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Ticking time bomb times two

So, I made it through my endoscopy on Wednesday. Things didn’t end in surgery, thankfully, but the doctor found not one but two ulcers in/around (I was just coming out of anesthesia when he told me, so things were a bit fuzzy) my stomach pouch. :( So, knowing that the pain I’ve been dealing with (plus some random bouts of nausea which I attributed to the heat but could actually be ulcer-related) is good; but knowing that I have not one but TWO ticking time bombs in my digestive tract…not so good. At least if I am suddenly overcome by horrendous, oh-my-god-I’m-dying pain I’ll know what’s up, and skip the ambulance, take the time to try to make arrangements for people/things, and then have Dan drive me straight to the hospital where my bariatric surgeon is.

For now the treatment is non-surgical: my Pantoprazole has been doubled (40mg twice per day), and I was also prescribed some liquid medication that works in a similar manner as far as protecting the stomach. Unfortunately, this liquid medicine whose name I cannot currently recall is THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS per month, so…no. The Pantoprazole is going to have to be enough on its own, unless there’s something cheaper I can take instead of the $300/month stuff.

The endoscopy went smoothly, though we had to arrive at the hospital at 6:45am. Ick. And go figure, the one time we get there early (the last time I had a scheduled surgery we were 15 minutes late because we hit morning rush hour traffic), we had to wait…and wait. But seriously, I’m old-hat at this stuff by now. I haven’t cried prior to a scheduled surgery since three surgeries ago. I was finally in pre-op around 7:30, and taken to the OR sometime around 8:30. The only sucky part about waiting is that when we arrived my pain was a 5 on the 1-10 pain scale, but they made me wait until just before I went into the OR for a blissful shot of Fentanyl.

After I was in the OR and transferred to the operating table, the anesthesiologist suddenly shot me up with Lidocaine, which made my ears feel/sound like an ocean was roaring in them; and immediately afterwards, some type of anti-anxiety drug – Versid, most likely. All I know is that all of a sudden I felt very warm and didn’t give a shit about anything, but I still managed to teasingly admonish her for sneaking that in when I was clearly calm and told them I was fine and didn’t need anything, but whatevs. Then the doctor held my hand (aww) as a mouth guard was inserted in my mouth, and the last thing I remember doing was staring at a blank monitor.

Then, boom, I was in recovery, and I was coming to though not yet able to operate my eyelids. The doctor/surgeon came in and told me about the two ulcers, plus a random piece of blue suture that was removed. He showed me pictures, but I don’t remember much about them, besides the bright blue suture, and the gross, angry looking ulcers. :( Dan, however, was shocked/fascinated with the staples that were visible in the picture – from my gastric bypass, most likely.

After recovery, I was transferred to the same day surgery post-op unit. Dan arrived shortly after I did, and not long after I sent him for a vomit bucket, and a nurse for Zofran. Blah. Some heaving, water, a sandwich (a few bites of turkey breast for me, the rest of the sandwich for Dan), and about an hour later, and we were discharged. I was pretty fuzzy for the rest of the day, and by Wednesday evening my throat was killing me (it’s still a little scratchy), but otherwise I was fine.

Besides my two ulcers, I’ve spent the week with first two human additions (Puff, who decided on Thursday to go back to my mom’s; and Sophie, Amanda’s daughter), and one feline addition. So Puff went back to my mom’s on Thursday (while Dan, the three kids and I were at a Boy Scouts event my mom texted me to let me know that when she stopped by our house to pick up a few things from Puff, he decided to go home with her – MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND ABOUT WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE, BROTHER), and I took Sophie back to Amanda yesterday.

It’s been sickeningly and dangerously hot this week, but I still ventured out with Alyssa, Ryan, and Sophie to a (free!) pool on Thursday, and another (free!) pool on Friday. The only downside about both free pools is that because they are free as part of a special summer program for kids, which is sponsored by the county and local agencies, adults are not allowed in the pool unless they are accompanying children under the age of 5, or special-needs children. Ryan is special-needs, obviously, but he’s also a good swimmer. Still, with temperatures in the high 90s and heat indexes over 100, it was just TOO HOT to not seek relief from the water. So I, along with most other parents, sat on the edge of the pool with my legs in, and encouraged all three sprogs to splash the hell out of me. ;) And at the pool on Thursday I sat in the water, even though I was fully clothed. Again…TOO HOT not to.


Speaking of swimming, today Ryan decided to borrow Alyssa’s spare swimsuit instead of going to the trouble of going into his closet for his swim shorts. I inwardly cracked up:


Our feline addition is an orange tabby that has been around the neighborhood for the last two months. At one point she was “owned” by people who were putting out water for her, but since haven’t even done that. The hell? And of course she isn’t spayed. Alyssa found her in the woods a couple of nights ago and brought her in. Ryan named her Mars (he loves planets — he named his tadpole Saturn), and I’m taking her to a local shelter for free spaying and vaccinations tomorrow morning. She’s all legs, but otherwise tiny, and is very prone to nuzzling, licking, suckling, and sucking…any guesses on age? I’m guesstimating anywhere from 6 months to a year.


So once again, we go from 5 cats to 6 cats. It’s been like this since Alcide died: from 5 to 6 (Luna/Ava) to 5 to 6 (Ella) to 7 (Simon) to 6 to 5 and now back to 6 again. It’s like having a half of a dozen cats, literally, is our destiny. :X

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  1. Sarah


    What happened to your older brother after he quit the group home? Has he been ok? Adapting to society? Suffering? I’d love an update on that.


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