Easter eggs & allergies

The changing weather is kicking my ass. First it was migraines, now it’s allergies that either trigger a migraine, or just leave me in a total congested, itchy, coughing fog. Robitussin + Claritin + Flonase + Excedrin seems to be a pretty sweet combination, though a disconcerting side effect is feeling somewhat disconnected from my brain.

You know what’s fun? Going to bed after midnight on a Friday night, and being wide awake shortly after 7am on a Saturday. Oh, and then your child waits until 20 minutes before a 10:00am Easter egg hunt to 1) tell you about it and 2) express his desire to go. You, meanwhile, are still in your PJs and in the middle of dusting ceiling fan blades.

But I hustled, the kids hustled, and we were at the church that was hosting the Easter egg hunt at 9:57am. Three minutes to spare = Mom Win (and that was even with my car’s shifter sticking at first, which it now seems to do if I don’t drive it for a couple of weeks). Even though we don’t attend church, the kids were familiar with this one since they’ve been there before for VBS – and some of the staff recognized them.

After the hunt, arts & crafts, cupcake decorating, face painting, and lunch, we were back home. I cleaned and baked for several hours, grabbed an allergy attack induced nap (MOTHER NATURE IS TRYING TO KILL ME AND I THINK SHE IS SUCCEEDING), and now it’s after 7 and, ugh, early day tomorrow… we’re going to New Jersey’s Adventure Aquarium, courtesy of a product review. The distance is about the same as when I go to visit my dad in Philly, though this trip will have the added benefit of crossing the Delaware River – and of course spending the day checking out all sorts of aquatic animals. :)

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This is why I enter blog giveaways


Thank you Giveaway Promote!

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What a pain in the genetics

My first knowledge of what a migraine was came from my mom. I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight, and all I remember is we were driving on a dark, rainy night, and she was driving a little erratically, and crying at every red light we hit (which seemed to be every single one). She was driving herself to the hospital because she was in the grips of a particularly painful, debilitating migraine. She was driving herself because she was a single mom and couldn’t get a hold of my grandparents that night (this was the early ’90s – car phones weren’t even a thing yet), and I was with her because she didn’t know our neighbors very well, so there was no where else for me to be. We made it to the hospital unscathed, and she was whisked away to a dark room where they hooked her up to an IV. She slept for many hours, and I spent those many hours waiting until the nurses could get a hold of my grandparents (they had been out).

My mom has always dealt with migraines, and so does my eighteen year old brother, and I think one of my grandparents had them, too. I’m turning 30 this year, so as most of my twenties passed by without more than the occasional nagging headache, I thought I had dodged that particular genetic bullet. As it turns out, I didn’t dodge it at all – it just took a little longer to make its presence known. I started getting migraines about two years ago. Originally stress or the weather (storms) would trigger them; now, like fucking clockwork, severe storms as well as cold/warm fronts trigger them. Initially I managed them by taking Topamax as a preventative, and 25mg of Imitrex for treatment if Excedrin didn’t do the trick. Last weekend I had several back-to-back migraines that lasted half the weekend. Well, the first came on Thursday night, then the rest started up Friday night and didn’t relent until early Sunday.

This week, however…dear god, the migraine that started when it woke me up at 4:00am on Thursday morning and is continuing even now makes last weekend look like a cake walk. ‘Round the clock doses of migraine, headache, anti-nausea, and pain meds have, until today, only taken the edge off. Despite the misery I did my best to stay hydrated, and for dinner I was able to keep down plain saltine crackers and beef stew sludge (the thick brothy remnants from a slow cooker meal). I was in bed for all of yesterday, and the two times I left the bed (bathroom) yesterday morning I wasn’t up very long because being up right made me vomit. Migraines suck. I mean they REALLY suck – because as if the head pain isn’t enough, then there’s the eyeball pain, the vision issues, the severe light sensitivity and moderate noise sensitivity, and then there’s the nausea and vomiting. Dry-heaving on an empty stomach with a migraine? It’s not something I recommend, unless you want the experience of crying from pain but trying not to cry because even that makes your head hurt even more.

Two people have mentioned that muscle relaxants can help with migraine pain, so when it’s time to take another dose of migraine meds tonight (soon, very soon; this is only the second time I’ve been on my computer today because I can’t stand to focus on anything for long), I’m going to try a muscle relaxant with it. I think the rain/mist/fog we have is supposed to clear up tomorrow, so hopefully a clearer weekend with more stable barometric pressure will mean a relief from this ongoing head pain.

On the bright side, four days of migraine misery in a eight day span has resulted in a three pound weight loss! I like that silver lining. ;)

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And then you lose.

Since 4:00am Thursday morning I have been suffering with the worst migraine I have ever experienced. I can sit upright today, but the pain, nausea, and auras are returning, so I think I’m going to try and sleep for a while.

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Lose a lot, win a few

Every so often something AWESOME! and YAY! pops up in life, and this morning one came along:

Day = MADE. This is why I enter blog giveaways. :D

That right there is why I enter blog giveaways. You CAN win. :)

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