ll ask my brother for that much… but we’ll definitely be firmly establishing ground rules, something Puff himself said he needs — he’s repeatedly (over the past year) told me that he’s thought a lot about his behaviors when he lived with us before and is very sorry for them.

So, that’s that, I suppose. I know Puff is anxious about his future, and I’m anxious for him…and Alyssa and Ryan miss him. And on a purely practical front we could certainly use the extra $. A win-win for all of us, hopefully.

Man, sometimes I feel so old and worn out from dealing with so much all of the time. And to think, I’m “only” turning 29 in four days.

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