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Lazy Dinner Nights

Occasionally we have Lazy Dinner Nights. I’m not as “bad” as my mom was in terms of just throwing cereal at the kids, or letting them fend for themselves, but I don’t know how much higher up on the Crappy Meal ladder grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetable-containing chicken noodle soup, and applesauce is. Then again, I’ve got all of the food groups covered, so that counts for something? Cereal and milk is nothing but carbs, sugar, and protein. At least my solution for a Lazy Dinner Night covered fruits and vegetables. ;)

Don’t write me off as a total craptacular mom yet, because for every one Lazy Dinner Night, there’s at least 4-5 Awesome Dinner Nights and 2-3 Mediocre Dinner Nights. Although tomorrow’s dinner is going to be something quick and easy (like spaghetti and meatballs), or eating out at a buffet prior to going Trick Or Treating…and of course there will be copious amounts of candy. But if I throw extra vitamins at them that’ll make up for the nutritional deficit, right?


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