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Let’s go get away

Jason and I are beach-bound today! I can’t wait to be down the shore and soaking up plenty of sun and ocean (and probably sand, too).

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BE July Challenge 2014 06/31

BE July challenge 2014: 6. Something or someone you miss.

I miss the majority of Dan’s family. Without getting into details, let’s just say we are currently estranged – and quite frankly, that sucks.

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Add Some Much Needed Variety to Your Sex Life

Great sex is an integral part of having an enriching life. But what do you do when you find yourself neck-deep in a sexual rut?
The following tips can be just the thing you need to reignite your stagnant sex life. By improving the quality of sex between you and your partner, you can strengthen the loving bond between you, resulting in a more satisfying relationship for all. While there is definitely more to life than just sex, a healthy sex life can be an extremely important for achieving overall happiness.

Say Good Morning the Right Way
Life can often get in the way of personal relationships, which is why it is so important to make time for your partner. If you find you are too tired to enthusiastically engage by the end of the day, try moving your sessions to the early morning. What better what way to start the day than by engaging intimately with your lover? This way you will both have something keep you smiling throughout the day, no matter what the world may have to throw at you.

Dress for Success
After a long day at work, many people are tempted to jump into their PJ’s and call it night. If you are looking to spice things up in your relationship, try taking this time to shine. A sexy lingerie set can do wonders for gaining your man’s attention. Try slipping into something more titillating after work. You will most likely pique your partner’s libido, which can lead to a spontaneous romp if you’re lucky.

Add Some Toys to the Bedroom
Experimentation is key to keeping a relationship fresh and exciting. While some couples may be reluctant to include toys in their lovemaking, sexual aids can actually be quite beneficial to re-booting your sex life. Try picking out a toy together to find something that you’ll both enjoy. Just the act of purchasing a toy can be quite an aphrodisiac for couples.

Take the Lead
Some guys get tired of always being responsible for initiating sex. Show your guy how much you desire him by taking control in the bedroom. This is a guaranteed way to grab his attention, as well as boosting his sexual ego. Deep down, every guy dreams of finding an insatiable woman who just can’t get enough of him. Make his dream a reality by putting the moves on him for a change.

Try Getting Frisky in a New Place
Even just changing where you and your guy do the deed can be an incredible boost to your love life. Try giving some other rooms in your home a spin, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Christening every room in your house can be a sexy challenge that you’ll both enjoy. For the truly adventurous types, consider getting it on outdoors. Just be sure to choose a secluded place, otherwise you may end up giving the public quite a show.

The above advice can be just the thing needed for you and your partner to break out of your sexual comfort zone. By experimenting and changing things up now and again, you can reap the benefits of a far more fulfilling and action-packed love life.

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BE July Challenge 2014 05/31

BE July challenge 2014: 5. Your worst habits.

I am a bit of a procrastinator. I’m sometimes impatient. I get bitchy. I’m either 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late for appointments – there is no in-between. When I get anxious or upset, I bite my nails and pick at the skin on the inside of my lips (this is a form of dermatillomania). And, I’m lazy with dinners and only put a decent amount of creativity into planning them some of the time. That’s not to say our meals aren’t healthy and balanced most of the time – they are. But there are more times than I’d like to admit where our meals are just blah in terms of flavor and variety. Thankfully Dan likes to cook, so there’s added input.

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BE July Challenge 2014 04/31

BE July challenge 2014: 4. Most proud moment

This, honestly, is a tough one for me, because there are so many “moments” in life. I’m proud of handling my pregnancy with Alyssa (unexpected!) with aplomb. I’m proud of having her and Ryan. I’m proud of my decision to have weight loss surgery. I’m proud of my marriage. Those, for me, are my most proud moments.

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