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Christmas 2015

I have been trying for days to write this post, but December has been a whirlwind of family stuff, medical stuff, and holiday stuff. Oy. Now I’m here and ready to write, except I don’t even know when I last blogged. Time to take a peek to see where I left off.

Ah. Okay. So I last blogged on December 8th. Now it’s nearly the end of the month, and more importantly the end of the year, so I suppose I should use this entry as a quick catch-up.

On December 18th I begged Dan to take me to Hershey’s ER for unrelenting abdominal pain. I was checked and cleared for pancreatitis, ulcer perforation, and an active intestinal strangulation, diagnosed with adhesions bad enough to cause severe, unrelenting pain, but not severe enough to warrant immediate surgery, and sent on my way with instructions to follow up with my bariatric surgeon ASAP. I did just that, and was given an appointment on December 28th.

On December 26th — yes, the goddamn day after Christmas, at least I had the decency to wait that long — the abdominal pain had gotten severe enough that I hadn’t sleep since waking up to pain at 5am. My mom and Jason arrived with me at the ER shortly before midnight. Once again, a CT scan confirmed no pancreatitis, no ulcer perforation, and no active intestinal strangulation significant/severe enough to warrant immediate surgery, so I was once again sent on my way home with instructions to follow up with my bariatric surgeon ASAP.

Since the powers who be like fucking with me, I wasn’t able to attend my December 28th appointment because the appointment was last-minute canceled due to “scheduling conflict” — which in my experience means my surgeon got pulled into an urgent surgery much like I’ve done to her (and some poor patient who probably really needed that 15-minute appointment slot) on two different occasions now.

So I’m now slated to see her on January 8th. Unless my adhesions decide to completely tangle up a portion of small intestine that is then at immediate and imminent risk of necrosis. I’ll probably know when that happens due to the unmistakable pain that presents itself not just in my abdomen but also my left shoulder (yay referred pain!), at which point I’ll go back to the ER a third time, only this time it won’t be IV – blood work – Dilaudid injection – CT scan – discharge but IV – blood work – Dilaudid injection – CT scan – “YOU’RE GOING TO SURGERY!” – maybe one more Dilaudid injection for the road. But if not, then I’ll see her on the 8th to schedule adhesion-removal surgery.
So I’m in this weird middle ground where I’m in pain and miserable and not wanting to drink or eat because of the pain but am trying my best to drink enough water so I don’t end up dehydrated. My purse is always at the ready with extra mobile chargers stashed in it. Daniel’s laptop is packed up and his other mobile gadgets are fully charged. The kids, my next-door neighbors and my mom are all on standby so they know what to do if Dan and I need to stop, drop, and drive to Hershey’s ER (when it happened on December 18th, my next-door neighbors kept an eye on the kids until my mom arrived; on the 26th, Dan and my mom squabbled over who would be stuck dealing with all of this inconvenience I’m causing everyone and ultimately my mom drew the short straw. Maybe I should just save everyone a lot of hassle and drag myself to the ER, and then call for a ride home once it’s all over. Or maybe I’ll just bring cash with me and request an Uber. Uber drivers wouldn’t stoop so low as to assault a just-freshly-operated-on hospital patient, would they?

So anyway, back to our Christmas:

Two weeks before Christmas Dan and I took the sprogs to HersheyPark Christmas Candylane. We’ve done this for a few years now, though we missed last year and I think we might even have missed the year before (oops). In any case, we picked a great day to go: slightly cloudy, breezy, with a high temperature of 60°. This was a very sweet alternative to the usual bundle-up-and-still-freeze-your-ass-off temperature for most of our December HersheyPark visits.










As for Christmas itself…Daniel and I were blessed with a surprise from a Secret Santa, which we used to pick up a few more gifts for the kids, and some general household essentials (You Know You’re An Adult #516: using Christmas money to buy essentials like toilet paper, vitamins, and a gallon of milk is exciting). Alyssa was blessed with a Secret Santa who gifted her a full-size woman’s mountain bike! She hasn’t really had the chance to use it beyond a quick test ride due to days and days on end of rain, but she’s thrilled with it and I know she’ll be putting the miles on it as soon as the weather clears up.

Christmas Eve consisted of watching movies with Dan, the kids, and my mom and my youngest brother, Cat (who turned 18 yesterday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMR!!!). Christmas Morning consisted of not enough sleep, kids screaming (Alyssa), squealing (Ryan), flapping (Cat and Ryan) and hopping (all three) in excitement for gift opening. After the gift clean up Dan and I swung into Clean & Cook Mode. He took a quick nap while I cleaned up Christmas morning and made a French toast breakfast casserole (this recipe with the addition of drizzled maple syrup on the middle and top layer, then an added sprinkling of powdered sugar).

Later, Dan took over, and with the exception of a homemade macaroni and cheese casserole my mom and I prepared together (we made two, actually: a large one with elbow macaroni, and a smaller one with mini-bow-shaped egg noodles), Dan takes all the credit for a delicious and hearty Christmas dinner that was enjoyed by all of us – Dan, myself, the sproglets, my mom, my brother, and Daniel’s mom.


My Christmas Stocking treasures.







Now Christmas is over and New Year’s is just a day away, and to be honest I’m ready to pack all of the holiday stuff away and get back to work on trying to find myself again. I think I’m going to start off the new year with a new med – Zoloft. I’ve been off anti-depressants for four months, and to be perfectly honest I’m a weepy fucking mess. Merry Christmas, self – you get Zoloft!

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  1. I’m sorry you are in so much pain and I hope you get the surgery soon so it can hopefully resolve some or all of the pain. Glad that your Christmas was good though, I too bought household items with the gift card I got for Christmas.


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