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An appointment, a mutt, and a grocery run

I don’t know why I thought our appointment at Social Security wouldn’t take very long. We were there for almost two hours. But it went well: I had filled out Ryan’s application online, entered in all of the medical information online, and brought along every single type of documentation I can think of, so even though our appointment took almost two hours, we were prepared and thus didn’t drive the poor Social Security employee crazy. So, Ryan’s application for Social Security disability benefits is in. For good measure, I’m going to contact his current TSS, his BSC, and his previous TSS to ask them to write letters attesting to Ryan’s autism, anxiety, and PICA. We already provided medical documentation from various agencies that dates back to 2007, but still, when it comes to “validating” a disability for Social Security, the more, the merrier! The employee said that based on her nine years of experience with autism cases, she’s confident that Ryan will be approved with no questions asked – but if for some reason he’s denied initially, the appeal process will go smoothly and once his case is in front of an actual judge who can be subjective instead of in front of a caseworker who can only check to see if he fits specific criteria and has no leeway to “make” him fit, the approval will be immediate.

After our appointment, I had to abruptly stop in the middle of a rural road to rescue a lost Yorkie-something (-poo, maybe?) and return it to the house it wandered away from, and then we continued to our destination: a local grocery outlet to pick up some essentials as well as work snacks for Dan and after school snacks for the kids, then came home and jumped into making dinner. I helped the kids hang lights and garland outside (the tree Dan planted for me on my 25th birthday is now tall enough to have actual branches from which I can hang lights, yay!), raked leaves, cleaned up dinner, sent the kids off to bathe, and now we’re enjoying Charlie Brown Christmas Tales and popcorn. This year we’re starting a new tradition: one Christmas movie per night beginning on December 1st. (Next year we’ll start on November 30th, so that the last movie is on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day – that was my miscalculation.)

Tomorrow will be freaking awesome, because THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL WHOO HOO! It’s been a long five days. ;)

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