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Domain was registered on January 1st, 2007 with GoDaddy (but I highly recommend Namecheap for domain registrations), and is currently hosted with PureSpeed Hosting. There is no special story behind the name of the domain, except that I loved the idea of having my name as a domain name, and the domain name was available, so I registered it!

Blog Statistics

While I have changed domain names many times, I have been blogging on my own domain since 2000, and my blog archives date back to 2001. To be exact, my blog is 17 years  old, and has 9994 entries with 50276 comments.

Tools & Layout Info is powered by WordPress. I create all images in Adobe Photoshop CS5, do all coding in Notepad, and upload and manage files using Cute FTP Pro. Individual pages are managed by the WordPress dashboard, though I do “hard code” some of the templates. All themes on are my own – please do not take them, and if you are “inspired”, do the right thing and give credit where credit is due.

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Page last updated on 05/28/2014.