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Travel Prospects And How To Earn Money While Doing It!

view of airplane from below
photo credit: Tookapic at Pexels

If there was something that I would tell any parent before they settled down to have kids, is that you should go experience the world. Travel broadens the mind they say. And when I’m older, I can’t wait to go and see more of the world, but right now it’s not plausible, for obvious reasons! Going traveling is expensive, but there are ways around it. You can travel the world and earn money doing it, and it doesn’t have to be the high-flying way of being a travel writer or blogger! Have a look at these job ideas and if you want to travel the world, these are some great ways to earn money so you can broaden your mind.

Au Pair

Being an au pair is more than just being a nanny! Living with a family in another culture is a fantastic way to experience the world from a different point of view. Yes, you would be doing the cooking and cleaning (and who really wants to do that?) but you would be learning another language by immersing yourself in their way of life, and that is the best way to learn any foreign tongue. Not only would you be getting a cultural makeover, but you would be living rent-free with the family too, and they would provide everything for you.


What’s that? It’s an abbreviation for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You are skilled in speaking and reading and writing in English, so why don’t you use your skills! Continents like Asia or India, or anywhere where English isn’t a first language, are screaming out for people to go there and teach natives how to speak the language. As long as you’ve got a high-school diploma or equivalent, you can get a certificate to teach it, and it may cost a small fee, but you can get personal loan lenders to lend you the fees. And the great thing about this, there is always a quick turnaround when it comes to hiring people, so you could be up and away in a matter of months. Not only is it a great way to see the world, but it would be an extremely rewarding experience!

Ski Instructor

Have you dreamt of being on the slopes looking at the Alps? If your ski skills are above par, you can complete an intensive course over the space of a few weeks and you could be in the Alps in a matter of months! It does help if you speak many languages, but with the immersion you will have in another culture, you can easily pick up the basics!

Flight Attendant

If you’re looking for a career to help you travel the world, this is the best prospect. You will be able to see the world, and if you have experience in customer service or customer relations, you can do this without any problem. It is a wonderful way to travel, and you will be able to get discounted flights for other family members!

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Struggling On Your Fitness Journey? Try Doing These Simple Things

Getting fit isn’t easy and no one ever said it was. If you’re struggling to stick to working out on a regular basis and find that you spend more time trying to convince yourself to do it than you do actually doing it then perhaps you need a little help along the way…

Take advantage of technology

We are constantly evolving as a race and a huge part of that is from the use of technology. We’ve become completely obsessed with it, so much so that we can’t even get to sleep without being glued to our phones first.

If you’re like the majority of us who can’t get off their smartphones then why not put your obsession to good use. Instead of playing candy crush all the time, use these health apps to make an improvement to your fitness journey.

There’s an app out there for everything and it will make all the difference where your health is concerned. You can track your steps, work out your daily calorie intake, measure your heart rate and even how well you sleep. The possibilities really are endless.

Think about the money

One way to motivate yourself is to think of all the money you’ll be losing if you don’t get yourself to the gym or to the class you’ve paid for in advance. Get yourself a personal trainer and that way you’ll be less likely to sit in front of the TV for hours. Mostly because you won’t want to be wasting your money (they aren’t cheap) but also because you’ll want to avoid a grilling from them for not turning up. No one wants to have their time wasted and personal trainers are especially protective of their time.

Invest in some home workout equipment

pink kettle bell
photo credit: Pixabay at Pexels

This is a great idea for those rainy days. Getting to the gym or going for a run when it’s pouring it down is just the excuse you need to “stay in” instead. And that’s fine – as long as you don’t use it as an excuse to skip exercising.

If you don’t have the money to buy an exercise bike or to create a mini gym in your spare room, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to work out with limited equipment too. Get an exercise mat and some weights to start. Then add a skipping rope, an exercise ball and some resistance bands – you’ll be all set to get a sweat on even when the weather isn’t very accommodating. You know what they say – if you can’t get to the party then make the party come to you.

Drag yourself out of bed

If you struggle sticking to getting yourself to the gym after a long day at work then make sure you go to the gym before you start your working day. You’ll feel fresh as a daisy when you first rise and it will actually be great for your energy levels once you’re over the initial shock of being up an hour earlier than usual.

Find a way of working out that you become addicted to

woman riding on horse next to river
photo credit: Robin Wilkens at Pexels

Exercise really can be fun if you find the right way to do it. If going for a run is more like torture than enjoyment for you then don’t worry – there are endless choices out there for you.

Exercise has come a long way since slogging it at the gym and you can actually find fun ways of exercising. Here are some weird alternatives for you:

See what I’m getting at here? Point is, you don’t have to resign yourself to breaking a sweat in the gym if that’s not what you want to be doing. Gyms were made to be convenient and they are the ideal place to workout for lots of people, but we’re all different and we all enjoy doing things a little differently.

Obviously some forms of exercise are more effective than others but you can get some advice by doing a little research. Try looking at

Track your progress

Tracking your progress is a great way to stay committed to getting fit. If you can see the positive results then you’ll want to carry on and you’ll look forward to seeing how your body changes.

But change takes time and it will take you a while before you can notice much of a difference. So in the meantime, get yourself a calendar and whenever you don’t work out, mark that day with a huge red cross. Hang it somewhere you see every day and you’ll soon start wincing when you realised there’s way too many red crosses on there than there should be.

Get a reward system going

denim-wrapped gift
photo credit: Pexels

We work well as humans when we know there’s a reward waiting at the end of the process. If you know you have something to look forward to after working out then you’re far more likely to get it over and done with.

And that doesn’t mean you have to reward yourself with food either. You can promise yourself a spa treatment or allow yourself to buy those shoes you’ve been dying to purchase for weeks. Or, you could go and grab that dress that you couldn’t quite fit into and use it as the excuse you need to shed that extra bit of unwanted weight.

If you’re into fashion then get some awesome gym gear

We always tend to think about what we’re wearing to work, what we’re wearing for dinner, what we’re wearing to have cocktails with our friends, yet gym gear is usually at the bottom of the pile.

If you think about it, you’re at the gym or working out for a substantial part of your life and so you should dress for the occasion. There’s some amazing gym attire out there that’s super fashionable and you’ll enjoy your walk there far more if you don’t feel like you look a complete mess. Work it whilst you work out!

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Essential Advice For Any Upcoming Christmas Parties At Work

glittery pink Christmas ornament
photo credit:”>Gadini at Pixabay

As we’re a week into December, I thought I’d bring a bit of a festive post out for you guys. We all know that work Christmas parties are quickly approaching. So, I’ve got some essential advice you need to follow if you’re attending one soon:

Always Check Who’s Standing Around You

The thing with work Christmas parties is that they’re often the place where a lot of chat happens about figures in the office. You get together with your colleagues and talk about people you like and dislike. It’s a combination of the best and worst place to talk about this. It’s the best because you finally get to see if your colleagues agree with you that the boss is annoying or that Carol from accounting just doesn’t know when to stop talking. But, it’s the worst because you never know when one of these people is behind you and can hear what you’re saying. So, to avoid any awkward moments, always check who’s standing behind and around you before you start indulging in office banter.

Sort Out Your Ride Home

It’s so important that you sort out a ride home when the party’s over. We all know that work get-togethers can be a little bit wild at times. Everyone’s excited about the holiday season, and it’s time to relax and let your hair down. So, you have a few glasses of mulled wine and eventually end up going over the limit. At this point, the last thing you want to do is get in your car and drive yourself home. If you get caught drinking while intoxicated, then it can be very bad news for you. Places like Scheiner Law excels in such DWI matters, and it says on their site that you can get a fine of $2000 dollars for your first offense. Getting hit with a fine this big is not good for you or your family, especially at Christmas time. Plus, you’re putting your life at risk when you get behind the wheel while intoxicated, think of your children and organize a ride home in advance.

Don’t Embarrass Yourself

My final piece of advice is sort of related to the second point above. If you drink too much alcohol at the Christmas party, then there’s always the risk of embarrassing yourself. You don’t want to be that person that sheepishly turns up for work on Monday while everyone stares at you sniggering. All it takes is one too many drinks for you to do something stupid like dance on a table or poorly attempt karaoke. The way I see it, you’ve worked extremely hard to get to where you are in your career. Don’t let a silly moment at a Christmas party erase all the effort you put into creating a strong reputation. In short, have fun just don’t embarrass yourself.

If you’ve made it to the end of this piece, then you’ll have all the advice you need for your work Christmas party. Now, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong and can enjoy the night!

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Here’s How You Can Excel In Your Career Now

If you want to excel in your career, there are a few different steps you can take to make it happen. Want to know what to do? Read on to find out…

Continue Learning At Home

When you’re not at work, continue learning at home. There are different home courses you can do to help you expand your skills. You could even simply read different books and articles so you have more knowledge on a certain industry and subject. Of course you need time to relax too, but using your spare time wisely could definitely help you to excel in your career.

Make Sure You Feel Good At Work

Feeling good at work is going to make you feel better when doing your job. You’ll likely be happier, and spread that joy to colleagues/customers too! To make sure you feel good, start each day right. Take the time to have a hot drink, maybe read a chapter of a book. Don’t start the day rushing around, or it’ll likely continue this way. You can also make sure you’re comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear. You could buy the best work boots out there, or a posh suit, depending on what work calls for.

Work On Your Self Image And Confidence

Sometimes, how well you do at work has something to do with your self image and confidence. If you’re confident and you regard yourself highly (not in an arrogant way), you can go far. Your beliefs are everything, so make sure you actually believe that you can excel at work.

photo credit: westconn at Flickr


All of the best athletes and entrepreneurs visualize. Even some of the world’s most famous celebrities! This goes along with the statement that your beliefs make a difference to everything in your life. Visualize what you’d like your work day to go like. What you’d like your boss to say to you. Make sure you’re in a good mood when you do it. You will be amazed!

Be A Positive Person

Being a positive person can have a huge impact on your life and those around you. Find things to be grateful for at work. Just because you’re not where you want to be right now, doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful for where you’re at.

Ask For Feedback

If you’re not sure how you’re actually doing at work, ask your boss for some feedback. This can be scary, but it’s imperative if you want to know what you need to work on. It’ll also show your boss that you are serious about improving!

Take The Initiative Once In A While

Playing it safe is, well, safe. Try taking the initiative once in a while. Come up with ideas and make suggestions. Show that you’re a forward thinker. Make sure you’re getting involved.

Start using these tips right now and you could excel in your career before you know it. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, leave them below. Come back soon!

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Learn How Your Money Can Earn You More

We all work hard at our careers to ensure we have plenty of money. Knowing what to do with that money can be a hard decision. Much of it goes on rent, bills, and mortgages. But what should you do with leftover pennies? Here are some spending options that will bring your money back to you later down the line.

plastic houses stacked on coins
photo credit: Flickr


Investing in a side property may seem like an expensive option, but it’s well worth doing if you have the money. Secure a property, then rent it out and get monthly payments straight to your account. You’ll also have the security of knowing you can sell the property if things get hard. This is an expensive investment, but one that will soon pay for itself. Be aware that a landlord does have to pay towards the property occasional. Set aside a certain amount of the rent to ensure you’re not left out of pocket should anything happen. Make sure that you’re renting to sensible tenants, too. Renting to the wrong people could result in missed rent payments or a ruined property. Good tenants will take care of themselves. For the most part, you won’t even have to consider the property! If you want to take a back seat, you could pay an estate agent to deal with your tenants for you.


The investment world can be overwhelming, and many of us avoid it for that reason. Stocks and shares can be lucrative, but it’s often hard to know how to navigate them. We’ve all heard about businesses collapsing, and investors losing large amounts of money. If you’ve got a chunk sum behind you and are willing to take the risk, investment could be the perfect way to spend your money. All you need to do is buy shares in the right company, and you’ll receive lump sum payments from their income. The amount you receive depends on the amount you invested and how well the business is doing. Make sure you invest right by researching on sites like The Fortunate Investor.


There’s going to come a time when you’re no longer able to work. Spending any spare money on ensuring your security is an excellent idea. Workplaces supply a pension, so make sure you’re paying in as much as possible. Your employer will put in a certain amount for every payment you make to your scheme. You could also look into setting up a private pension. That way, you’ll be able to rest easy that you’ll have plenty of money to retire with.

princess piggy bank
photo credit: Flickr


As well as scattering your money, make sure you have a savings account should you need it. Life can throw a lot of rubbish at us, and knowing you have money for every eventuality will come as a huge relief. Choosing a savings account with a high-interest rate also allows you money to increase if you don’t use it!

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