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SurgerIES (yes, plural)

Dan saw the orthopedic specialist this morning. His MRI revealed a torn/separated labrum muscle, and frayed/cracked/damaged cartilage. The treatment: arthroscopic surgery (date to be determined when we meet with the other orthopedic specialist, the one whose specialty is shoulder repair, next Thursday).

And my mom just called: despite having her toe tended to in the ER last Thursday, keeping it wrapped, and taking antibiotics, it’s infected, and severely so. She’s going into surgery tomorrow. Best-case scenario is wound debridement. Worst-case scenario is amputation.

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Humpty Dumpties

Last Thursday my mom and my youngest brother, Cat, were both in the ER at the same time – my mom because she managed to catch her right big toe on her metal bed frame, resulting in tearing off the nail, lacerating both sides of the toe pretty deeply and breaking the bone vertically; and Cat because he had a mental breakdown (he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital that specializes in autistic patients, and will probably remain there for at least another couple of days, if not another week or more).

Fast forward to Sunday night: after my mom and I got back from Philly, she stayed overnight because she had a doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon. The doctor’s office is just five miles from my house, but 30 miles from hers – so obviously it makes sense for her to stay overnight, go to her appointment, and then go home. That was the plan, anyway. On Monday, my mom went to her appointment, and took Alyssa with her, as she (Alyssa) had been running a fever and complaining of ear pain – I correctly diagnosed her with an ear infection, but of course it’s always a good idea to have a licensed medical practitioner echo that diagnosis, as well as write a prescription for antibiotics and provide an excuse note for school. ;)

So Alyssa and my mom leave at 2pm for their appointments. Not quite two hours later we get a phone call – my mom’s entire right foot is bright red and swollen to twice its size, hot to the touch, streaking, etc. The pain she had been feeling behind her knees and in her thighs wasn’t from doing too much, it was from an infection that she didn’t notice because she is diabetic, has diabetic neuropathy, and had her foot bandaged and covered. Dan and I dash to the doctor’s office – I pick up Alyssa and bring her home (arriving exactly two cars ahead of the school bus that Ryan was on), and Dan took my mom to the hospital for admittance. She was quickly whisked up to a room, and ever since has been hooked up to IVs for antibiotics, fluids, etc. I hope that she won’t wind up having to have this foot operated on!

And not to be outdone by my mom’s medical drama, yesterday Dan banged his wounded hand, which he had the sutures removed from on Monday morning, on the car door. So I took him to the doctor’s office – they decided against re-suturing since the wound is now two weeks old, but applied several steri-strips to keep the re-opened wound on his middle finger closed.

…and did I mention that he has an appointment with the orthopedic doctor this morning to find out the results of his MRI for his injured shoulder (sprained something-something, frayed something-something, strained something-something)?

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Alyssa’s 10th birthday party (weekend)!

Friday-Sunday went by in a blur of people, food, and of course sprogs. It’s now a little after 10 on Monday morning, and despite a solid seven hours of sleep last night, I’m very tired and already trying to figuring out what the earliest time is that I could get away with going to bed at tonight. ;)

Here’s how my Friday went:

Saturday was Alyssa’s birthday party! She doesn’t turn 10 until October 27th, but she wanted to have a birthday party she could invite some of her classmates to, so we opted to have the party at a nearby playground, and the 18th was the last day the bathrooms would be open and the water fountains would be working. So, in the interest of child-sized bladders (and my own small bladder – just ask Amanda how I can never make the 1-hour drive from my house to hers without having to use her bathroom as soon as I arrive), we went with the 18th instead of the 25th.

And here’s a quick rant: Alyssa handed out 14 invitations with RSVP info (my cell phone number and email address) on October 3rd. As of October 18th, I received exactly two RSVPs. Now, I understand firsthand how busy and hectic October weekends (and weekdays, for that matter) are. But how fucking inconsiderate do you have to be to not take five seconds to send a quick email or text to say, “Sorry, my kid can’t make it”?! I went ahead and planned food, cupcakes, and party favors for 14 children, but we ended up with the two RSVP’ed in attendance, plus a sibling – as well as Ryan, of course, and Amanda’s kidlet, Sophie.

So, my Saturday:

My Sunday:

Despite the incredibly small turnout (FUCK YOU, RUDE PARENTS), Alyssa loved her birthday party. She went with Minecraft-themed invitations and colors for party decorations (streamers), hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and pretzels and tortilla chips for food, and I opted for colorful cupcakes for the guests and a larger cupcake for her to make dessert easy (slicing up cake is such a bitch). She received gifts she both wanted and was surprised (make that UTTERLY DELIGHTED) by, including:

We gave Alyssa the Pokemon X game first, as that was what she was really, REALLY hoping to get. She was shrieking with delight over that, but really lost her mind when she unwrapped the Nintendo 3DS XL from Dan and I – since without that, she’d only be able to play Pokemon X and other 3DS games if she borrowed my brother’s game system. :)

Onto awesome photo pictures!
















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Autism shots and another ER visit

This morning I took Alyssa and Ryan for their annual autism influenza vaccinations. Alyssa put on a heroic, “I’ve got this” front right up until she was sitting on the table and the nurse was about to inject her. Then she freaked out and I had to physically hold her down. Ryan freaked out the entire way to the doctor’s office and into the office — I had to pry him out of the car and physically drag him onto the table — but he actually held still for the injection. They both agreed that the shots were less painful than anticipated. I tried to explain that anxiety is cruel that way – it can make situations seem so much worse than they really are.

After dropping the sproglets off at school, I came home, did a bit of work, then packed up some food to take to my mom and Puff, who had been at the ER with my other brother, Cat, since 6:30am. Long story short: my mom injured her left foot, and Cat had a meltdown (which has been coming; the writing has been on the wall for months) and is now committed for inpatient mental health treatment. My mom is a diabetic, and she and my brother hadn’t eaten since before they arrived at the hospital, hence my mid-afternoon jaunt to take them some sandwiches, yogurt, granola, and muffins.

Now it’s going on dinnertime, and there is SO. MUCH. to do between now and Saturday that I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done. Somebody hold me.

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What a chatty car you have!

Your car talks about you to other people. She doesn’t say any words, but as you drive around and people see your car, it’s screaming about your life to them. If you’re curious about what is being said as you wait for the light to turn green then check out this interactive infographic.

It will ask you what type of car you drive and then take you through the various things that this demonstrates about your personality, age, gender etc. Some of it I’ve found is way off, however it’s right on the nose about the majority of what it says. It features other cool little titbits as well, for example, it might tell you what’s most likely to be in your boot or maybe a great fashion choice that you should consider purchasing as it would suit your personality and car.
Give it a go, it might just surprise you.

Car Personality
Car Personality is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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