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He has a heart after all

Leah is currently flopped on her side next to me, with one of her back legs in my lap. This is a good sign, as she has spent the past several hours panting, pacing, and scratching and biting herself. What I initially thought was and treated as anxiety was much more likely to be an allergic reaction to something, because a feline dose of Valium did nothing for her, but within ten minutes of giving her Claritin (aka Loratadine – and yes, this is safe for dogs, provided you follow the recommended weight guidelines) she stopped heavily panting, pacing, scratching, biting, and generally being a restless, neurotic mess; she is now sleeping comfortably next to me, with nary a twitch. Yay! Poor girl. Even Dan, who normally teases me for having such a neurotic idiot for a dog, said he was a little worried.

So yesterday was my 31st birthday, and I did absolutely nothing, but that’s exactly what I wanted. I slept until 10am, had a bit of ice cream (thanks to a neighbor dropping off a tub of it!) as a late lunch, Dan made me bacon & cheese quiche (something I’ve been craving for weeks!) for dinner, I binge-watched the first half of season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and then went to bed at 10pm. Totally rocking the Old Lady thing…

The only downside to this weekend is the shoulder pain is constant, my back is twingy off and on, and tonight the filling for the root canal I had done last year fell out. No pain so far…hoping to fit in an appointment to the dentist before anything bad happens.

Tomorrow I have a 9:50am appointment with the orthopedic doctor I saw last month for my shoulder, and I can’t wait! Because of Surprise! You Need Surgery! all of my ortho and neuro appointments got completely thrown off track, so this week and next I’m playing catch-up. And this week the sproglets are attending a STEM camp where they’ll be building miniature replicas of amusement park rides (and of course learning about the engineering that makes them work), so that’s pretty damn awesome.

How was your weekend?

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