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A quiet Christmas

Last night Dan got home from work around 8:30, which gave him time to make a pumpkin pie, me time to wrap the last two presents (Ryan’s highly wished for glow-in-the-dark underwear, and a small electric scooter that I got for a killer deal), and both of us time to make like Santa and his reindeer and nibble on the snacks Alyssa left out (cookies, an apple, a carrot, and chocolate milk with marshmallows). I was all, “I’m going to bed EARLY!” since I had been up since 4:30am yesterday morning, but a late night bout of anxiety kept me up past 1:30am. When my alarm went off at 6:45am, I was feeling anything but jolly. I laid there for a few minutes, and then as soon as I heard Alyssa and Ryan in the living room, I woke Dan up, we joined them in the living room, and Christmas morning commenced:


We pulled off a rather frugal Christmas in terms of how much we spent out of pocket, and managed to do quite nicely for the kids. They each received two of the three items they really wanted (Santa doesn’t give cellphones to nine year old girls, and Santa didn’t have trampoline funds this year) — for Alyssa, a Zoomer Pup and an electric scooter; and for Ryan, a horseshoe magnet (this one, in case anyone else has a kid who really wants a decently-sized horseshoe magnet that is also strong enough to pick up more than a paperclip) and glow-in-the-dark underwear. Their other gifts:

We let them open their stockings yesterday (fuzzy socks and gem-topped pencils for both, a massager and some knick-knacks for Alyssa, Nickelodeon GAK and an iTunes gift card for Ryan, and some candy for both), and we also exchanged our Secret Santa gifts (we drew our names from a hat and went to Five Below – $20 for four presents? Yes please!). And this afternoon, our next door neighbor came by with gifts for all four(!) of us – a window ornament kit for Alyssa, a magic hat & tricks set for Ryan, and hot chocolate and crackers/toppings for Dan and I.

So all in all, it’s been a nice Christmas, even if it’s a quiet one, which includes Thanksgiving dinner leftovers for tonight’s dinner (we froze everything in oven-safe containers, woot woot) me being in my pajamas despite it being 3:45pm. Merry Christmas, everyone! ♥

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