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5 Trendy Evening Dresses from Modadress

Modadress is a great online destination for all things dresses – whether you are on the hunt for a homecoming dress, have a special evening planned but need a gown to go with it, are already thinking about 2016’s prom, or simply want to add a few new evening dresses to your collection. Here are my five favorite trendy plus size evening dresses from Modadress:

Red Chiffon and Lace Empire Waist Dress
Red Chiffon and Lace Empire Waist Dress

Pink Glamorous Floor-Length Sweetheart Dress
Pink Floor-Length Sweetheart Dress

Blue Boutique Halter A-Line Beading Floor-Length Dress
Blue Boutique Halter A-Line Beading Floor-Length Dress

Silver Glamorous Sheath V-Neck Zipper-Up Dress
Silver Glamorous Sheath V-Neck Zipper-Up Dress

Black Trumpet One-Shoulder Beading Lace-up Floor-Length Dress
Black Trumpet One-Shoulder Beading Lace-up Floor-Length Dress

You most likely will notice two things about my selections from

  1. bright / bold colors
  2. glitter / sequins

What can I say? Life is too short to worry about blending in or making sure your apparel is matchy-matchy with the nearby tablecloth or wallpaper. I am all for bright, bold hues; and the more glitter, the better! Of course, with that said, it’s also important to keep balance in mind. In this context balance refers to two things: first, dress type. Go big on the bottom (full skirt) or big on top (shawl/shrug), but not both.
And likewise, if you choose a dress that is rich not just in color but also in design (think lots of any of the following: lace, ribbons, tule, layers), go minimal in terms of jewelry and makeup. But on the flip side, if you choose a dress that is pretty but very simple in design, don’t be afraid to choose an elaborate necklace or an elaborate pair of earrings (but not both).

And when it comes to makeup, try to choose colors that complement not just your dress color and style, but also your skin tone. Think in terms of cool and warm colors. Stick with cool colors for both dress and makeup, or warm colors for both, but don’t be afraid to lighten or darker (and/or highlight) where necessary. Think dark eyes or lips but not both – or just go with loads of glitter! In my opinion, you can never have too much of that.

Now, before you head off to Modadress for a gorgeous evening dress, here are some shopping tips to keep in mind in order to choose the best style and color of dress to match your body type, skin tone, and even hair color:

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The basics of butterfly knives

Many teens watch action movies, and they are often very interested in the weapons used by the characters in those movies. One of the types of weapons that is found in older movies from a few decades ago is the butterfly knife. These knives are well known to those well beyond their teens as something the ‘bad guy’ often would use. The handling required to open and close one of these butterfly knives quickly, and without harming oneself, made them all the more mysterious, and the moves required seemed to increase the knives’ deadliness.

Is Your Sought After Butterfly Knife Legal Where You Live?
For a long time, these knives were illegal in most areas, but now they can be bought on the Internet easily. Some locations still do prohibit their sale, so it is always best to know the legal implications of your location before purchasing. Some states in the USA classify these as switchblades, making them illegal to possess, while other states have similar legislation but allow them as long s the knife is not concealed.

Still others classify them as folding knives, allowing them to be carried. There are many different variations regarding these knives, and legislation is constantly changing. Often, a call to your local police station will provide you with answers, but a quick search online can provide you with your state’s actual legislation, providing you with the legal knowledge that you are (or are not) on the right side of the law if you are ever questioned by police regarding your knife.

Getting Your First Butterfly Knife
If you have never handled a butterfly knife before, it is not recommended that you wear gloves, as these will keep you from being able to handle the knife correctly. It may be tempting to do this, but it is really not advisable as you will eventually need to take your gloves off and you will be unprepared for the real feel of your knife’s handles.

What is recommended, though, is to first start with a training knife instead of a knife that has a pointed tip and a sharper blade. Trainers have rounded tips and blunt edges. Both of these greatly reduce the possibility of you harming yourself. Be prepared though, because even the most practiced knife handlers happen to slip up on occasion and cut themselves. When handling knives this is inevitable, and this is why the training knife should always be used for learning new tricks, even after you’ve become skilled and more confident.

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Our Teeth May be the Key to a Healthy Heart

So you brush, floss, and pay attention to your dentist in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy? Good for you! However, did you know that this actually impacts your overall bodily health as well?

Recent research has actually identified many direct links between the dental health and that of your heart. These studies actually showed that those who developed gum disease, either a milder form of inflammation or gingivitis, where nearly two times more likely to later develop heart disease. One study in particular of more than 320 adults, half of which already had heart disease, they found that those with the illness were much more likely to have bleeding gums, dental disease and tooth loss.

Dr. Peter Spalding, an associate professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln indicated there may be a very logical reason for these two health factors to be so interconnected. The mechanisms of inflammation and cardiovascular disease go hand and hand. Certain types of bacteria found in your mouth are harmful, so if they are not removed from normal brushing and flossing and create issues. These bacteria which cause inflammation in your mouth can actually go into your bloodstream and cause inflammation of your blood vessels as well.

This is related to your heart through the formation of blood clots, plaque build up in your arteries and even interfere with normal blood flow through your body. It takes a lot of long-term study, however, to identify these risks. Long term correlations are required in order to access just how much the damage will be, and what threshold they occur in. Also, more information is required about if you can do something about these risks to heart health through more traditional means as well, such as diet and exercise.

Researchers are also uncovering further information about how gum disease, stroke, diabetes and even osteoporosis could all also be linked to dental health.


The Tell-Tale Signs of Dental Disease

There are several key ways to tell if you may be facing issues with your gums, or bacterial flora in your mouth. Getting regular checkups from your dental health professional is key to keeping these issues contained once they appear. A sour taste in your mouth, persistently bad breath, swollen or tender gums and sensitive teeth.

Regular check-ups are essential to preventing gum disease, which includes deep cleaning of your teeth. Many people negligent this part of their health for one reason or another, but often because they feel it’s unimportant. Recent research shows just how incorrect these assumptions can be.

Proactive Prevention Measures

Much of the bacteria we have in our mouths will result in long term plaque and tartar formation, even with proper dental care at home. Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential in preventing this from turning into a much more serious problem. Professional cleanings along with brushing and flossing are important.

Left untreated, long term gingivitis can turn into more serious periodontal disease. Gums will pull back from teeth at the root, which gradually widens over time. Inflammation and infection can actually damage the tissue which holds to the tooth to the bone, causing it to potentially loosen and fall out.

Even with improper care in the past, a health professional can really make an impact on your successful avoidance of these consequences, not only to your teeth, but to your heart and body in general. Dental health is just as important as the rest of your body, and neglecting it can have have lifelong negatives.

Cynthia is a writer full-time, and enjoys sharing her knowledge about various lifestyle topics that help people live better lives. She is currently composing articles regularly for HCG Pure Plus, an online shoppe that sells real HCG drops that aid in reduction of excess weight.

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My short-lived experience with HostGator

I’ve been situated with Namecheap for a little over a year now, and I am mostly happy with their service. In my experience Namecheap is an excellent domain name registrar, but they kind of lag a bit in terms of providing the same great care to their hosting customers that they do to their domain customers. While Namecheap has always responded promptly to any support ticket I’ve submitted, I’ve found the details for answers to tickets about my VPS hosting account to be, for lack of a better word, lacking. This summarized sentence perfectly sums up the extent of their hosting support: “we noticed your server was down, but we can’t be bothered to tell you why because we’d have to look for more detailed information”.

With the somewhat lacking support from Namecheap in mind, when a friend swore up and down she never had any issues with HostGator, I was drawn to them – and the lower hosting prices were definitely a large part of what lured me in. The idea of paying $34.95/month for one of HostGator’s reseller plans with features and specifications very close to that of my $77.95/month Namecheap VPS plan.

August 21st, 2015: I signed up for HostGator’s Copper Reseller plan, and with a coupon code paid $20.97 for the first month of hosting (normal monthly cost is $34.95/month). On that same day, I submitted both a ticket and an official migration request which provided HostGator with all of the login credentials they would need to transfer my 20 hosted accounts from my Namecheap VPS to my new HostGator Copper Reseller account.

On August 28th, 2015, after sending a follow-up “anyone there?” type of response to the open but not as of yet replied to migration request ticket, I reached out to HostGator on Facebook and Twitter. Miraculously, the transfer request was tended to and completed within an hour.

On September 1st, 2015 I asked on both that support ticket and a new support ticket about my private nameserver IP addresses. These IP addresses should have been listed in the welcome email I received from HostGator on the day I set up the account (August 21st), but that email only had parentheses as placeholders, and no actual IP addresses listed between them. Without these nameserver IPs, I couldn’t register private nameservers and thus couldn’t finish the host transition process by pointing the 20 domains I host to the new hosting account (HostGator).

On September 4th, 2015 I once again contacted HostGator on Facebook and Twitter to request assistance with my open but not as of yet replied to support ticket. Again, miracle of miracles, the IP addresses were given to me within the hour.

Later that same day, I submitted a third and final support ticket: this one requested cancellation of the hosting account I had paid for two weeks prior but had barely been able to use, and a refund of the money I had paid since HostGator themselves offers and hopefully honors a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Finally, today, September 7th, 2015, I reached out to @HGsupport again, and after giving them a reminder nudge about my third thus-far-neglected support ticket, my account cancellation was received and processed, and a refund of the $20.97 I had spent for two weeks of bothering a hosting company on social media about the obstacles that prevented me from being able to use their hosting services was processed.


Moral of the story? Unless you’re keen on having support tickets sit unanswered for days and don’t mind following up with support on both Facebook and Twitter (the persistent wheel gets the grease?), go elsewhere. A $43.00/month savings isn’t worth that aggravation, nor is it worth the excessive and unexplained downtime that many other customers are currently complaining about on various online review and hosting-related communities.

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August, in photos

August was a horrible month for me, and subsequently for Dan, the sproglets, my mother, my brothers, and hell even all of the cats and the dog, but there were still some highlights here and there.

August 1st: my day started at 7am with a perforated ulcer. I know from experience not to dick around with that kind of excruciating pain (and the true giveaway to a serious problem: referred pain to the left shoulder), so Dan called 911 and within two hours I had a diagnosis (ulcer perforation aka you’ll die without immediate surgery), loads of IV-administered pain medication, and a date with my surgeon’s co-surgeon in the OR at 3:30pm.

I have a perforated ulcer, and the pain is so bad I wish I was dead. God help me. Pain medication + antibiotics have been started, and I'll soon be transferred to Hershey so my bariatric surgeon can operate. #perforatedulcer #ulcerperforation #surgery #pa


August 6th: after a miserable 6-day hospital stay, I was discharged. Home sweet home!

An hour from now this board will no longer be in my view. And considering 1 day of hell and four additional days of misery, an hour and a half from now when I get home consciousness probably will also cease to exist. Besides fear and terror and a lot of t


August 15th: Dan and my mom took the sproglets to Gettysburg for a Boy Scouts day trip. I enjoyed an utterly empty house, and the kids had a nice outing – they especially loved a small hands-on play museum (pictured here).



August 21st: I ventured out alone in order to take Alyssa and Ryan to a cheap matinee showing of Pixels, then wound up in Hershey’s ER that night because the pain from the gastric feeding tube had gotten to be unbearable (and calls and messages to my surgeon’s office had gone unanswered for a week and a half). The movie was great, the ER visit was lengthy and painful, but in the end the tube was removed and I spent the remainder of the weekend sleeping off the pain and fatigue, so yay for a happy ending?

Ryan's choice of shoes for today. #crocs #boyscanwearheelstoo
Big ugly bandage instead of a gross and painful gastric feeding tube? Ywe, please.


August 24th: An ASUS tablet arrived for review – this cheered Ryan more than me, as he had been wanting unrestricted access to an Android tablet for rooting and advanced Geometry Dash playing.

My Monday morning started a bit later than intended, but thanks to the gorgeous, feature-laden and fast Asus ZenPad S 8, I'm quickly catching up on tasks! #Asus #AsusZenPad8 #Android #productreviews #h


August 26th: Got a much-needed haircut. Thanks, Mom!



August 27th: Open House at the kids’ school – just four days to go until school starts back!



August 31st: First day of school!

Back to school gear!

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