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Lessons learned: don’t do certain things, and sit down

Sorry for the quietness from me lately. Between recovering from surgery, being busy with Alyssa and Ryan from day to day (the elementary school years are exhausting!), and dealing with some family issues on both sides of the family (take it from me: there are many advantages to not really having any family around or close contact with them, as is the case for me with my family. Also? Never do business with family, unless you’re prepared for potential and possibly irreparable damage to your relationship with those family members – plus the added nastiness of arguing with your spouse, the one person who should ALWAYS have your back & vice versa, over how to best handle the fallout.), I’ve been pretty MIA, I know.

Lifestyle blogs seem to be going the way of the wind, and while I will be the first to admit that I am “guilty” of having a “dedicated” product review & giveaway blog, I still love lifestyle/personal blogs: mine, and those I read. If you have a lifestyle blog, let me know! I subscribe via RSS feeds, FYI – I’ll only subscribe to your email newsletter if it’s a giveaway entry, or if you ask me really nicely. ;) And, I’m sometimes a terrible commenter. I’m bad at commenting, but very good at lurking (so if nothing else you’ll get some additional pageviews, heh).

The four of us settled fairly quickly into the school year routine. After missing the bus yesterday morning (on my very first post-op morning alone with the kids, of course. And of course Ryan was super-anxious and worried, but I distracted him with questions about recess and by having him brush his own hair as I drove to the elementary school), I set my alarm for 7:15am instead of 7:30am, and set a backup for 7:30am. And I instructed Alyssa and Ryan to wake me up if, for any reason, I’m still in bed past 7:30am, and Dan isn’t home/awake. So there’s that. The kids’ school bus comes by 8:30am, and brings them back in the afternoon at 4:15pm. From then until 8:30pm it’s a blur of the kids running in and out (I’ll miss that when the weather turns cold, but at the same time — helicopter parent alert — it’s reassuring to have them inside where I know what they’re up to and who they’re with at all times — and it’s for this reason that I don’t mind Alyssa and Ryan having friends over, even if there is extra noise and commotion and messes to deal with), getting dinner on the table and down everyone’s throats by 6pm at the latest, checking folders and Ryan’s TSS notebook, making sure homework assignments are done, and then enforcing electronics-free downtime until 8:30pm, which is bedtime.

I’m hurting tonight – both the girly bits and my abdomen are making their complaints very well known. I took 2.5mg of Oxycodone about a half an hour ago, along with two Tylenol, and I’m off my feet, so here’s to feeling better soon. One of the worst parts of post-op recovery is feeling better by the time you’re 1.5 to 2 weeks out, and then pushing yourself too much. Earlier this evening I took Leah for a walk down to the mailboxes and back, but then wound up walking and chatting with a neighbor about our kids (he has four boys, two of whom are Alyssa’s and Ryan’s ages – and of course his two elementary aged ones and our two have a love/hate relationship with each other; leaving us four parents to collectively throw our hands up, roll our eyes, and text each other whenever one brat does something to the other, so that we’re all aware of the latest goings-on among them and can handle things accordingly). Then one of the kids yelled about finding a snake in a corn field behind a house on the other side of our neighborhood, so there went more walking. Blah.

Since I’ve run out of things to say, I’ll end this blog entry with a few photos:


10 days post-op from my hysterectomy (TAH) and appendectomy. I'd make a good pregnant woman. #hysterectomy #surgery
Taken two days ago. The Spanx not only gave some much-needed compression and support, but enhanced my current pregnant-looking appearance. Post-op swelling sucks.

Two of my favorite fall nail polishes: Zoya's "Julieanne" and ORLY's "Fowl Play"! #nailpolish #zoya #ORLY
Two of my favorite perfect-for-autumn nail polishes. I’ve got ORLY on my fingernails and Zoya on my toenails.


I think tomorrow needs to be a Wear All Things Glittery kind of day. #selfportrait #glitterwithdrawal
Today I crammed myself into skinny jeans. Tomorrow’s goal: makeup!


P.S. Six pounds down since my surgery on the 12th!

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  1. Silly goose! :) You shouldn’t over do it! :) I’ve been there with the abdominal surgery – felt great after about 5 days, then stupidly went shopping with my mom – thought I was going to die! :/

    I agree, lifestyle blogs are going the way of the dinosaur, because people have forgotten what a blog was meant to be – a diary on the web. *sigh*
    Charity recently blogged about: So I Have A Blog Here…

  2. Loving the nail varnish! I’ve just started a personal/lifestyle blog about living with a physical disability.

  3. Sorry – my blog URL is wrong in my previous post! I blame the pain meds :)!

  4. Some quietness from time to time is understandable, especially when you have so much going on. I love lifestyle/personal blogs too! I’m sad that they’re not as popular as they were, but am determined to not give up on mine lol Even if I don’t usually have anything interesting to say :P There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to know what your kids are up to, it helps keep them safe! We tried to get my stepdaughter to play outside by herself this summer since we moved and have a nice yard. She refuses to be alone at any point in the day (or night). We can even see her out in the front or back yard without standing up! SMH. Kids! Finally, yes, you need to sit down and relax some :) though I know it can be hard to not overdo it. I like to relax, but I don’t like HAVING to relax! I really hope the pain fades sooner than later for ya.
    Miranda recently blogged about: 11 week appointment update!

  5. Erica


    You are a pretty tough cookie! I just had day surgery recently and I didn’t do anything for about two days, let alone something where you are physically cut open and all that stuff. Yikes! Be careful not to overdo it again you might get unlucky and tear some stitches or something awful. I know it must be difficult to not overdo it with two little ones and their friends hanging around but… try your best!

    Yes, it’s rather unfortunate that personal websites are going out of style. I have considered dropping mine from time to time but years later I am still banging on keys at my personal blog. (Oh how I love pressing buttons.) You are welcome to follow my blog if you are interested, but I don’t know if I would be interested if it weren’t my own. I post often and I am sometimes guilty of treating it like a Tumblr.
    Erica recently blogged about: Oh No

  6. Girl! Take it easy if you can! I know it’s frustrating to wake up and feel OK but then for the pain or fatigue to come just as you hit your stride. I want you to be better.

    I’ve never read a blog that’s as frank and honest as yours. I have to get a “girly” surgery myself… hopefully won’t be as intensive as yours. But reading your entries has helped me get a better idea of what happens while you’re recovering.

    Feel better soon.

    And the lifestyle blogs. I’m always looking for more. I think you already follow mine! :)
    Ronni recently blogged about: 30 week blog challenge–week 4: favorite books


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