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I fought the law, and I won.

I promise I’m blogging this week, beginning with what will most likely become a novella-length post sometime on Tuesday morning.

I have so much to tell you! Now I just need to figure out where to begin…

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading what I think is going to be a post about you versus the school. Jenn kicks ass!
    Manda recently blogged about: 2016 Recap

    • You should, and it will! I just need to get my brain to stop churning long enough to get my thoughts composed and onto WordPress.

  2. Have I missed this post? :) I know I sure have missed you! I am so out of the loop anymore but I’m around if you need me just yell :)

  3. Angela


    Excited to read. I hope things are getting better for you. I’m moving to North PA by the end of this summer. Buying a house…finally lol.


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