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5 DIY flower arrangement tips for beautiful home decoration

5 DIY flower arrangement tips for beautiful home decoration

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is something that can liven up any room. The problem is that professionally arranged flowers tend to be kind of expensive!

Why not save some of your hard-earned money by getting blooms online or from a shop, then using some DIY tips to whip up an arrangement by yourself? It’s easier than you might think!

Brighten Up Old Mason Jars

If you don’t have a nice vase, you’ll probably have a few old Mason jars knocking around your house. Clean them thoroughly and then decorate using adhesive and gold leaf, or even just some lengths of colored ribbon. For the ultimate rustic look, fill your makeshift vases with lavender or wild flowers. This idea also works well with vintage glass milk bottles.

Vintage sheet table cloths, 1/2 gallon mason jars, and flowers from the farmer's market
photo credit: Kori Monster

Fashion a Collar of Leaves

If you want something really simple and straightforward, take a handful of flowers (all the same kind, for ease) and arrange some large flat leaves around the outer edges like a bright green collar! Hosta leaves work perfectly for this purpose – just remember not to cut the stems too short to begin with; instead trim down and arrange as you go.

Try the Minimalist Look

Sometimes less is more – not to mention less time-consuming and expensive. Take a single stem or branch with several healthy flower heads at the top and drop it inside a large vase with a small amount of water at the bottom. Extra decoration can be added in the form of a large leaf and a couple of petals dropped onto the surface of the water. It’ll be like a mini art installation.

Go All White

A really simple yet striking arrangement is a bunch of white flowers in a white jar, vase or jug. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your flowers – when everything is white or cream (or even a light shade of yellow), you don’t run the risk of clashing colors. Dark green leaves and delicate accents of Gypsophila (baby’s breath) make for a stunning bouquet that will suit any kind of room or event.

US Trip 95 (2).jpg
photo credit: Joni Dao

Off With Their Heads!

This unusual yet easy-to-assemble arrangement requires a clear, flat-bottomed vase, some large pebbles and a selection of flower heads with about an inch of stem left attached. Put some water into the bottom of the vase, and then place your pebbles on the bottom in a mound. Once you’ve done this, take your flowers and arrange them in the vase. Fix them in place, and make sure they have access to the water by sticking the stems into the gaps between the pebbles. It might take some time to get the arrangement looking just the way you want it, but the finished result will be gorgeous!

Do you have some easy and affordable flower arranging tips? Share the love below!

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PDF Beats the Zip Format – Learn the Benefits of This Software

The PDF software is beneficial to create different types of documents like eBooks, forms and manuals. You could insert drawings and images into the document using this application. It is easy to redact confidential information and encrypt sensitive files. Moreover, it provides the digital signatures features for validation.

Some of the unique features of this software make it better than others. However, not many people are aware of the wonderful benefits. You could easily send the files to others by attaching the PDF document to email.

It is difficult to email too large files. To make things simpler, users use file compression feature to zip the file. In this way, they can easily send same zip file format to another user or computer. When you will unzip the file, all of them will be saved to a single folder.

The drawbacks of the ZIP format

However, many users face several issues while using zip file format. Some of the email filters usually block all the files having .zip extension. The reason is many phishers use such format to send harmful and malicious files. In this way, your inbox will remain secure from malware. Many times, the process becomes corrupt. If you try to modify a file and then compress it, there is a high risk that file is corrupt.

Instead of using the complicated ZIP format, you could use the modified PDF software. It provides an excellent way to package the multiple files to transfer data. It offers an envelope to all the files that could be further attached to email.

Many users are not sure which the better way to compress files the PDF or the ZIP format. Many times the PDF software does not serve the purpose when you have to shrink the size of files. However, it makes much more sense than the ZIP format while sending collection of files.

By using the PDF software to compress files it allows you to use many other great features of the application. Besides this, you can also include the content relevant to the attached file. There are plenty of features to use to organize content and attach files.

Why use PDF files?

You can use the software to combine PDF to make the process simpler. It is a great application to compile large data into one file. Now you do not need to clutter the computer’s file folders. In order to merge the files, you have to create a secured account and sign in. then, choose the combine files to PDF option. Now, choose all the files you need to merge. You can further add or subtract the files using add files and remove files option.

The software will successfully merge different types of files like JPG, Microsoft excel, and word and rich text format to the PDF format. It is a brilliant software for those who are involved in the technology based industries. Once merged, the resultant PDF file will consume lesser space than other types of formats.

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Everything You Need To Know For Better Vacations

You probably already have great vacations, but who in their right mind would say no to even better experiences? This guide contains everything you need to know to enjoy better vacations. Take a look and see what you can learn…

Leave Your Work At Home

Make sure when you go on vacation, you leave your work at home. This can be really difficult to do if you have an important job or work for yourself, but switching off from work is what vacation is all about. Plus, you might hinder your friends or family’s time if you don’t stay off your emails. If you really must work, give yourself a convenient time limit that won’t affect what anybody else is doing. You really don’t want work stress putting a downer on what is supposed to be a great time to bond with your loved ones.

Go With The Flow

Going with the flow on vacation is really important. Try not to get too upset if there’s something you can’t do, or something doesn’t go entirely to plan. One person in a bad mood can put everybody in a bad mood. By keeping a positive outlook and going with the flow, you’ll have a fantastic time.

Plan A Budget

This isn’t the most glamorous aspect of booking a vacation, but plan a budget before you go. You’ll feel so much better when you know exactly how much you have to spend on things. Then, if you have any left over, you can spend it on fun stuff! This is really important if you have a family, as you don’t want anybody to go without.

Plan Things In Advance

Plan things in advance to minimize stress on your vacation. You might even save some money too. Many people prefer to book their airport parking in advance as it makes things quicker on the day.

man lying on boardwalk
photo credit: Martin Borjesson

Avoid Peak Season

Avoiding peak season means you can avoid larger crowds. Although you are tourists yourself, you don’t want to feel like a pack of sardines. The weather during peak season can be really uncomfortable too. Avoid it and go at a quieter, more comfortable time to have the best experience.

Don’t Feel Pressured To Do The Tourist Stuff

Don’t feel pressured to do the tourist stuff if you don’t want to. Do your own thing. You don’t have to see something just because the internet says you do!

Do Something New

Aim to do something new this vacation. Even if it’s something that scares you. You’ll get a great feeling of achievement and be able to tick something off your bucket list.

Consider Taking Shorter Getaways (But Having More Of Them)

Instead of taking a few weeks off here and there, consider taking shorter getaways, but more of them. This way, you can really experience as much as possible. You’ll work through bucket lists and things so much quicker and have a blast.

To have better vacations, simple start using the tips in this guide. You’ll love the results!

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I really wanted to blog today, but I got busy, so here are some cats.

I meant to blog today – in fact, I have a blog post that’s in the works. Its word count is currently 1,999, and I’m only about halfway done. It’s almost a work of art – it has been painstaking work over the past week. I hope to have it published tomorrow.

So I was going to blog today, but then I walked into Alyssa’s room to check on her cleaning process, and BAM, that slight touch of OCD that I probably inherited from my father kicked in, and next thing you know four hours had gone by and my back was killing me (it still is), but her bedroom had been ripped apart, cleaned out, and put back together. We filled two trash bags with trash, and a third with clothing, hair accessories, and toys for donation.

I’ll leave you with a picture of three of the four cats we’re currently catsitting (the fourth is Gizmo, Freyja’s brother). That’s Mama aka Shyla in the back, with her boys Otis (fluffy tail) and Rebel (non-fluffy-tail). They’re eight months old and have been chowing down on kibbles, canned food, and treats since January, but that doesn’t stop them from nursing – and Mama doesn’t seem to mind, so whatevs. We just find it hilarious because they’re bigger than she is! They used to look like this!

Shyla, Otis, and Rebel

Shyla, Otis, and Rebel

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Thinking Of Trying A New Diet? It’s Never Been Easier With These Tops Tips

Sometimes changing the way we eat can have a positive impact on our lives. Whether we choose to do it for health reasons or for how it can make us feel, it can be one of the best things we do. The type of diet you do depends on what you want and how you think. You may need to cut out certain things because they no longer agree with you. Things like dairy products, for example. Or you may choose not to eat meat anymore because of the welfare, and you feel passionate about how animals are treated.

Whatever your reasons are, you find yourself looking at changing your diet. But not knowing where to start. So I thought I would share with you some top tips to help you along the way.

spinach salad
photo credit: Pixabay

Consider the type of diet you want to do

The first thing you need to do is consider the diet you want to change to. Again this will be down to your reasoning behind the change. You could decide to embark on a healthy balanced diet, or go for something different like a plant based diet. The factors you have to consider is why you want to do it and how it will make you feel. You may also want to think about whether or not your family is getting involved in the diet change as well.

Research your options

Once you know the diet you wish to take, you then need to research your options. This might be where you can source ingredients to cook meals with, or recipes on different meals you can make. This is where perhaps going for a vegan diet might make you think that you will struggle. But this is where you are wrong. There are plenty of websites out there and even considering checking out YouTube user Hampton Creek would be a great place to start. You will find that these things are much easier to implement than you would initially believe.

woman typing on laptop keyboard
photo credit: Pexels

Think of ways you can keep to your new diet

Sometimes it’s never easy to keep track of your progress, or even stick to a new diet. Which is why you may need to consider some of the ways that will help encourage you to keep going. You may be a more creative type. Which then may encourage you to start a diary. You could even write an online blog documenting your progress. Many people would be interested to read another person’s experience. You could choose to document it on social media. Perhaps taking to Facebook or Twitter to keep a track on things. However you decide to do it, then now is the time to start documenting.

Set yourself small goals

Don’t be the type of person who expects things to change overnight. Especially if you are embarking on something that is more of a lifestyle choice. It’s too hard to keep any motivation and passion alive. Instead, consider making smaller goals that are more realistic. As you work your way through them, you will be more inclined to hit the next milestone. Making your journey much easier to complete and far more realistic to achieve.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

One thing you shouldn’t do is be too hard on yourself. We are our worst critics, unfortunately. Meaning sometimes you can’t control what goes on in your head. But try and keep positive. A positive thought process throughout will be the key to keeping things going. Negativity will only spur you down a path where you ultimately won’t achieve what you set out to do. It’s easier to change your thought process entirely. You can do this by making a point of turning every negative thought into a positive one. There are many articles online outlining how mindfulness and positive thinking can transform the way you live. Even how things play out.

family eating dinner
photo credit: Flickr

Encourage friends and family to get involved

It is always going to be harder to implement a new diet if it is just you that is doing it. Especially if you have to prepare separate meals for everyone else. This is why trying to get family and friends involved could be one of the greatest things you do. They may worry about sacrificing some of their favorite foods, which is why they may not want to completely convert. But trying old favorite family meals and changing them to coincide with your new diet could be your secret weapon. This means that everyone will be able to eat the same meal. Things like spaghetti bolognese have vegan and vegetarian versions. Just as you can make certain things like pizza gluten-free.

woman wearing baggy jeans
photo credit: Free Stock Photos

Make note of evident changes to your weight and appearance

If you are not up for documenting your progress though a diary or even online in a blog or on social media. It is still a great idea to make a note of weight and your appearance. A great way to do this would be to snap a picture on your phone and make a note of everything in there. This is so it is easily accessible and much easier to compare if things are changing for you. Even if you aren’t so keen on taking pictures, it is still worth while to make a note of your measurements and weight. You will be happy you did.

Have the motivation to stick with it

Finally, always try and keep the motivation to stick with your diet. It may seem like you are not getting anywhere at first, but things like this can take time. It’s very easy to become disheartened with progress. Perhaps it isn’t about losing weight and more about how you feel If you don’t feel those change instantly you may wonder what it is all for. But you will get there, just allow yourself the time to let this diet and lifestyle take affect.

I hope this has inspired you to consider a new diet and the tips help you make a success of it.

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