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Gifts For Grooming Your Man

Of course, everyone’s different. However, odds are you have higher grooming standards than your boyfriend or partner. If this is the case, you might be wondering how you can get him to up his standards, without hurting him emotionally. This post is here to help you with that problem. Here’s some things to try which will get your man looking his best!

clothing store
photo credit: Pixabay

One of the most common and most unfortunate blemishes to a man’s looks can be wiry nose hair. A surprising amount of men let this gather and gather in their nostrils for days. You might find similar unpleasant tufts building in his ears. It could even be a beard that has become a little unruly. Plucking all this hair can feel like a chore to your average guy, but I’m sure you can make it routine. Start off by lightly teasing him about places where his hair isn’t tidy. Depending on the kind of relationship you have, you could even use it to spark another adorable pet name! Whenever you’re trying to encourage your man to groom himself more thoroughly, it’s usually an idea to follow up with a gift. Check out these sleek manual razors from Colonel. Buying him a grooming tool which he’ll see every day will definitely make him pay more attention to his facial hair.

So what if your boyfriend or husband has a well-groomed face, but still neglects his scent a lot? Let’s face it, guys don’t take to body washes too well. Squeezing a lot of pink gloop into a rag and getting a good lather usually doesn’t register with them. Even if he catches his own B.O during the day, he won’t want to use the distinctly feminine fruit and flower scents in your body washes. Just like trimming untidy hair, this kind of situation calls for a gift. Paul Mitchell does a great range of men’s body washes. This lemon sage recipe will ensure your man smells great, and avoid his friends telling him he smells like a woman! Many of these body washes have healthy effects on the skin, too.

I know you may be sticking your lip out at the idea of buying your man so much. Well, like that godawful song goes, it’s a game of give and take. Aside from the toiletries, make sure your guy has a few fashion essentials. A sharp casual jacket, a few polo shirts in “his” colours and some nice cotton pants should be part of his wardrobe. Remember to mention all of these changes and he’ll start to buy the right tools himself. When you notice the body wash, press up against him and tell him how good he smells, or playfully fiddle with his lapels when he’s wearing a shirt you like.

However you’d like your man to groom himself, there are many ways of encouraging it. Don’t fall into a power trip though. As nice as it would be, men aren’t animals which you can condition through basic reinforcement! Let him know that you’d be happier if he made some changes, but never let little aesthetic features come between you two.

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Time to dig out

For most of the east coast, today is a snow day. People are acting surprised on social media and news websites, but what do you expect when three feet of snow is dumped on multiple states in a 24 hour period? In any case, planning ahead (see: last blog entry) and preparing for some time off is the way to go. I’m fortunate that I work from home, so my only change of plans for today involved skipping getting dressed like an actual adult and instead choosing to lounge about in yoga pants and Dan’s slippers.

In terms of shoveling, I feel like a sloth but I really just can’t do it this year. Between the very real probability of making my back worse, and/or causing my ovary to twist again, I’m grounded to the couch. Dan can’t really do much, either, so I paid our neighbor’s teenage son to dig out our car and driveway. That just leaves the sidewalk and steps for Dan, which he fortunately can handle. I’m also going to make the sproglets help him. After all, why else would you have kids except for exploiting them for cheap labor? ;)

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Winter Storm Jonas

Southeastern and central Pennsylvania were annihilated by Winter Storm Jonas. Fortunately we weren’t among the people running around last minute to get ready. I mean, we had over a week’s notice that the storm would most likely be pretty bad, so Dan and I did our grocery shopping right then and there – a week and a half before Jonas was predicted to hit us. We bought extra milk, bread, cheese (5 pound block for $11.99? Yes, please!1, and snacks. Three days before the storm I dashed out to pick up snow pants for the kids (they waited until then to inform me that they had outgrown the ones from last year). And the day before we put away all of the outdoor stuff strewn about our property (a few lawn chairs, the kids’ bicycles and scooters), and Dan made a last-minute pet store run for crickets for Zeon.

My mom barely made it home before Jonas hit us full force. She had come to our house that day to do some laundry and pick up some items I had for her and Cat, and she was pushing her luck leaving at 5:30pm to make the drive home. She lives 25 miles away from us, and without heavy traffic it’s a 30 minute drive. She is northwest of us, and Jonas was coming northeast from the south – meaning it would hit her area before ours. Well, as she so often does, she decided to squeeze in a last-minute stop at her optometrist’s office to pick up glasses for Cat, and ended up not only running into the beginnings of Jonas but also missed her exit, which tacked on an extra 15 minutes to her drive. She slid a few times on the road and even went right through an intersection, but fortunately she made it home unscathed.

For once the meteorologists nailed it in terms of the forecasts and predicted accumulations. Jonas was predicted to start at 7pm; at 6:50pm there was a dusting of snow on our porch. Accumulations were predicted to be anywhere from two feet to three feet; our town’s official measurement is 32″. The wind gusts were pretty significant, and there are snow drifts that completely cover vehicles. The kids actually weren’t able to sled because the snow is just too deep – Ryan and his friend actually got stuck and had to be pulled out. Pretty scary, when you think about it: snow days are supposed to be fun, not frightening.

So our weekend was pretty calm and quiet. I always try to think ahead and be prepared, so it was nice to be snowed in but not really care because the house was stocked with plenty of food, paper products, cleaning products, pet food, and so on and so forth. I paid both Netflix and Hulu last week, pulled out a bunch of board games, and as a precaution for potential electrical outages due to snow weighing down power lines we made sure to keep all of our mobile devices plugged in – and we had portable USB charging batteries fully charged and on standby.

Not surprisingly, the school districts are closed tomorrow, and there is an in-service day on Tuesday. Needless to say, the sproglets are celebrating their four day weekend.

  1. we are fortunate to live just a few miles away from a grocery outlet that has amazing prices on groceries – we can seriously fill a shopping cart with produce, drinks, snacks, pantry items, and even some dairy and meat products for under $200

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Want More Out Of Life? Banish These Negative Feelings!

We’re all emotional creatures, us humans. But, there are some feelings we get that don’t do us any favors. I’m as guilty of letting things get to me as the next person, and we can all dwell on negative feelings for way too long. It’s natural, of course, but the trouble is, these emotions can start to rule your life. I thought I would go through some of the most common negative feelings we all experience, and why i believe that we should try our hardest to banish them. Let’s take a closer look.

We all have friends or family members that let us down. And, there’s a good chance we have done the same to someone else at several points in our lives. It happens all the time, to everyone, and it’s part of the human makeup. Some people learn some people don’t. And, some people can forgive while others can’t seem to let go of the past. The trouble is, if you are going to go through life resenting what a person did to you ten years ago, it just isn’t healthy. How can you move forward while you are stuck in the past? It’s better to learn to forgive, and get over your problems. Here are five reasons why it’s so important to forgive others for their transgressions.

Day 5: Hey, no thanks, World.
photo credit: Andrea Rose Photography


I know so many people that have gone through life envious of others. They look at celebrity networth, or lust after a neighbor’s car, or are jealous of a friend’s promotion at work. Once jealousy gets hold of you, it can twist itself into something deeply unattractive, and it can be hard to escape from its clutches. Try to avoid envy, and celebrate the successes of those you love and respect. Look at those celebrities and use them as an inspiration to your life, and to achieve your goals. Jealousy is a total waste of energy that would be better spent on something far more constructive. Improve your life, rather than hating someone else for theirs.

Lack of confidence
Now, this is a tricky one to get past on your own. Some people have so much faith in themselves it’s untrue while others feel they will never get anywhere in life. If you suffer from low self-esteem, it can be a difficult hole to dig yourself out of, and it can feel like everything is going against you. I would suggest talking to someone about your issues. Perhaps a cognitive behavioral therapist might be able to help you train yourself to think in a different way. Focus more on your strengths, and what you are good at, rather than your failings. And, realise that everyone makes mistakes and that there is nothing wrong with that. It’s how we all learn, after all.

What we think, we become.
photo credit: Nattu


Now, I have a distrust of people who say they have no regrets. I mean, come on. Everyone has done something bad in their life or handled something the wrong way. If you think you have the right to regret nothing, then I would have to question your personality. But, there is some truth to it. You can let your regrets take over, and it can start to affect your future. Maybe you can trace back your inability to get a job all the way back to the time you got suspended in English class. Or, perhaps you feel you missed out on the chance of a successful marriage when you turned down the gentleman from down the road. We all have these pivotal moments in life, and it’s good to remember them. But, use them to drive you forward, rather than to leave you stuck in the past.

Finally, try and be a little more optimistic about your life. It can be tough when things are looking bleak, but changing the way you look at life will help. Not only that, but it will keep you in better health, too. People who are pessimistic are more likely to have a stroke, for example. So, go out and get yourself a pair of rose-colored glasses and try to view the world differently. Don’t look at a terrible event and see the devastation they cause – look at the people in the background lending a hand and risking their lives. Don’t see missing a bus as an example of your bad luck – see it as an opportunity to walk home and notice more about where you live. Those are two examples from the opposite ends of the scale, of course. But, it’s all about seeing beyond the bad stuff and getting the most out of any situation. Good luck!

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From one probable surgery to two almost definite surgeries

I’m in pain. I’m stressed out. I’m tired. And I’m stressed out over being in pain, and I’m tired of being in pain. It has been a very long, exhausting 55 weeks1 since this all started.

As of right now I have an appointment on Monday with the gynecological surgeon who did my hysterectomy, during which we’ll discuss the only real viable option for my four-times-bigger-than-they-should-be ovaries: surgery to remove the cysts. This is a surgery that is necessary, because my right ovary could re-twist at anytime and become a medical emergency. And even if it doesn’t immediately become a medical emergency, it was incredibly horrible pain that I don’t fancy experiencing a second time. But this necessary surgery is also one that could end with me losing one or even both ovaries. For hormonal reasons, that is my worst case scenario.

* * *

I’m also waiting for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. His policy is to review medical records and imaging prior to scheduling an appointment. The referral to him was made last Tuesday, when I met with my doctor at Pain Management to discuss how horrible the diagnostic facet injections were to deal with. As I told him, my pain rating the morning of those injections was a 6. For about two hours after surgery my rating was a 4. Then it shot up to a 7 that night, and an 8 by Saturday morning. Even at that appointment my base level pain was higher than it was prior to the injections.

Anyway, the Pain Management doctor confirmed what I already knew to be the case: since the injections did not work at all, and in fact made the pain WORSE, the problem is with the discs themselves, and/or mis-aligned pieces of vertebrae – and it will take back surgery to diagnose and hopefully fix the problem. Even though I know back surgery is not a guaranteed fix, and sometimes it can even make pain worse, I’m on board because I must do everything I can to get back to my pre-miserable-from-suffering-with-constant-back-pain self. Anything to get back to going to bed without pain and waking up without pain. Anything to not need 30mg of Oxycodone to bring the pain down to a level that is still barely tolerable, but so much better than it was without medication. Anything to get away from a life that revolves around pain.

  1. my first medical event — an ER visit — was on December 29th, 2014

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