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Plan on looking great for prom

Once you’ve reached the academic year during which you’ll be attending prom, it’s hard not to go to sleep at night without visions of prom dresses dancing through your head. While you may feel you’re getting excited prematurely, keep in mind that it’s best to begin shopping for prom at least several months in advance. This provides you with plenty of time to get an idea of the latest fashions, decide what will and won’t work for you, and then find the colors and styles that ultimately suit you best.

When it comes to getting all glammed up for prom, there is no end to the available prom dresses, hair styles and coordinating accessories, jewelry, and of course makeup! But just as you wouldn’t choose lamps for a house before making sure the foundation has settled, the first step in preparing for prom is shopping for a dress.

Prom dress shopping can be a time-consuming affair, so make sure you fuel up with a hearty meal, put on a comfortable pair of shoes, bring along a bottle of water and your preferred headache-relieving medication, and perhaps bring a friend or relative to help with suggestions and advice.

When it comes to sizing, know from the get-go that formal gowns typically run small. Vanity sizing has no place in the prom dress world, so be prepared to go up a size or two. If you’re browsing dresses in a dress shop, chances are the present seamstress will take measurements in order to guide you to your correct size. They may even make specific suggestions as to which dresses would best fit and flatter, as well as minimize areas you’re not so happy with (such as larger thighs, or a smaller-than-desired bosom).

How do you know when you have found “the one”? For starters, it should fit – it should be snug but not overly tight, buttons shouldn’t be pulling, and if there is lace or ribbon to be tied, there should be some excess. If the dress is unfortunately a bit too tight but you must absolutely have it, get it altered. Otherwise, put it back on the rack and keep going.

Finally, don’t forget those must-have prom accessories that will make your prom dress a total success: choose from a variety of hair pins, veils, and tiaras; matching earring and necklace sets; and makeup that will accentuate and highlight your eyes, and make you look quite the diva for your big night!

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Must-Read: Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Are you planning for your wedding? Wait!
With arrangements done for the wedding, do you feel that you are ready for the perfect wedding?
Yes, perfect is a term we are stressing on.
Here are some questions that will help you improve your scenario and take a step towards your perfect wedding.

Have you made post-wedding plans?
Well, you have planned for your honeymoon (and yes, the place is the best honeymoon spot in the world), but we are talking about how will your wedding party end. Will it be something special for the guests or you will think about your spouse and leave the guests, mocking at you for leaving them with nothing to do.
Don’t do that. Ask your wedding planner to plan your wedding in a way that everyone says, “This is how every wedding should be planned.”

Is there someone who will take care of your belongings after the reception?
Well, this is your wedding. So, you will not take care of the other essentials, right? So, ask someone whom you can trust and give him/her the responsibility to either take care of your belongings or to escort them to your home.
Here, you will include your gifts and mementos too. So, look for a trustworthy person only.

Is EVERYTHING decorated?
You have taken care of the entrance and the hall, but what about the cocktail bar. Have you (or your wedding planner) checked it?
Check every spot and be sure that everything is decorated.
For the bathrooms, no one is expecting it to be decorated, but you can make sure that it is clean.

Have you bought enough gifts for the guests?
Well, you are expecting 20 people at your wedding. However, 25 people end up at your wedding.
How many gifts have you bought? Try and purchase some extra gifts for your guests.
Buying extra gifts can be costly. So, we have two possible solutions for you.

  1. Choose from the list – who should be promoted to the gift list? Accordingly, play smart and give it to them only.
  2. Visit Chameleon John before purchasing gifts. There, you will find coupons that will help you get exciting discounts on bulk purchases.

Do you have a folder for legal documents?
If you are about to make a move to a new home after marriage, making sure that you are carrying your legal documents too. Again, if you have lived in a rented apartment previously, this is one of the most important things to do.

What time have you announced for your wedding?
If your wedding is scheduled for 1 p.m., you should inform others about it. However, if there is someone who is late (always!), tell them that your wedding is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. This will ensure that they leave their house on time and reach your bridal party on time.

Simple questions, simpler solutions.

Hope these questions help you take a step towards your perfect wedding.

Have some suggestions? Please let us know about it with your comments below.


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More conciseness.

I slept until 2pm today. My pathetic defense is that I haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks (See Exhibit A: GODDAMN KIDNEY STONE), and last night I didn’t fall asleep until nearly 11, despite going to bed before 9. And that was after two rounds of pain medication and anti-nausea medication, and sleep medication for good measure; and I still woke up several times throughout the night, and twice in the morning. I had a urologist appointment yesterday, but icy roads forced me to reschedule for next week. So in the meantime, my kidney stone and I continue to chillax. Or rather, I do as much as I can during the periods when it isn’t actively causing severe pain in both of my kidneys and my back, and when it is I sit around like a pitiful lump.

In non-pitiful news, In Jenn’s Bag has a new look! is coming up next. :)

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How to pick a great wedding dress

The wedding dress will help you to define one of the most important moments in your life – the day you marry the person you love and are committed to spending the rest of your life with. So it’s no wonder that so many women struggle to choose “the” wedding dress that doesn’t just fit, but flatters, and somehow seems to be perfect in every way. If you’re struggling to pick the perfect dress from so many wedding dresses UK, consider these tips:

Go with your top three choices – and don’t hesitate.
When it comes to making a choice, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Don’t over-think the choices you make – go with your top three choices, and then narrow the selection from there. You’ll have so much less work and aggravation ahead of you if you give yourself only three choices to make your selection from, rather than five or six or even ten (some women have been known to purchase as many as a dozen wedding gowns!).

Ask a family member or friend for suggestions.
Having the advice of a friend can often be a lifesaver when it comes to going from indecisive to decided. Ask your sister, your mother, or your best friend to tag along with your internet browsing or shopping adventures. Bring along color swatches and pictures of the flowers you’ll be using in your wedding theme, as these can help with the selection process.

Use your hair color and skin tone as a guide.
Ensure your wedding dress complements you not just in terms of flattering your body figure, but coordinating with your hair color and skin tone. Medium-toned brunettes, for example, will look stunning in off-white gowns and jewel-toned accessories; while blonde-haired, fair-toned ladies would do better to go for traditional white with silver, gold, or pearl accessories.

Hire a wedding consultant.
If all else fails, or you simply don’t have the time, energy, or desire to continue hunting for the perfect wedding dress for you, consider employing the services of a qualified, professional wedding consultant. Wedding consultants live and breathe weddings, and their expert, unbiased eye can assess your wedding plans, your body figure, and take into account your own personal preferences (likes, dislikes, etc.) and subsequently come up with several choices for wedding gowns that are sure to be absolute winners.

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Wedding dress selection tips

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the most important days of your life, so it should go without saying that you’ll want to do everything you can to make it as special as possible. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you must drive yourself — and everyone around you — crazy in the process. One of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of wedding planning is typically the selection of a wedding dress. Fortunately, today’s wedding dresses are available in every conceivable style, length, cut, color, and of course size. And if you’re really choosy over what will ultimately become your wedding gown, you may always take your chosen selection to a seamstress for custom alterations.

Choosing a wedding dress should begin with determining when and where you’ll be having your wedding, and of course the theme you’ll be using. Your chosen style of colors, patterns, and flowers should all extend and somehow coordinate with your wedding dress. For instance, if the colors in your wedding theme are purple and silver, then a white wedding dress with purple accents would be divine; or, be bold and choose a contemporary purple-colored wedding dress that has been custom-dyed to match the exact shade of purple you’re using in your wedding theme.

The styles of wedding dresses are endless, but can be summed up in short lengths, long lengths, long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless. Even if you’re having a wedding in the middle of winter, you can opt for a sleeveless gown – but it would still be a good idea to add a shawl or a shrug. In the summer, however, it would make the most sense to go for short sleeves or sleeveless, since you’ll most likely be holding at least some parts of your wedding outdoors; or at the very least the flowers you’ll have at your wedding will reflect the summer months.

Finally, you’ll need to give consideration to the accessories you’d like to wear with your chosen wedding dress. The old adage “opposites attract” definitely applies here: for elaborately designed gowns that feature a lot of tulle, beads, lace, or other designs, it’s best to keep jewelry and ornamental hair pieces simple in design. On the other hand, a simply cut and designed wedding dress can certainly be “dressed up” (pun intended) with a gorgeous pair of dangling earrings with a matching choker-style necklace, and perhaps a delicate bracelet or wrist cuff.

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