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See Jenn sleuth.

So I started to write a blog entry. And then I got a phone call. And I won’t go into detail, not yet, anyhow, but let’s just say that my brother, Puff, is an emotionally abusive, thieving, lying asshole, and thanks to him not only has my mother’s and other brother’s lives been turned upside down, but the rest of my Saturday evening was completely derailed due to me playing detective, and now I’ve got to emotionally pony up for a confrontation and subsequent other things that will all be taking place on Monday morning.

Sorry for the vagueness. I know it’s annoying. I’m annoyed by it when I read it on other blogs, and I’m annoyed by being guilty of it myself. But don’t worry, I’ll be spilling the beans in a long venting manner as soon as the various pieces fall into place. And on the annoyed note, I’m also annoyed that I missed the last half of a really good episode of House.

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  1. I hope everything works out for you. Your family drama breaks my heart, you’re such an awesome mom and woman and are an inspiration to people that has been in bad family situations. Hit me up on AIM if you need to chat sweetie.
    Karyn recently blogged about: Lots of jumbled up thoughts

  2. I hope you get everything sorted. You have dealt with so much that I honesty don’t know how you handle it. I have said it before and will say it again, You are one hell of a strong woman.
    Manda recently blogged about: The Attack on the Christmas Village


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