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Seven surgeries + three endoscopies + several other procedures = a decent amount of time spent around surgeons, doctors, residents, and nurses. Thanks to technology, the clipboard and file folder days are mostly behind us, with laptops and tablets taking their place. But note-taking will never be outdated, and we all know that talking is faster and more efficient than typing (as evidenced by the need for us to call each other to talk about an exciting, stressful, or otherwise BIG event, rather than correspond about it via text or email). But the medical professionals of today aren’t reaching for a pad and paper. I myself have noticed that surgeons and doctors are carrying around audio devices, or they have their iPhones and Android phones at the ready. Why? Because they’re relying on transcription, which is the process of recording your dictations and thoughts onto an audio file. Transcription is fast and easy: press a button and start talking. Transcription is useful. Medical personnel and other professionals use it to make notes of patient interactions, how a surgery went, prescriptions to order, and other things. But the second part of transcription, the transcribing — the transfer of the content from an audio file to a data file by listening to the audio and then typing out the spoken content — can be tedious, and a downright pain in the butt.

That’s where Rev comes in. Rev is a global provider of transcribing services, and now they offer free transcription services, courtesy of their iPhone/iPad/iPod app, the Rev Voice Recorder. This app, which is free for download and use, enables you to create high quality voice recordings using your iPhone or other iDevice. You can record for as little or as long as you’d like, and make as many recordings as your phone can hold (and when you’re ready, you can transfer these recordings to your computer via iTunes sync, to yourself or a colleague via email, or to the cloud —, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive — using the app’s share options.

Features of Rev

But Rev isn’t done yet. In addition to this, they’ve integrated their transcribing services into the app. If you need transcribing, but don’t have the time, ability, or desire to do it yourself, you can let Rev do it for you. Their transcribing services start at just $1.00 per every one (1) minute of transcribed audio, and they guarantee 98% accuracy with the transcribed files – and you’ll have them back within 48 hours.

Ready to take a peek at Rev? Visit to learn more about their transcribing services and the Voice Recorder App; head to the iTunes Store to download the Rev Voice Recorder App; and follow Rev on Facebook and Twitter.


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