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Kudos to PureSpeed!

At the end of 2013 I had cleared my desk and organized my schedule so that I’d jump into 2014 ready to blog, and to blog regularly. Then my world exploded. Well, not really. What happened was this:

  1. Around the 30th of December I began noticing intermittent website and email downtime
  2. On December 31st, Host4Geeks acknowledged there was downtime, and claimed to have “fixed” the issue
  3. On January 2nd, shit got real went everything went down 100%. Host4Geeks acknowledged a server failure (RAID configuration, hard drive failure, etc.) and promised to fix things
  4. January 3rd – 6th: Host4Geeks put up a new server, except the new server was (and probably still is) mis-configured: IP addresses were banned, PHP errors were popping up everywhere, and the mail server was being labeled as spam by all other mail servers
  5. January 7th: PureSpeed Hosting set me up with a reseller account and moved over all of my sites

And that brings me to today, January 10th. Work + fetching backups + fixing some lingering site issues has taken longer than expected, but I’m happy to report that I have just about everything up and running, and so far, I’m very happy with PureSpeed!


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