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Hotel Jenn

At the rate things are going I should probably ask Dan a non-injured person to remove my front door and replace it with a revolving one. Since early September we have had anywhere from one to four extra guests in our house at any given time. I can count on one hand the number of times Dan and I have had sex since early September. Of course, all of his injuries and my stomach issues don’t help matters. On the extra people front: at one point we had three extra people in our house for a weekend, plus a few other guests come and go during the day and evening. On Alyssa’s birthday weekend I was bracing for five guests and a dog. Fortunately that didn’t pan out.
Right now Cat, my sixteen year old brother, is staying with us. He stayed with us last weekend and went home when my mom was discharged from the hospital last Monday evening; he came back last Thursday night in order to go Trick-or-Treating with Alyssa and Ryan, and it made sense for him to spend the weekend with us since he and Puff are at each other’s throats right now – and thus also driving my mother crazy. So in order to ensure everyone has peace and quiet, Cat is with us, much to Alyssa’s and Ryan’s delight.

Cat isn’t bad to have around. Unlike Puff, he isn’t sloppy, careless, or prone to eating us out of house and home if our backs are turned. Don’t get me wrong – I love Puff and enjoy having him around. But Cat is easier, and quieter. And I know my snack cabinet won’t be ransacked if I leave him unattended in our kitchen. We surprised him with a bronze-colored Nintendo DSi XL, which is a replacement for one Puff broke last year. We also gave him a case (a cosmetic case, but who cares? It has compartments and zippers and is definitely a step up from the ratty Ziploc bag he was using before) and Photo Dojo, so his year has been MADE. We told him it’s an early birthday present (his birthday is December 29th). In turn, Cat gave Dan his Nintendo 3DS, which my mother had purchased for Cat to replace the broken DSi XL – but in true Autism Fashion, Cat simply wanted another DSi XL, and a bronze one at that. Did you know that the bronze-colored DSi XL is a special edition model? I didn’t know that, but I found out when the Game Stop Dan and I stopped in at happened to have it when I was getting ready to purchase a blue one, and had mentioned in passing how much my brother missed his bronze one. The bronze was $10 more. Pfft. But he’s worth it, so I forked over the extra $10.

In terms of autism quirks, Cat is more like Ryan, whereas Puff is kind of in his own orbit (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing; it’s just that Ryan and Cat seem to be more “classically” autistic). Ryan’s current stimming behaviors include twirling his hair and chewing on his sleeves. But at least he isn’t head-banging or eating drywall. Cat has never grown out of his love of and need for rocking, and since our recliner (a 30+ year old La-Z-Boy that was originally my grandfather’s) is on its last legs and no longer functional beyond sitting in gently, when Cat is here our huge, heavy, weather-beaten Amish-made outdoor wooden glider chair is also here – smack in the middle of our living room. My only condition on it being in the house rather than outside (should “of” be here? I’m from Philly, and I think us Philadelphians have a habit of dropping what we think are time-wasting words, such as “of”) the house is that it must be on the carpet – I’d rather carpet fibers be torn up than our floors to be scratched or grooved!

Yesterday I finally got a bit of time to myself, and used that time to take a nap, do my nails, and put some purple hair dye in my hair. Thoughts?


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What’s in a name?

Someone (Randi – thanks, Dez! I can’t remember who, I’m sorry!) on Facebook recently mentioned that they only sometimes call their cats by their given names. For the most part, that holds fairly true for us as well:

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Happy November. Where the heck did October get to?!

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Ten years of Alyssa

Seeing as how Alyssa is now TEN YEARS OLD (omg – we haven’t accidentally killed her or horribly maimed her yet?!), I thought this would be an excellent time to revisit her last ten years – in photos, of course. ♥

one day old
One day old.

one year old
One year old.

two years old
Two years old.

three years old
Three years old.

four years old
Four years old.

five years old
Five years old.

six years old
Six years old.

seven years old
Seven years old.

eight years old
Eight years old.

nine years old
Nine years old.

ten years old
TEN years old!

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Happy 10th Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa was born on October 27th, 2004 at 8:06am. ♥


DSCF0024 (by Jenn ?)



Happy 10th Birthday Alyssa! I love you!

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