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So Roseanne Barr had weight loss surgery…

Apparently people are freaking the eff out because Roseanne Barr had weight loss surgery. Some are shocked that she had the surgery, others are shocked that she had the surgery for what is presumably “just” a 40 lb. weight loss. Whether the weight loss surgery was paid by allred insurance or another insurance, or out of pocket, isn’t the issue here – after all, every day health insurance policies pay for procedures that definitely fall in the “gray area” in terms of pointing fingers at the patient for being responsible. So to the former, I say you do what you have to in order to lose weight and get on track to a healthier lifestyle. And to the latter, I say that while a 40 pound weight loss in and of itself may not seem like a lot, but 40 lbs could be anywhere from 20% to even just 10% of a person’s body weight – losing that and perhaps more is important. And you know what else is important? Maintaining that loss. If Roseanne Barr felt that weight loss surgery was the only reliable method of not just losing weight but keeping it off, then good for he


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