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Bit chomping

So we learned a hard lesson: when it comes to the Social Security Administration, 7 to 10 business days for a Social Security disability (SSI) back-pay check is only the case if the applicant’s application isn’t randomly pulled for review. And since that’s how life has been for us for way too long now — one good thing followed by two to five bad things (and maybe one or two more for good fucking measure) — that’s exactly what happened with Ryan’s file. After a week of daily voicemails left with Ryan’s SS caseworker, with each message tallying the number of days past the promised 7 to 10 (yesterday’s was 15 business days, 3 weekends, and 1 federal holiday), and a semi-frantic call with whatever random caseworker it was who answered my call to the local Social Security office, I finally got an answer this morning: Ryan’s case, after being approved, was one pulled randomly for review, hence the delay. But he was finally, DEFINITIVELY approved, and the check in blah-blah amount was issued and mailed on February 19th, and the hold on his March payment was released so that we’ll also get a check for that, despite SS not liking to issue paper checks except in situations where the recipient hasn’t yet been able to set up the Direct Express card or a bank account for the payments (neither of which we have been able to do, since we haven’t received the initial back-pay check and included information on getting either of those options set up).

Whew. The wolves have been at our doorstep for far too long, and after being told three and a half weeks ago that as of two weeks ago we’d finally beat them away, only to not have that happen, well…you might be able to imagine the emotional tailspin I’ve been in. :( And I miss my camera like whoa, and I’m so sick of dragging laundry to and from the laundromat.

The check didn’t arrive today, but considering where it’s coming from and where we are, all that means is that it will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to throw that sucker in our bank account and PAY ALL THE THINGS.

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  1. jen


    Glad to hear! Believe me, I understand. It took 6 months for mine to be approved, even though I couldn’t walk! Then another 3 before I started getting my check. I actually received my first monthly check before I received my back money check. It’s crazy how they do things.

    When my bio dad got approved for his, his kids, including me, received a back check of $3,000 each and $53 monthly. My mom had to set up a savings account for me and be the payee cause I was under 18. She had to show the s.s. office receipts for everything I bought, to prove the money was spent on me and me alone. That’s why I was asking.

    Do you have to show receipts of what the money is spent on? When my bio dad got approved for his, his kids got a portion a month, too. It was $53 a month, with a back

  2. jen


    Sorry. My phone messed up and repeated some stuff. Hope you understood what I was saying.

  3. Social Security is one of the most messed up things I’ve ever seen. Both my parents are on Social Security as well as my cousins and there always seems to be a delay or a problem getting started. Hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here on out though, I mean once you get direct deposit it seems to be much easier to get the money every month.
    Sean recently blogged about: Closing Postponed


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