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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I’m busy processing several months worth of photos (seriously, my photographs go back to October), but in the meantime I’m going to share some of the favs I’ve come across:

swatching glittery eyeliners

Alyssa attempts (and fails) to take a selfie with her baby, Aslan.

Purple: yay or nay?

Ryan is very proud of his recent creation.


Alyssa took this!

From an in-law’s Halloween party this past fall.

My baby, AKA cat-sister to Alyssa and Ryan.

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We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

On January 25, 2017, I had yet another emergency abdominal surgery. This one was bad – I called an ambulance that morning because of what I thought was a twisted right ovary. Instead, I woke up after surgery to find a nearly 12″ long vertical incision on my abdomen, and surgeons telling me that they found and drained three liters of fluid from my abdomen, but they’re really not sure what caused the fluid to exist in the first place.

I promise I’ll blog again soon. Recovery has been very painful, and very slow.

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Pain is often invisible.

I’m in severe pain right now, yet from the outside I look perfectly put together. Invisible pain blows.

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2016 was the year we thought couldn’t get any worse…and then it did.

2016 did its best to cripple us, if not kill us, medically, physically, financially, and spiritually.

But we’re still here. Moreover, I’m still here.

Now, to find my way back to blogging…

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Travel Prospects And How To Earn Money While Doing It!

view of airplane from below
photo credit: Tookapic at Pexels

If there was something that I would tell any parent before they settled down to have kids, is that you should go experience the world. Travel broadens the mind they say. And when I’m older, I can’t wait to go and see more of the world, but right now it’s not plausible, for obvious reasons! Going traveling is expensive, but there are ways around it. You can travel the world and earn money doing it, and it doesn’t have to be the high-flying way of being a travel writer or blogger! Have a look at these job ideas and if you want to travel the world, these are some great ways to earn money so you can broaden your mind.

Au Pair

Being an au pair is more than just being a nanny! Living with a family in another culture is a fantastic way to experience the world from a different point of view. Yes, you would be doing the cooking and cleaning (and who really wants to do that?) but you would be learning another language by immersing yourself in their way of life, and that is the best way to learn any foreign tongue. Not only would you be getting a cultural makeover, but you would be living rent-free with the family too, and they would provide everything for you.


What’s that? It’s an abbreviation for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You are skilled in speaking and reading and writing in English, so why don’t you use your skills! Continents like Asia or India, or anywhere where English isn’t a first language, are screaming out for people to go there and teach natives how to speak the language. As long as you’ve got a high-school diploma or equivalent, you can get a certificate to teach it, and it may cost a small fee, but you can get personal loan lenders to lend you the fees. And the great thing about this, there is always a quick turnaround when it comes to hiring people, so you could be up and away in a matter of months. Not only is it a great way to see the world, but it would be an extremely rewarding experience!

Ski Instructor

Have you dreamt of being on the slopes looking at the Alps? If your ski skills are above par, you can complete an intensive course over the space of a few weeks and you could be in the Alps in a matter of months! It does help if you speak many languages, but with the immersion you will have in another culture, you can easily pick up the basics!

Flight Attendant

If you’re looking for a career to help you travel the world, this is the best prospect. You will be able to see the world, and if you have experience in customer service or customer relations, you can do this without any problem. It is a wonderful way to travel, and you will be able to get discounted flights for other family members!

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