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Anddddddd… I SO called it.

I slept like crap last night, thanks to the accurately predicted snow/ice storm sending chunks of tree branches and ice raining down on our roof and against the windows, a scared Alyssa climbing into bed with us sometime around 2am, and electricity that flickered (which sent the two printers at my desk, which is just a couple of feet from our bed, into a tailspin) on and off for several hours.

My car is covered in ice and frozen to the snow that's surrounding it. Grrrr. #icestorm

The trees, grass, snow, cars, etc., EVERYTHING, were all coated in ice this morning. School was canceled, and the electricity has continued to flicker throughout the day. Since the wind is now picking up, we turned up the heat, stockpiled water, set out candles and flashlights, and charged devices in preparation of an actual outage. So far the school district called a 2-hour delay for tomorrow, but depending on how the roads are and if there are additional outages near or at the school they might close altogether. I’ve lost count of this school year’s snow/ice/frigid days, but I think we’re around 8, plus 3 2-hour delays. At this rate there won’t be a summer vacation. ;)

Titanium has enjoyed having all of us home. And given his seeming immunity to catnip (no reaction whatsoever), playfulness, love of pouncing, and desire to chew and bat at our wrists (gently – you feel the pressure of teeth, and he holds on with his paws, but there is no actual biting or claws), I’m pretty sure that the vet who initially examined him nailed his age more accurately at a year or so. The other five, who with the exception of Minerva are all over the age of 6, are not interested in his kittenish antics. It’s both cute and sad to see them bat him away, or ignore him altogether. He seems to take it in stride though, so it’s all good.

DSCN3812 DSCN3855

Ryan’s back-pay SSI check didn’t arrive today, which is just as well: if it had, I’d be looking for an Amish buggy or a team of sled dogs to haul me to the bank!

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