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A conversation that took place in the car today:

Alyssa: I tried calling [a friend]‘s mom, but she didn’t answer the phone so I hung up
Me: Try calling back and waiting for the answering machine to pick up (the phone number is a land line)
Alyssa: What’s an answering machine?

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Girls’ Day, Boys’ Day

Dan and Ryan hung out at home with chicken nuggets, snacks, and video games; while Alyssa and I schlepped ourselves, some laundry, and my vacuum and floor steam mop to Amanda’s for some cleaning. She fed us, of course (Lunchables and yogurt for Alyssa; Triscuits and Girl Scout cookies for me – lunch of champions!), and I helped with some laundry folding while washing my own stuff, and together the two of us spazzed over getting the reservoirs off of the steam mop (insert “How many women does it take to operate a household appliance?” jokes here). Finally we were good, and she steam-mopped her kitchen and guest bathroom, I took care of her bathroom and the upstairs one, and then I sat around lazily while she cleaned her carpets. Ha. It’s bad enough that I’ve thrown out my arm and shoulder cleaning my carpets; she can take on that injury for her own carpets.

Oh, and in true Jenn & Amanda fashion, our visit wasn’t complete without us swapping some stuff – I gave her a baggie of nail polishes and some tea mixes, and she gave me some household goodies, plus art supplies for Alyssa. Yay!

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My favorite Saint Patrick’s Day nail polishes

I’m not one for going whole-hog on holidays, especially the “lesser” ones (in comparison to, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas), but I still like to have festive nails for any holiday or special occasion. And while there’s not a drop o’ the Irish in me, I’m still not going to pass up the opportunity to have green nails for St. Paddy’s (that’s PADDY, not PATTY) Day!

Saint Patrick's Day nail polishes

From left to right:

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Digital SLR camera and its advantages

digital camera age Nowadays the choice of products of any kinds is so huge that it is often difficult to choose one of them. If you are going to buy a new camera then you should know about some qualities that it should possess.
SLR cameras can be used not only by professional users but also by photographers which are looking for a very high quality of their shots and videos. This camera has a lot of important functions such as detection of face or automatic choice of the regime needed according to the light and scenery. And it is really great because it makes your photos better and the whole process becomes much easier.
Such cameras are perfect for those who are creative and who are in a constant search for inspiration. Thanks to a number of options this camera is making photos on a professional level. Lenses, which are by the way interchangeable, are rather flexible so the range of photos becomes wider and soon you will see that you have no limits in shooting because whatever you shoot looks perfect. It has all the necessary accessories so it means that you will have everything you need.

Main accomplishments
Lenses are interchangeable
This option is that important because depending on the photo you are going to shoot you can choose the necessary lenses. There exist a great variety of them. Depending on the distance of the photo shoot whether it is macro or micro or there are even lenses for special types and styles of photos.

Why do the professionals choose SLR digital cameras?
The answer is simple. Professional photographers who enjoy the process of making photos, which becomes faster and easier while using this camera, are focused on a perfect result and thanks to the variety of options they achieve it. Bright and accurate colors in combination with fast performance can not leave you indifferent. But you have to find out all the details about a camera which you’re going to buy and don’t forget to read all the existing reviews. Examples of fair reviews you can read on WikiTalks, I’m sure that they’re decent at least

One of the main advantages of the SLR digital camera is that you can control all the options by yourself. It means that you are able to choose all the settings as you like while in other cameras you should use the settings which are already installed. That is why the process of taking photos becomes more creative and makes your photos unique.

The importance of high quality
This camera of 8.0 megapixels has a big censor and as a result you receive bright and deep colors and the quality of the pictures is high because all the objects on the photos are very precise and detailed.

Good and fast
These cameras are meant for fast shots. It means that you don`t need to make extra movements in order to receive the needed shot. Your camera is always ready to work and you don`t have to waste the precious time to wait while it will switch on.

Variety of accessories
There is a wide range of accessories which you may need in your creative process starting with all the possible lenses to flashguns which are also different. You can either have them or you can buy them as an extra purchase.

Quality of the details
These cameras are very firm because they are made of metal and not of plastic, so you can use it in any weather.

Price policy
The prices start from 300 USD which makes them cheaper than other cameras which may have not that good quality.

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Famous Copywriting Examples from Tom McElligott

Nowadays, advertising is appears pretty much no matter where we look. But before we came to a time where blandness reigned supreme, copywriting services could be playful and imaginative. Adverts would be fun to read and you could appreciate their artistic integrity.

Three famous examples of copywriting excellence from Tom McElligott have been gathered together to demonstrate the best of the golden age – back when Mad Men didn’t make you think of a TV show. McElligott won a glittering array of advertising awards between 1981 and 1988 before later retiring from the industry in 1993. His work is still valued to this day.

Einstein Sells Haircuts
melligott-einstein What is particularly impressive about McElligott’s adverts is the effort he makes for every client. For instance, he used a picture of Einstein to sell the line “A bad haircut can make anyone look dumb.” And that was to promote a little-known hair salon. The advert is so impressive that it would have worked for selling shampoo internationally.

It’s a really fun advert because the promotional line plays on the fact that Einstein was renowned for his intelligence – not for having the hairstyle of a movie star. Even one of the world’s foremost scientists can look dumb with a bad haircut. This forces people to consider their hairstyle in an intelligent manner.

All Shapes and Sizes
Many retail businesses in America display quirky forms of architecture in their design. To assist a provider of small business services, McElligott gathered together 12 images of quirky businesses and gathered them together to form one picture. The accompanying line was as follows: “We can help your retail business no matter what shape it’s in.”

Inevitably, small businesses are in varying states of success. Some require help to be more successful while others are floundering. The rationale behind the small business advert is to convey the offer of help without being too serious. It also implies that the service provider will be able you regardless of your circumstances.

Grow Your Own Forest
Timber is a huge global industry that meets our needs for furniture. McElligott once had a contract working for a wood provider called Knox, who doesn’t seem to exist anymore. But the stature of the company never deterred the maverick copywriter from bringing his A-game.

He simply added the following to a picture of trees: “The only way to get wood cheaper is to grow it yourself.” This is genius because it conveys the low-cost offering provided by the wood company while also informing the customer that they will not be growing their own forest to meet their needs. Just imagine the success generated from that advert.

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