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5 Wedding Photos That Went Viral and Became Internet Famous

With another wedding boom currently underway, the competition for work between wedding photographers is heating up –and the result is some really great wedding photography.

wedding photo #2
Photo credit to the photographer


Being a wedding photographer is a tough business these days. 

With the proliferation of digital cameras, photo editing software, online photo-blogging, social networks, and cheap photo processing it is becoming easier to handle the more laborious attributes of photography. 

Less overhead also means less barrier to entry, and everyday countless new professional photographers abound, saturating the market. And it is because of this that many contemporary wedding photographers are pushing the envelope to stand out, taking photos more akin to those from a theme park than a traditional wedding day.

To accomplish this, portfolio-minded wedding photographers are making wilder suggestions in terms of photo themes, varying the theme from image to image, and bringing additional hardware, like wedding photo booths from Blue Steel. Cosplay costumes and intricately composed sets aren’t out of reach, and Photoshop’s masking feature is being used more liberally. 

The end results are hilarious and awe-inspiring.


Jurassic Wedding Crasher 

Wedding photographer J. Quinn Miller from Baton Rouge, Los Angeles took wedding photo Photoshop masking to another level, with this clever shot.

Friends with the groom and knowing full well that the groom was a dinosaur fan, he put this idea out there. With the entire wedding party running towards the camera, Miller masked in a stock image of a dinosaur chasing them. 

The photo went viral and appeared on websites like io9. (



“We Still Coming” 

This one’s epic because no Photoshop was required. And in this case the photographer wasn’t hired, they invited themselves.

The bride and groom-to-be accidentally sent a text message to a stranger inviting them to join the wedding party for the wedding photo shoot and a BBQ, providing an address. 

Soon after, the couple figured out they sent the text message to a wrong number and tried to retract the invitation to which the mystery person replied “We still coming”.



Yeah I know, right? Creepers. 

When the couple and their wedding party arrived, they were met with a rap group called “7262” and their video crew who were on location filming a music video. 

Awesomeness ensued, and the wedding party became a part of the music video’s final cut. The video went viral; it was picked up by everyone from People to Daily Mail, and photos went viral on Reddit.




So Disney 

Once every so many years, Mother Nature opens up a little and decides to bippity boppity up our lives a little bit. That was the case for wedding photographer Ian Christmann who was on a nature themed shoot in Stockton, New Jersey USA –when a family of deer posed ever so Disney-like in the background. It was like Bambi-meets-every-Disney-princess-movie-ever.

You can check it out for yourself on Buzzfeed here:


Storm in a Champagne Glass


When faced with two tornados touching down behind them during their photo shoot, wedding photographer Colleen Niska and her bride and groom-to-be happily took the time to pose –creating some of the most striking wedding photos to have gone viral in quite some time.

The photos are right out of a motivational poster –the colours are sharp, and the Canadian scenery is absolutely gorgeous.


You can see these shots on Huffington Post (and pretty much every other online mag from Buzzfeed to CTV News)


Wildfire Wedding


Making lemonade out of a lemon, instead of cancelling plans to shoot wedding photos due to a massive Oregon brush fire that had turned wildfire, photographer Josh Newton went on, anyway.

The end result is incredibly compelling, and carries with it a post-apocalyptic feel to it.


You can view these here on Fox8:

Have you seen any awesome viral wedding photos lately? Share them with fellow readers in the comments below!

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Our bedroom, our business

I have been a terrible blogger lately. Insert apologies and excuses here. But honestly, FAMILY and WORK and HOLIDAYS and MEDICAL ISSUES are all sucking the life out of me. Oh, and I’m on day three of no Zoloft, thanks to me running out of refills and not realizing my doctor’s office would want me to come in before giving me any more. Which, to be perfectly honest with you, I logically understand, but on the other hand I’m annoyed because they never actually TOLD me this. And, I’ve been taking Zoloft for a good year and a half, so it’s not as if this is a newly introduced medication whose benefits and side effects need to be discussed. In any case, I hounded my doctor’s office for an appointment or FOR-THE-LOVE-OF-GOD-ENOUGH-PILLS-TO-GET-ME-THROUGH-THE-WEEKEND, so even though it’s now Saturday evening I may not have a doctor’s appointment (yet), but I DO have a prescription for Zoloft waiting for me at our pharmacy – and it looks like it’s for the full 1-month supply, plus six refills. And they also kindly refilled my FuckItAlls Ativan. Yay for anti-crazy meds!

So anyway. Besides everyone around me getting sick or injured or getting sick AND injured, Alyssa has been a hot mess for quite some time now. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail since this is a public blog and all that, but I will say that she has been having a lot of issues with handling, understanding, expressing, and controlling her emotions. She also tries to make every situation about her so that she can then get upset about it – or, if she can’t somehow make a situation about her, she uses that as her reason to get upset. She is Queen of Flounce.

The other issue? She is suddenly all up in our business in regards to sex. Our sex life has taken a nosedive over the past couple of years due to surgeries (mine), depression/anxiety (mine mostly), illnesses/injuries (Dan’s), medication side effects (both of us), and general financial/family/health induced stress. So needless to say, Dan and I are VERY much about quality…and nothing is a boner/lady-boner killer like your 10 year old daughter throwing a shit fit because her married, biological, living-under-the-same-roof parents had the audacity to want to have some alone time.

Yes, Alyssa is in therapy. We increased her bi-weekly visits, which started in August, to weekly. The therapy is individual, so it’s just for her, but Dan and I do sit in on some sessions so that the therapist can get a better understanding of the family dynamics, household setup, relationship, issues we’re having, etc. Thus far Alyssa has been a total clam for most of the appointments, so the therapist hasn’t even gotten to figuring out why the fuck Alyssa is so riled up over her parents wanting to spend time alone. We’re both home all the time, and both she and Ryan get plenty of attention from us individually and together, so it’s not as if she’s in an uproar because she’s being neglected – because she’s not.

I have tried very hard to handle this situation and discuss it with Alyssa rationally, but it can be hard to be calm and rational when your daughter is having a meltdown because it’s 9:30pm and she hovered outside your bedroom door and thus overheard you (her bedtime is at 8:30pm and her bedroom AND bathroom are both on the other end of the house, so she had no business being outside our door at that time of night). Not to mention the times she has literally picked our door lock with a butter knife, or screw driver, or hair pin…

Today was kind of the last straw. Ryan was holed up in his room creating his very first mod for Minecraft (something with lava and crystals), and Alyssa was busy in her bedroom. I told the sproglets Dan and I were going to watch Burn Notice and wrap Christmas presents in our bedroom – so, a very valid excuse for having our bedroom door shut and locked. Obviously Burn Notice and present-wrapping were on the agenda, but SEX was first and foremost. We put on the radio and were very quiet, but still, about ten minutes into things, we hear a knock on the door, and then Alyssa says, “Is it normal to watch Burn Notice and wrap gifts when you’re not wearing any clothes?” Right before we locked ourselves away I was in the bathroom and Alyssa took that opportunity to barge in on Dan (the door was shut, but not locked), and obviously she was listening outside our door… ARGHHHH.

I won’t lie: a little while later I called her in and read her the riot act. I stopped short of telling her to mind her own goddamn business and stop worrying so much about when and why her father is putting his penis into her mother’s vagina, but I DID tell her in no uncertain terms that adults who love each other often engage in intimacy and yes, SEX, and it’s natural and normal and healthy… and that she needs to mind her own business, and be respectful of her parents and stop presuming that she has the right to dictate what we do, or otherwise insinuate herself into our private lives.
Surprisingly, she didn’t have a total meltdown like she usually does when I call her out on this kind of behavior. I think she was honestly a little shell-shocked due to me being so straightforward about SEX and INTIMACY and PRIVATE TIME and GODDAMMIT RESPECT US OR I WILL OBLITERATE YOU, but hey…maybe that’s what was needed, and that combined with continued therapy will finally keep her out of OUR bedroom and in HERS.

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The Busy Mom’s Quick & Easy Morning Beauty Regime

Getting the kids ready every morning is a lot easier when there is a routine to follow. The same thing holds true for busy moms. Establishing a quick and easy beauty regime can help busy moms pull themselves together and make their mornings run more smoothly. Check out the following beauty regimes for busy moms:

Speed-dry your hair
Wrap the newly washed hair in a towel and allow it to partly dry by itself while getting ready your outfit or putting your make up on. It cuts down the drying time and allows the steamy bathroom to clear out. This also helps achieve a smooth blow-dried hair. Also, using effective tools such as big round brushes for straight hair and diffusers for curly hair helps hair blow drying faster.

Remove the use of unnecessary beauty items
Toners are no longer needed in the morning as it only helps in the absorption process of the moisturizer into the skin. This can be achieved by simply leaving a little water on the face after washing it. The absorption process facilitates equally well with using a toner. This also holds true for the eye cream. These beauty regimes can be done during night time as they work well during that time when the skin is in the process of repair. Hence, it is quicker and smarter to just use a face lotion or moisturizer during daytime. Applying a moisturizer with SPF can also help save time as an additional sunscreen step is no longer needed.

Apply your makeup faster
Get rid of unforgiving and exacting cosmetics such as liquid liners. These formulas only look fabulous if they are applied carefully and require a steady and practiced hand of a pro. Unless you’re a pro, skip the liquid liners and other tricky cosmetics during mornings. Instead, switch to stick formulas that can help you multitask. Stick foundations can also be used as a concealer and a foundation at the same time.

Prepare a no-brainer breakfast
Breakfast is a very important meal and should not be skipped. It fuels the body with energy and nutrients. Moreover, studies show that eating breakfast can significantly help in losing and keeping off the weight. For busy moms, here is a quick strategy: Prepare a plain Greek yogurt (an excellent source of calcium and protein), 1/3 cup of high-fibre and low-fat cereal, and five snack size plastic bags. Toss the yogurt and cereal bags into your purse every morning. At work, combine the two and enjoy your breakfast. For sweet cravings, add fresh fruits.

Get Dressed
You can lessen the time choosing what to wear if you plan your outfit the night before. Once you have picked out the clothes, accessories, and shoes to wear, all you have to do in the morning is get dressed and you’re good to go.

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The Benefits of Loving Learning

Developing a strong investment in their own education at an early age is not just good for your child in the present. It is also proven to have significant benefits in the future. A love of learning is associated with lower drop out rates in the future, as well as higher skill levels in tough subjects like English and math. It even increases a child’s likelihood of attending college, and is connected with an increased lifelong earning potential. It has even been shown to have social benefits. This infographic demonstrates these all of these advantages and more, as well as ways a parent can inspire and encourage their child. Now is the best time to do it, and plant a seed that will continue to grow and bear fruit for years to come.

Desire To Learn (Infographic)
Presented by MyChronicleBooks

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Increase Readership with Professional Photography

Did you know that adding photos to your website can increase the number of viewers who come to your site every day? If you operate a blog or a site that caters to fans of popular rock groups and bands, you need great professional images of their shows and charity events. Commercial photographers can get you the pictures that you need.

Grab Their Attention
The next time that you find yourself surfing the web, take the time to think about the sites you linger on and add to your viewing list. The odds are good that most of those sites have great images that you can’t find anywhere else. Your readers and viewers likely want the same things from you. They want to see images that are different from the ones found on hundreds of other websites. You can buy great images of all your favorite bands from a commercial photographer.

For Bands Too
One of the best ways to increase your online presence and grab the attention of music lovers is with commercial photography. Even if you just play in a garage band that plays a few shows every year, you can work with a photographer to get some amazing images of your band. Use those images on advertisements and posters for your upcoming shows, as part of your stage set up or even on your next album. Hiring a photographer can make your band look more professional and give you some great shots.

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