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I think Ryan is officially over summer, though he would never admit that. This morning, after melting down over not being able to go to my mother’s until tomorrow (as much as I love Ryan, I am not making two 50 mile round trips in two days), he informed me he was running away. His plan was to live in the wild, and then find a family to live with. I advised him to pack some clothes, and maybe eat breakfast and brush his teeth before he left, so that he would at least have a full belly and be presentable for his journey.

Obviously Ryan didn’t really run away – I let him get as far as the woods beyond our backyard before following and asking if he would like to talk. We did, we hugged, and then we sat together on our wooden swing for a while. After then spending some time outside on his own, he was mostly fine for the rest of the day.

While I logically know that almost all kids threaten to run away, it was still sad to watch him walk out the door this morning – and even sadder to put away the “supplies” he had taken with him – his backpack filled with school supplies, a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a bottle of apple juice.

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Panic at the disco

Anxiety attacks, for me, are a lose-lose situation. If I try to tough them out, more often than not they get the best of me – hours of a rapid heartbeat, gnawing stomach, racing thoughts, and a severe case of Can’t Sit Still Or Get Anything Done. I struggled through about an hour of that today, before caving and taking a Lorazepam. I feel better now that the sharp edge of panic has been dulled, and it’s slowly receding away. But along with what I’ve dubbed to be mental mute is sluggishness and drowsiness. So I’ve traded being an anxiety-ridden space cadet for being a sluggish lump.

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“Want to have a quickie?”

Famous last words. On Saturday that cost us a 99¢ iPad app. On Sunday that cost us several balls of cookie dough that had yet to make their way in the oven. And on both occasions there were still interruptions – on Saturday an iPad was literally slid under our bedroom door, and yesterday questions about how much cookie dough could be eaten were yelled at us through the closed door (our answer: “as much as you want just PLEASE GO AWAY”).


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Is it autumn yet?

Every spring I look forward to summer, because then I can break out the tank tops, flip flops, and shimmery lotions without feeling like I’m jumping the gun. But then, right around the first week of August, I am abruptly sick of summer, and eagerly look forward to chilly fall mornings, and crisp crunch of fallen leaves, and the excitement of fall and winter holidays.

This year is no different. Yesterday I took the sprogs to Target for some school supplies. This was more of a going-through-the-motions kind of thing, as we have somehow amassed enough school supplies (particularly pencils, pencil cases and boxes, crayons, and scissors) to last them until high school. They really only needed folders, but we also picked up two notebooks for Ryan (one for his thoughts and mazes, and one for his TSS to use for keeping Dan and I up to date with what Ryan is up to at school), as well as two packs of crayons, a pack of colored pencils, a 2-pack of erasers, and some rainbow hued mechanical pencils that Ryan is very excited to use (but adamant that they can’t be used until the first day of school). FYI, Target’s school supplies are dirt cheap this year – all of the above came to less than $6.

There is one significant downside to the approach of cooler weather – the need to fill our propane tanks. :/ Every spring we turn off our furnace in order to conserve the dribs and drabs for cooking (we have found that even if our tank tells us we have less than 5% — 5 gallons — of propane, it’s more than enough for six months of cooking and baking), and every fall comes the anxiety about having to fork over $400 or so for 200 gallons of propane that will last us, if we’re lucky (and conservative in keeping our home no warmer than 66°), until late January. Then I cry and fork over another $200 to give us another 100 gallons to get us through until spring. Then, once the daytime temperatures creep above 60, off goes the furnace. Rinse and repeat every year.

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DIY Fabric Freshening Spray

Over the past three years our budget has had to tighten considerably, so I’ve found various ways to spend less and cut little tiny corners. More recently I’ve discovered that it is in fact quite easy to make a fabric refresher spray — like what Febreze and Renuzit offer — for a fraction of the cost, and with products that I already have at home:

You’ll need:

Simply pour all ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well, then spray away!

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