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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, We Succeeded Frugally

I am Playstation stupid. You gamers would laugh your asses off if you saw me sitting here, fumbling with the controller and the Bluetooth keyboard Dan uses, trying to successfully get a gift card code entered, then add a few more dollars to the purchase total, then check out, then figure out how to download and activate. I think I’ve successfully taken care of all of that. Now I need to make sure that the one game I (hopefully) ordered and (hopefully) installed is actually ordered and installed. That game would be Minecraft (for the PS3), which Alyssa and Ryan have been salivating over for the past couple of days. They’ve been playing Minecraft together and on their own since the summer of 2012, and the opportunity to play together, on a sweet-ass 52? screen has them very, very excited to get home from school today (and God help me if the game isn’t ready to play when they plow into the house at 4:22pm).

It’s only because of product reviews and sponsored campaigns, and the combination of coupons and Target’s Cartwheel app, in-store sales, and a 5% pharmacy rewards card that we’we’ve been able to pull Christmas off, and I can’t find the words to describe my appreciation, gratitude, and relief for that. True to stereotypical parents, Dan and I have mostly (me: 100% | him: 50ish%) agreed to just focus on the sprogs this year, and to hell with each other. Love is all we need. ?
But honestly, love really is all that we need when it comes to Christmas, and enjoying the holiday. I’m just very, very happy that Alyssa and Ryan have some nice presents under the tree – nice not necessarily because of the price tag, but because they are things they really want. And true to autistic form Ryan has made us work a little harder to ace his Christmas wishlist. This year’s wants include a horseshoe magnet (found on Amazon), periodic table of elements anything (we found hand-painted wooden blocks at Uncle Goose), a geode (picking that up on Monday, hopefully), and, I shit you not, glow-in-the-dark underwear (we’re making this happen via a pack of Fruit of the Loom underwear + some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint). He also really wants a trampoline, but Santa doesn’t have trampoline funds this year.

How are your Christmas plans going?

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