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Days go by

How is it Tuesday night already? Wait, I know: busy days + depression-fueled fatigue + period-induced pain & subsequent use of medications = time going by wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast.

So I think I left off last week. We didn’t do much of anything for the 4th. Is that weird? Is it bad that I really don’t care? The kids didn’t mind, and besides, we’re going to see some great fireworks this Saturday night, when we attend a local fair that happens every year around this time — and this’ll be our seventh year of attending it.

On Friday, after our DSL service was finally installed (and of course stepping down to a cheaper internet service couldn’t happen smoothly: the DSL company took forever and a day to get someone out, and after five days of repeated phone calls and emails we’re still dealing with horrifically slow speeds), I took the kids to the pool and turned them loose after drowning them in sunscreen and unloading a car trunk worth of pool toys. A little while later, Amanda arrived with Sophie, and we spent a bit of time in the pool with the kids, but most of the time poolside, keeping an eye on our own sprogs plus each other’s sprogs, eating slightly chlorinated cheese and non-organic bologna, and talking about whatever came to mind.


Saturday was a nice down day, though things sped up a bit on Saturday night, when my younger brother, Cat, arrived for a sleepover. After Dan got home from work we went over our amusement park plans for Sunday, and then went to bed. We have become such boring people.

Sunday: AMUSEMENT PARK! Even better than AMUSEMENT PARK is FREE AMUSEMENT PARK (god bless my product review blog). It was super-hot, super-humid, and super-sunny, so after arriving the first thing we did was hit up the water park. After several hours there, and a trip to the car to escape a rain storm and change into regular clothes, we moved on to the regular non-water rides. All went well, even with two autistic kids to keep after, and the slight burden (physical) of a wheelchair (Dan has fibromyalgia, and walking around long distances is agony for him – hence the ever-present wheelchair in the trunk of my car or his, depending on which car we’re using).


All in all, we had an excellent day: we stayed hydrated, nobody got sunburned, nobody chafed, I managed to talk my brother onto a roller coaster (which he then wanted to ride a second time), and we only lost one autistic kid (my brother) briefly (and in hindsight, he wasn’t really lost: he got off the Lazy River before we did to use the bathroom, and by the time he got back we had left because we assumed he went to a different water ride. After I deposited Dan and the kids at that water ride I circled back to the Lazy River, and met up with him a couple of minutes after that). And between Dan’s ride pass (wheelchair) and Ryan’s (autism/sensory – he can’t handle lines due to the hordes of people and noise around him), we rode just about everything we wanted to ride.
The only downside of our day was losing out on the last 20 minutes of ride time before the park closed, and this was due to some MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE STEALING DAN’S WHEELCHAIR. His wheelchair is a plain non-motorized one. There is absolutely NOTHING fancy or theft-worthy about it. We’re assuming, as the security officers I pounced on right after noticing the wheelchair’s disappearance pointed out, that whoever stole it did so in hopes of skipping lines. But the amusement park requires a special “boarding pass” for disabilities and such — the presence of a wheelchair alone isn’t enough. Fortunately the security guys kicked ass at putting the word out, and the wheelchair was found, presumably abandoned, at the exit of a nearby roller coaster. So, wheelchair = recovered. And lesson = learned. From now on, we’ll be carrying a bicycle lock with us, and locking the wheelchair to something (or its wheel to the frame) if we leave it unattended.

Since we got home late Sunday night I’ve been dying from my period, which oh-so-thoughtfully started during the middle of our trip to the amusement park. I’ve been staying medded up and well hydrated, but the downside of the former is that I spent most of yesterday couch-bound and a lot of that time sleeping. :/ I have an appointment with my bariatric surgeon coming up this Thursday. I’m not only going to be discussing pain I hate acknowledging (I wish that by pretending it didn’t exist it would GO AWAYYYYYY), but I’m going to ask her for a referral to a fellow surgeon who will most likely remove my uterus with no questions asked. Yes, I’m going for a partial hysterectomy. It seems drastic, I know, but I’m tired of severe, debilitating pain every single month. And my uterus has served its purpose and is now doing nothing but causing misery, so why keep it around?

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