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Here I am.. *cackle* Jenn wanted me to start writing a journal type thing, so she created an account for me here on her blog. Hmm.. I could either post a daily thing (which would probably be pretty boring), or I could only post when something interesting happens (which isnt too often). Well, what do you think?

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Well, Gerald called me about two hours ago, so Im gonna get my butt off the computer and go get ready for work. Joy. Three hours of drive-thru hell. Gotta love it ;)

Well, yay! Jenn has some plans:

Feb. 2nd- Party @ Geralds. Theres gonna be a (gay) stripper. Should be interesting…lol.

Feb. 15th-17th (18th?)- Weekend at Daniels :) Ill also be proposing to him, so thatll be special as well.

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Sex sex and MORE sex

My friend Linsay called earlier today. She’s ‘different’ than most of my friends. She’s had sex with a LOT of guys, lol. She smokes, has done drugs, and occassionally drinks. I usually don’t associate with people like that too much (the drugs and drinking thing) but she’s cool.
Man, she kills me. We spent like an HOUR just talking about SEX. Different positions, my seven inch boyfriend and her nine inch one, having sex on our periods, positions, etc. EW, she tried ANAL. She told me herself not to do it. Well, don’t worry, I won’t! My ass says exit only. To me, anal would be like taking a shit in reverse. And neither is very pleasant if ya ask me!!!

Hmmm…what else. Well, I start my birth control pills Sunday. I wonder what kinda side effects I’ll have from them…

Well, that’s all that’s happening. I’m sick again with a cold, bleh!

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