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The Best Non-Surgical Alternatives To Wake Up Tired Skin

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Over the years, skin becomes less bright. Age plays a  big part in changing the way our skin looks. Often life throws many challenges at us and we forget to take good care of our skin and bodies. Even if you’ve neglected your skin a little over the years, it’s never too late to start.

When people think of brightening their skin and making it look youthful again, they tend to think of surgery. Surgery can be useful for many things, but there are ways to breathe life into your skin without going under the knife.

A facial is an excellent first step to take if you’re looking to give your skin a boost. When given a facial by a well-trained esthetician, you can be assured that you’ll feel some instant benefits. A good facial will help to exfoliate, clean, and rejuvenate the skin. If used as part of your routine, the treatment works wonders. Consider a monthly visit.

Facials should always be performed by a trained professional. There are often several steps involved for it to have the desired effects. When you go for your first facial, you should receive a consultation. This consultation is to make sure the esthetician uses the right products and processes for your skin. Next you may have your skin steamed and exfoliated, followed by the removal of any unsightly blackheads. After this most treatments will massage your skin and apply a facial mask. Finally, your skin may have after- care products used on it.

Remember, not all facials work in exactly the same way. When you go to book one, don’t be afraid to ask for qualifications and evidence of experience so that you know your treatment is top notch.

Some facial techniques have even been said to be able to give the effect of a facelift in just an hour. After your first consultation, you should know which kind of facial will work best for your skin.


We can stress enough how important it is to moisturise your skin. Moisturising is especially important if you use products such as facial scrubs in your routine. Using cleansing products can make your skin feel fantastic, but they can also strip it of it’s natural oils. A good moisturiser will help you replenish lost oils. If you use a product shortly after getting out of the bath or shower, it will help you lock in moisture for the day ahead.

Even if you have oily skin, you should always moisturise. If you have oily skin, it’s likely that you’ll use a stronger cleaning routine to reduce the shine. As we mentioned earlier, this is also ridding your skin of natural oils and moisture. Serums and oils may be preferable to this skin type as it won’t feel as heavy on your skin.

One of the best ways to protect your skin is always to wear sunscreen. Even when the weather is cold, the sun can have extremely damaging effects on your skin. Sunscreen doesn’t have to be thick, goopy cream that leave horrible streaks. You can purchase sunscreens that have a moisturising effect. Sunscreens such as these will make sure that your skin stays protected and moisturised. It’s also possible to buy skin creams with SPF to help protect your skin from harmful radiation.

If you have sensitive skin look for natural products or even think about creating your own. Before you try any new products, you should test a little on a small area of skin. A patch test can help work out if the cream you’re using is going to affect your skin in a negative way before you apply it to a large area.

Moisturising makes your skin brighter. If your skin has the moisture it needs you’ll notice the difference straight away. Your skin will feel softer and some creams can even help to firm your skin. If you skip this important step, any other beauty treatments you take on won’t have an impact.


Deep Treatments
We recommend you start with a good moisturising routine and regular facials. If your skin still feels old and dull, there are deeper treatments that you can look to instead.

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that is fantastic for making your skin feel alive. Many people say their skin instantly feels less dull after treatment. Tiny crystals or grains are used to buff the skin with a special tool. You can visit a professional for this treatment, as a particular device and tools are necessary. If you know what you are doing, some of the microdermabrasion devices reviewed on can even be used at home. However, only use these tools at home if you are confident you know to use them.

Microdermabrasion is popular as it’s a quick treatment with surgery like effects. Dead skin is buffed away and can reveal younger and healthier looking skin after just one treatment.

As part of a facial, you may be asked if you want to have a chemical peel. Chemical peels can vary from a light peel to a deep peel, depending on your skin type. A chemical peel can be useful if you want to strip away dead skin for a fresh face. The professional performing the treatment should be able to help you choose something that is right for you. This kind of treatment is only suitable for certain skin types.

There are other deep, non-surgical treatments, popular with celebrities such as Thermage. If you’re not sure which one will liven up your skin, speak to a dermatologist and an esthetician. They will help you make the right decision, before you undertake any treatments.

Although these treatments can help wake up your tired skin, you need to remember to work on your body from the inside out.  You won’t feel the benefits as much if you don’t look after yourself. If you need actions you can take today, start by eating well, drinking water, exercising and wearing sunscreen.

What are you waiting for? Start making positive changes for a more awake, brighter you.

If you have any advice for waking up tired skin, leave a comment and share your knowledge.

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