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BE July Challenge 2014 03/31

BE July challenge 2014: 3. Piercings and tattoos? If none thoughts on them…

I am all for piercings and tattoos if you want them! For my 30th birthday I contemplated getting a tattoo, but finances haven’t allowed for that just yet, so it’s on the back burner. I do have several piercings: six in my right ear, seven in my left, and my right nostril. I used to have nine in each ear, but some holes closed up due to me having to remove all of my piercings for my many abdominal surgeries. One of these days I’ll get around to getting the holes re-pierced.

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Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix


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Wordless Wednesday: grown out pink hair, don’t care


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What to Get Your Dad on His 50th Birthday?

For many parents, 50 is without a doubt the new 60 for milestone birthdays. It’s a great occasion to get together with your family and friends and celebrate this special day. If you’ve got a Dad with a 50th birthday coming up, it’s important that you do everything you can to make him feel special. But with such a big day comes big responsibility: what do you buy your Dad for his 50th Birthday gifts? Well, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

1964 ‘What a Year It Was’ Book

Make Dad feel really old with this book, taking him back in time to the year he was born. ‘What a Year It Was’ transports the reader to a simpler time, 1964, the age of Lyndon Johnson, the Beatles first album, the Ranger 6 launch, the Civil Rights Act, the Vietnam War, the Mary Poppins premiere and the ongoing Space Race – to name a few. It’ll be hard not to get nostalgic, and a little creeped out too I’m sure, by all that was going on the year Dad was born. Remind how old he’s getting with this fantastic book!

An Adrenaline Adventure

Surprise your Dad with a very unique birthday gift – the chance to do something really daring! Whether it’s a bungy jump, a skydive or the chance for a hot lap in a V8, you’ll be able to find something to get Dad’s heart pumping in your local time. Get the whole family along to watch and cheer him on, and I guarantee this will be one of the most memorable birthday gifts he’s ever received! 

‘The Best of Everything after 50’ Book

In a last-ditch attempt not to make your Dad cry at his age, this “expert’s guide” explains all the best parts about life over the hill, including chapters on money, style, sex and health. If your Dad is looking at turning 50 as a time to start a new chapter, this book is the ideal companion to that mindset: with fitness plans, healthy living tips and ways to live a full and happy life at 50. Hey, you’re not dead yet!

Novelty Mug

Old people tend to nap more, right? Keep Dad awake with fun 50th birthday mugs, (coffee not included!) The coffee will keep Dad up and alert while the phrases on the mug will keep him laughing – until he falls asleep on the couch that is. You can find tons of novelty mugs on Zazzle.

A Photo Album

Create a birthday gift full of memories by putting together photos from the last 50 years for your Dad. He’ll be touched to open up an album and remember all those family holidays, first days of school and first driving lessons! Use websites like Shutterfly or Milkbooks to create a professional-looking album.

Inflatable Walker

In keeping with the whole “over-the-hill” motif that comes with turning 50, this novelty walker is perfect for your Dad. He’ll love it: nothing says you’re 50 better than the reminder that it’s all downhill from herein.

If you’re stuck on 50th birthday gifts for your dad on his big day, look no further than Spencers Gifts: their Over the Hill section is jam-packed with all your 50th birthday needs.

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Did someone call a taxi?

Last month my mom had surgery on her foot, due to an ongoing diabetic ulcer that had caused an infection that reached the bone. While her foot wasn’t amputated (thank god!), both infected tissue and bone were removed, and there are incisions on both the top and bottom of her foot. She is on at-home IV (PICC line) antibiotics, her foot is tightly wrapped and has a wound vacuum (exactly what it sounds like: an electronic vacuum that provides continuous suction to the wound as it heals; this aids in removing drainage as well as encouraging the wound to close) attached to it. And, to top it all off, she has to wear a special metal brace that immobilizes her foot. Since this is her right foot, she can’t drive.

But cars don’t magically drive themselves, so I’m taking her and my brothers to and from doctor appointments, CVS, the grocery store, etc. Even though I’m using her car (and keeping it here since it makes more sense to drive to and from her house — 25 miles each way — with hers, and because my car needs to be inspected next week and Dan’s car does in fact need a new battery), that’s still a lot of time I’m spending running around. Today, for instance, I left the house at 9:45am, and I didn’t get home until 6:30pm. I was treated to lunch, and she bought me two new bras (black and hot pink – my fav colors) as a belated birthday gift, but ugh… so much driving. So much time spent driving.

Tomorrow I’m taking her to Walmart, and possibly dyeing her hair. Since there won’t be any waiting rooms involved with tomorrow’s errand, I’ll drag one or both sprogs with me. My brothers will appreciate the company, and Dan will appreciate the break.

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