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5 reasons to buy a pre-owned mobile device

***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Gazelle has a new premium service which enables you to do just that at prices that won’t break the bank. Here are 5 reasons to purchase your device from Gazelle:

1. It’s Significantly Cheaper – A new iPhone can be (very!) pricey; purchasing a like-new iPhone saves consumers hundreds of dollars. Gazelle has iPhones starting at only $84!
2. No Strings Attached – Did you lose, break or have your phone stolen? Purchasing certified pre-owned iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and iPads from Gazelle give you quality devices with no contracts to sign
3. Inspection and Guarantee – The Gazelle certified pre-owned program goes through a rigorous 30-point inspection, which is far more thorough than the industry standard
4. 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee – If something goes wrong, users can exchange it or get their money back
5. Customer Satisfaction – Recognized by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a 9.5/10 Reseller Ratings review average

Today through Saturday 1/31, Gazelle has lowered the price of the Certified pre-owned iPhone 4S starting at $119, so you’ll save even more money! Now that you’ve heard all of the great reasons to choose a certified pre-owned device from Gazelle, go to to find a device for you or someone else from a company you can trust.

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adidas Boston Marathon Collection

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

The Boston marathon is less than 3 months away and adidas is here to help you make this your greatest run ever! The adidas Boston Marathon Collection has the best gear to support you through the 26.2 mile trek to the finish line. All clothing styles, for men and women, are designed to keep you cool and dry on your longest run, and a little further.


The adizero Boston 5 shoe offers Boost™ technology for a light stride that doesn’t feel over-cushioned, plus a portion of each pair sold goes to the Boston Runs As One fund.

Get on over to and check out the best-selling running gear from the 2015 Boston Marathon Collection before it’s gone!

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Preparing Your Children for Flu Season


If you’re a parent, you know that there is nothing more important than the health of your child. With the flu season approaching, there’s no better time than right now to prepare your children for what’s to come. To help keep your kids healthy and happy this flu season, make sure you adhere to the following tips:

Seek Out the Flu Vaccine
The best way to protect your children from getting the flu this season is to make sure that the whole family, yourself included, gets the flu vaccine. While the vaccine isn’t fool proof – one study shows that the flu vaccine reduces children’s chances of being hospitalized for flu-related complications by 74 percent  – it does reduce the severity of the illness if contracted.

For parents who have concerns about the safety of the vaccine, Milpitas Pediatrics quells concerns by stating that the vaccine is more than safe; it’s recommended.

Teach Your Child About How Germs Spread
Teaching your child about how flu germs spread is an essential part of keeping them free from viruses and bacteria during flu season, as well as throughout the rest of the year. Practice good hygiene techniques, like hand washing, mouth covering when coughing or sneezing, and the importance of keeping surfaces and shared objects clean. A tip from CNN suggests teaching your children to sing “Happy Birthday” during hand washing, a way of ensuring that hands are washed for the proper amount of time.

Put Health First
A strong immune system is an awesome way to beat the flu this season. As a parent, you can help to bolster your child’s immunity by providing your family with healthy lifestyle choices, ranging from the foods you eat to the activities you participate in. Encourage a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and protein, and avoid processed foods and sugars. Additionally, make sure you and your child are active, whether that is through sports, exercise, or playtime.

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7 Easy Tips for Sound Sleep for Those Suffering from Insomnia

Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you feel the nights more restless than days? Do you have trouble being in bed? If yes, then these 7 easy tips will take you to bed and also ensure that you get into the sound sleep whole night through. The one suffering from insomnia would hardly believe this, but yes it is practically possible. Make these 7 tips your habit and the sleep would no more deprive you.

tips for better sleep
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at
  1. Keep yourself nourished – The study conducted by National Sleep Foundation has brought in light many points regarding sound and stress free sleep. The sleeping disorder which is also known as insomnia may deprive many individuals of sound night sleep. The sleep deprivation at night may result into stressful days as you feel sleepy round the day. This can be cured naturally but the first step would be to keep yourself nourished. Healthy body and mind would remain at peace and it is quite very important for sound sleep.
  2. Stay away from oily and fatty stuff – Check your diet and if it is either too oily or spicy then it needs a change. The acids produced by this food would be one reason for your sleep deprivation. Include more liquid in your diet which may take care of those unwanted toxins in your body and you will feel lighter to sleep like a baby.
  3. Cool bedroom colors – The colors that are cool in nature would also offer you calm sleep. Include blue, green and other light colors that are known to offer comfort, relaxation and calmness to the room. This will minimize the disturbance in your sleep.
  4. Exercise once during the day – The healthy exercise routine may keep your body and mind fresh during the day and would keep you away from in-between naps. The exercise can be in the form of walk, dance, sport or just any form that you enjoy and you will find yourself filled up with new energy. The energetic routine during the entire day helps you to sleep comfortably at night. Exercise is good but don’t indulge in the workout routine just before sleeping time as it will keep you awake for longer time due to the heightened energy levels.
  5. Get your bed right – The mattresses are not standardized and you cannot have one mattress for all. Every individual and his body contours would ask for different type of mattress and pillow. The studies have found that about one third of your life is passed on bed but still very few people pay attention to it while buying the mattress. If you want to get rid of sleep deprivation then you should get your bed right.
  6. Dark rooms induce better sleep – Better night sleep can be enjoyed in dark rooms. Even the single source of light may distract you and affect your whole night’s sleep. Turn off all the sources of light and keep your mobiles or clocks away to minimize any disturbance created by light or sound.
  7. Let the fresh air in – According to research carried out by the experts, the fresh air has positive effect on the sleeping pattern of insomnia patients. You can keep the doors and windows open or also use the air purifier for clean air circulation in your bedroom.

Other than these 7 easy tips, you can avoid consumption of coffee and tea at night time, avoid watching TV or using computer and include meditation in your routine for better results.

Carol works as full time writer, she like adapting new things in her lifestyle and shares her learning knowledge through blogs. Currently she is composing an article on Nutra Pure HCG, an online store for HCG drops that aids in weight reduction.


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Don’t step on a crack

Three doctors, two ERs, one bariatric surgeon and one urologist later, and I finally have an answer for the ongoing and progressively worsening pain (at this point my sides, back, and left shoulder, arm, and neck are all hurting like crazy, and I’m very stiff) that has been plaguing me since Christmas Day: it’s my back. Funnily enough, just as it was a bariatric surgeon who diagnosed Dan with Cushing’s Disease, it was the urologist I saw yesterday who said it was my back. This explains why both CT scans were “clear” (with the exception of a calcium deposit), why my blood and urine hasn’t shown any infection, and why the pain is getting worse, and not better.

Here’s what I know about my back:

What I don’t know:

What comes to mind:

What happens now:

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