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Christmas 2014

So, another Christmas has come and gone. As a matter of fact, as of today Christmas is officially gone from our house: last night I took down all of the Christmas decorations from the kids’ bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room, and today Dan and I tackled the tree. Usually we wait until New Year’s Day to de-Christmas the house, but we’ve had the tree up since November 28th and the other decorations since the week before that, so I’ve been kind of antsy — since the 26th, actually — to get it all out.

We had a nice, quiet Christmas this year. In an attempt to better accommodate Ryan’s need for routine and no over-stimulation, we spread Christmas out over a period of a week or so, rather than cramming everything into one or two days. We did our annual Family Christmas Gift shopping about two weeks before Christmas, and exchanged those gifts with each other a week before Christmas (last year we drew names from a hat; this year we made it easy and did Boys Shop for the Girls and Girls Shop for the Boys). The sprogs opened their stockings on the afternoon on Christmas Eve (stuffed Minecraft creatures for both; chalkboard paint and a pewter dragon pen for Alyssa; a black sparkly moonstone pendant and a gold-painted stapler for Ryan), and we let them open their “joint” Christmas gift (Little Big Planet 3 for the PlayStation 4) that evening.

Christmas Day was also a nice, quiet affair. Last year the kids had us out of bed at the crack of dawn; this year we put our foot down and enforced the No Opening Presents Before 8am Rule – Ryan didn’t wake up until 7:30am, and he had to go wake up Alyssa! They enjoyed opening their presents, spending the day in their pajamas, and then having my mom and brothers join us for more gifts, dinner, and holiday movies. The sproglets enjoyed their gifts: toys, games (non-electronic), a few books, arts and craft supplies; and in Ryan’s case, some eclectic items that he’s really thrilled with – like a Nate Berkus gold-painted stapler, a solar panel energy science lab kit, a set of magnetic tiles, and a Tetris Lamp.

As for Dan and I, we kind of exchange gifts with each other throughout the month of December. He gave me his 64GB iPod Touch, which I’ve been lusting after for a while now…and a new 64GB SDXC memory card (so now I have two, aka plenty of storage!)! Of course he wrapped the latter in not one but like ten layers of wrapping paper, so I really had to work at it. I really doubled down my blogging efforts throughout the fall and was able to give him some really nice gifts for Christmas: a PlayStation 4 (really a gift for all four of us, though I just use the PS3/PS4 for media streaming), and a new Logitech gaming mouse and keyboard set; I also resurrected his dead PSVita via sheer determination and maybe some prayer, heh.

So that was our Christmas…how was yours?














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