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Sick cat, sick kids, sick Jenn

Felix was re-cathed successfully, but while his boy parts are inflamed on the outside, his urine is clear and flowing easily – so the consensus is that he’s still sore on the inside, but is otherwise “okay”. He is coming home tomorrow, and we’ll schedule PU surgery for two weeks from tomorrow. However, I’m only going to subject him to that if I can’t keep him peeing easily/frequently with no signs of struggle or discomfort via a very specific diet.

After two visits to the doctor and one visit to Urgent Care that resulted in a visit to the ER, and three weeks of various symptoms, we’ve got a diagnosis for Alyssa: bronchitis. She missed one day of school last week, and three days this week.
Ryan missed yesterday due to an ear infection. The kids are getting the Germ Ball rolling early this year – we’re usually not making visits to the doctor for sick kids until mid-November.

I ran out of my Zoloft (I take 100mg per day) about five days ago, but between the kids and the cat I didn’t notice until this afternoon – 18 hours after headaches, constant nausea, and vomiting set in. I initially thought it was the weather, then perhaps the flu shot I received yesterday afternoon, and then I realized it might actually be withdrawal, or a combination of all three. Blech. I spent all of today in bed. Dan is on his way home from the pharmacy with Zoloft and anti-nausea meds.

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Felix update: still at the vet, but getting better

Because of Felix’s miserable ordeal with a urinary tract blockage, all six of our fur babies are going to be switched to a feline diet consisting of 75% canned / homemade blends / raw. Any insight/recommendations would be VERY helpful and VERY much appreciated. (Yes, I’m talking to the vet, and also Googling like crazy. Still, personal experience-based insights are always a great thing to have!)

Quick Felix update: he was un-cathed on Thursday evening, did very well on his own overnight, but was re-cathed early this afternoon due to exhibiting signs of another block, or significant inflammation in his urinary tract. The vet also gave him an anti-inflammatory and additional pain medication. Felix is eating and drinking well, and is alert (well, as alert as a heavily medicated cat can be) and seeking affection from the staff. The vet is optimistic that the second cath/UT-clearing procedure will be effective. But, on the off chance that it isn’t, he will proceed with a feline perineal urethrostomy – a procedure that physically shortens and widens the penis in order to create a wider urethra. (Would it be terribly un-PC of me to refer to Felix as our tranny AIDS cat? (I sincerely mean no offense to anyone of any sexuality, or to anyone with HIV.))


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Felix might come home tomorrow!

Felix’s veterinarian called this morning to report good news: while the blockage in his urethra was “substantial” and took more time than they expected to remove, they were able to successfully remove the blockage, catheterize him, and keep him sedated overnight while his bladder drained and his inflamed urinary tract had a chance to relax. He’s on an IV cocktail consisting of antibiotics, a muscle relaxant, pain medication, and of course fluids to re-hydrate him. So long as he continues to improve (they gave him a tiny bit of wet food and water this morning, which he was nibbling at when the vet called me), they’ll remove the catheter tomorrow morning, and as long as Felix tolerates that and is able to empty his bladder on his own, we may be able to pick him up tomorrow night. Once again, the old, battered, tattered-around-the-edges FIV+ cat is going to pull through! I am so relieved…when I took him in yesterday I was bracing myself for the very realistic possibility of having to have him euthanized. And even last night and this morning I was bracing for the possibility of that phone call – the one telling me that there was a complication, and that the kindest thing to do would be to put him to sleep.

Speaking of tomorrow, October 1st is our ten year wedding anniversary. It’s amazing to think we’ve been married for a decade – not to mention being together for over fourteen years, and having two lovely, amazing children who have both our best and worst traits. And fourteen years in, we’re still ridiculously in love and lust with one another – our relationship has only strengthened over time. We’ve grown even closer to one another over the past couple of years, during which we’ve had one family/health/financial crisis after another lobbed at us (and sometimes multiple crises lobbed at the same time, because Fate is a cruel, cruel bitch). Somehow we keep pulling through together, and we keep each other going in our moments of weakness and fatigue. For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, no matter what, Dan and I are there for each other. ♥ (Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that neither of us has to test out that part about death doing us part anytime soon!)

Our anniversary plans include lunch with my mom, some errands, dinner out (Puff is going to babysit), and if all goes smoothly for Felix, picking him up after dinner and bringing him home. That’ll make Titanium almost as happy as it’ll make us – he and Felix have been BFFs from almost the moment Titanium joined our gaggle of cats on February 1st, 2014. Last night he was pacing back and forth in the living room, wandering all over the house, and howling and meowing up a storm looking for Felix.

Speaking of dinner, I have to share the latest snarky gem from Ryan (I really need to write down all of the witty stuff he comes out with, because while he doesn’t do so very often, when he does get snarky, he NAILS IT):

Dan: “dishes are done!”
Me: “famous last words…”
Ryan: “my famous last words: I am not eating dinner!”

Other memorable quips from Ryan include saying, “I want to find a ride that takes me home!” in response to Jason and I asking him which amusement park ride he’d like to ride next; and claiming that, “poor, lonely Dad” was outside “crying a town full of tears” on a cold night when the sprogs and I were cozied up under blankets watching TV (for the record, poor, lonely Dan was outside in the cold of his own volition that night, and he wasn’t crying, he was taking photos of the moon).

P.S. Another shameless plug to help us with Felix’s surgery expenses: coupon code INJENNSBAG will save you 25% on any purchase at About Time! Stock up on protein powder, bars, or granola clusters; and try out their multi-vitamins, too! Any commissions I earn from About Time in the coming weeks will be going towards paying Felix’s medical bills, which will be in the range of $900 to $1,400.

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Save 25% on your purchase at, and help us help Felix!

A shameless request: if you purchase protein products (powder, granola, fruit bars, etc.), PLEASE consider purchasing from with my custom coupon code, INJENNSBAG. You will save 25% with this coupon code, and I’ll earn a commission from your purchase. Or, if you know someone who purchases protein products, share this with them! There is no expiration date or any conditions attached to the coupon code – it will work for any purchase.


Why I’m requesting: We’re facing a pretty big vet bill for Felix. As if having FIV isn’t enough, today he required emergency surgical treatment for a complete urinary blockage – without the surgery he would die a painful death from sepsis. The final bill is to be determined by Felix’s recovery (and if the vet has to go back to do a more “invasive” surgery that would involve widening Felix’s urethra), but the estimate is anywhere from $900 to $1,400.

Thank you so much from Dan and I – and Felix, too! ♥

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A morning in the ER, an afternoon in the vet’s office

I went to bed early last night, figuring it’d be awesome to be nicely rested for a busy working Monday. Instead, I was nicely rested to take Alyssa to Urgent Care, who then bounced us to the ER since her chief complaint was ongoing abdominal pain (over twelve hours at this point) ranging from a 5 to a 7 on the 1-to-10 Pain Scale. They were quick to admit us and run tests, but then we waited, and waited, and waited…we were discharged shortly after 11 with the diagnosis of either a viral infection that is inflaming her abdomen, or too-early-to-detect appendicitis…so, “wait and see”.

Our Monday morning so far. Abdominal pain for 12+ hours = visit to Urgent Care, who sent us to the ER.

I was anxious to get home to check on Felix, who was miserable this morning with a UTI. I gave him medication shortly before leaving with Alyssa at 7:30am, but as of 12:00pm he still hadn’t peed at all, and was growling and meowing pitifully. I skipped the wait and see approach with him (as I did a couple of weeks ago, when he had a UTI that we were actively treating with Amoxicillin and Elavil, but he was still peeing (albeit frequently) and it did clear up within a couple of days) and took him to the vet, and I am SO GLAD I did, because as I suspected from some quick Googling, he has a complete urinary blockage/obstruction. This is fatal, and will kill a cat within 72 hours of the last successful urination.

My poor Felix has a complete urinary tract blockage that's going to take surgery (to the tune of a 3-4 day vet hospital stay and way too many dollars) to fix. I'm so glad I ignored the wait & see approach and took him in - he might have died otherwise. #F

As miserable as Felix had to be, he still managed to come out of his carrier on his own volition, and stand directly in front of the vet, waiting expectantly to be petted as the humans discussed his fate. His fate is going to be pricey for Dan and I (to the tune of potential quadruple digits), but good for him: as I was filling out treatment authorization paperwork he was whisked away to be sedated, catheterized, and pumped full of pain medication, antibiotics, and fluids. He’ll stay at the vet’s office with the catheter in and all sorts of yummy IV-delivered healing goodness for the next three to four days – possibly a bit longer if his FIV complicates his recovery.

So far Felix has bounced back from: living outdoors and being beat up by other cats, undernourishment/underweight, a nasty cold, and conjunctivitis. Cross your everything that he bounces back from this, too! ♥

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