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The Joys (And Trials) Of Having Cats

Photo credit: kwc909

As you know, I adore my cats, and so I thought I would share a few insights with you. Being a cat owner is a decision you will never regret. Sure, there are things you have to deal with when you have cats in your home, but it is all worth it. If you have not had a pet before, it might surprise you to learn that cats are an excellent option. They are independent creatures by nature, and so don’t need constant attention from you. Here are some of the joys and trials of having cats.

Trial – They ruin your furniture
The rumors are true. Cats + furniture = shreds. If you remember that simple equation, you will not go far wrong. It doesn’t matter how many scratching posts you have in your house; your cats will always prefer to sharpen their claws on the sofa. There are a few things you can do to solve this issue. You should try spraying lemon water on your furnishings because cats hate the smell of citrus.

Joy – They are hilarious most of the time
Why do you think that there are so many cat videos online? Cats are funny most of the time. Because they are curious creatures, they are always trying to do something new. For example, one of my cats can’t stand it if you stack coins on a table. If she sees that you have a coin stack, she will run over and knock it over. Having cats is like having a comedy show in your home all day long.

Trial – It’s hard to find a cat-sitter
If you and your family want to go away on vacation, it is quite difficult to find a cat-sitter to watch your pets. People don’t like to take the cats home with them, and so you need to find someone who will come around to your house every day. If you have a relative nearby, you should ask them whether they mind helping you out. It is a pain for everyone, to be honest. You should make sure that you bring your cat-sitter a little gift back from your break so that they know you appreciate them.

Kot Felek - The Cat, Felek
Photo credit: Jarosław Pocztarski

Joy – Each cat has a different personality
Unlike some animals, all cats are not the same. Every kitten you meet will have a different character, and that in itself is part of the reason I love them. Some cats are soppy creatures, who want your attention and affection all the time. Others, are playful and spend most of the day running around the house.

Trial – Male cats spray
If you happen to get a male cat, you need to make sure that the vet neuters him as soon as possible. When cats hit puberty, they start to spray. That means that they mark their territory with their scent. Your house will begin to smell of cat urine if you are not careful. As soon as your male cat is six months old, you need to book him an appointment with your vet so that you can solve the issue fast.

Joy – Sometimes, they are loving
Some people will tell you that cats are not loving animals. Those people are usually dog-owners. Ignore them. There are times when your cat will come and sit on you for no reason other than to cuddle. My cats often sleep on me or at least next to me. You get back what you give to cats.

Trial – Fleas and ticks are a massive pain
Pet fleas are a nightmare. When one of your cats gets fleas, they will all have them. Worse still, the bugs get in your carpet, your cats’ beds and your drapes. It is awful when you have an infestation in your home, and you need to make sure that you solve the problem as soon as you can. You can get a broad range of treatments for your pets that you need to use on a regular basis. You should also make sure that you get a spray for your home so that you can get rid of any flea eggs.

Joy – They love chilling out
If you enjoy nothing more than sitting at home, watching Netflix, cats are the perfect pet for you. Cats love just sitting with you and (for some reason) staring at the TV. Sometimes, if you happen to be home alone, it is nice to have a little company while you relax. Don’t try to force your cats to sit with you. Instead, chill out on the sofa and watch them come to you.

Trial – It takes a lot of work
While you don’t have to give your cats constant attention, you still need to take care of them on a daily basis. You need to groom them, clean out their litter trays and ensure that they have fresh food each day. It takes work to make sure that you have happy, healthy pets. You should ensure that you read some guides online so that you can find out what you will need when you get your first kitten.

Joy – It is worth it!
In the end, all the hard work is worth it. Having cats around your house is a joyous thing, and they bring so much to a family home. If you are like me, you might find that you can’t stop getting new pets for your house. Kids tend to love cats, and so that in itself is a massive bonus. If you have children, make sure that they don’t have any nasty cat allergies.

If you are thinking about getting a cat, you ought to consider whether you have enough room. If you live in a small home, you might not have the space for an extra pet. You should also talk things over with your partner before you make any decision on the matter. Once you have done all those things, it is time to choose your next family member! You can get cats online or from a local pet store.

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A tid bit nipply

We’re on Day 4 without propane, and thus without heat, but to my surprise our living room thermostat hasn’t dropped below 57 degrees. And while that is certainly pretty chilly for a home, it’s not all that far from the 62 degrees we kept the thermostat set at before. By far the biggest annoyances are not being able to use my stove (yay for electric burners and a large toaster oven!), icy-cold toilet seats that make you yelp first thing in the morning, and worrying about the reptiles getting chilled (side note: in a pinch, a lava lamp makes a great substitute for a heat lamp with a burnt-out bulb).

My initial reaction was, “oh shit, how am I going to come up with $300 to buy more propane?!!”, followed by annoyance at our propane company. Despite being with them for six years, and leasing their tanks, they refuse to deliver anything less than 100 gallons (current price is $2.51 per gallon), they always insist on a $49 line check, and they never, ever, EVER offer any type of budget billing or the option to pay monthly or even quarterly. I understand that they might not want to necessarily risk losing 100 to 200 gallons of propane to new customers, but c’mon…we’re not new customers. And as I’ve sunk low enough to admit to them, we’re not in the financial position we once were where $300 is no big deal to come up with. Still, they brush off our requests like the couldn’t-care-less dicks that they are. (I’m not totally biased, either – Yelp and other online reviews reveal MANY other similar complaints about them.)

So…I’m going to give it a few more days, and if the thermostat doesn’t drop below 55 degrees, then fuck it: we’ll just tough out these last few chilly weeks until spring arrives. We run a space heater in the living room during the afternoon and evening to keep it comfortable (right now the space heater is off and it’s 69 degrees – yay!), and when the kids go to bed we set the space heaters in their bedrooms on 2-hour timers, and keep their doors shut and plenty of blankets piled on the beds to ensure plenty of warmth and insulation. My main concern is our pipes, but if the indoor temperature is hovering between 57-69 degrees, then that isn’t a concern. We may be a bit chilly at times, but that’s what thick socks, hoodies, heated blankets, and cuddling are all for!

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5 Must-Have Prom Dresses

Are you preparing for your 2015 Prom, or helping a younger friend, sister, or even your daughter get ready for her prom? Chances are the big question centers around The Dress. Next to a wedding dress, the dress chosen for prom is probably the most dress you’ll ever pick out. Prom is a big deal for most girls, so shopping for dresses takes some careful consideration. In addition to your budget and your personal preference for color and style, you’ll also want to think about your body type, skin tone, and the parts of you that need accentuating – and those parts of you that would perhaps do better tucked away. The more honest you are about the good and the bad, the more exciting and satisfying shopping for prom will be.

At you’ll be able to find just about any type of prom dress: mini, full-length, ruffled, mermaid/trumpet, full and elaborate, slim and minimal, or somewhere in between. Check out all of’s cheap prom under 200, and be sure to check out my favorite selections from their truly unique prom dresses:

bridalup prom dresses

From left to right:

I love these dresses because they’re BRIGHT and STYLISH and SWIRLY. And, since also has an excellent selection of prom accessories, not only do you have the convenience of purchasing prom dresses online, you can also get all of the must-have complementing essentials: tiara or other hair pieces, jewelry, shawl or shrug, shoes, and a handbag.

Happy Prom Preparing!

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Life Lately: February 2015


Tireddddd and hurty and very happy to be in bed.


Still working on Anna Todd’s After. What the fuck is wrong with me?


Reruns of Tru TV Presents: World’s Dumbest.

Listening To

I couldn’t get enough of Sia’s Elastic Heart.

Favorite Memory

Rejuvenating our sex life (see “Week 3 of No More Zoloft” in this post: We’ve got some catching up to do).

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We’ve got some catching up to do

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been around — working, slogging through emails — but not really blogging. Is because I’ve been busy? Out of words? Out of energy? No interest? Another side effect of abruptly stopping Zoloft? Who knows. In any case, I do still love to blog, and I love my blog, so here I am.

* * *

I discovered something interesting — and perhaps relevant for post-op gastric bypass patients — last Friday night: if 45mg of slow-release iron hurts your stomach pouch to the point of noticeable discomfort for ten to fifteen minutes after taking it, imagine what 325mg of regular-release iron will do. Can’t imagine? Here’s what it felt like for me: a pain on the level of ulcer perforation. I was lying in bed sobbing for a good half an hour, and it wasn’t until I agreed to have my mom take me to the ER and had gotten up to use the bathroom that I realized I might have taken an iron pill (extras from my mom – I cut them into sixths so as not to take too much; and when I do take 1/6th of one, I always drink some milk or eat a bit of yogurt or pudding first!) instead of a pain pill for my back. I knew I had twelve iron pills, and lo and behold, when I counted them (I carelessly had them stored with some other medication in a small Ziploc bag), there were only eleven. That explained why I thought my stomach was simultaneously twisting into knots and exploding into itty bitty pieces, and yet my back and shoulders still hurt like a motherfucker. Serves me right for throwing two different types but similarly-sized and colored pills together in a (sealed, stored in our bathroom, but still…DUMB) bag.

* * *

I wound up not being able to avoid a weekend ER visit, but at least it wasn’t for me: my mom and brothers were stuck at our house for the weekend due to the snow and ice storm, and on Sunday afternoon I noticed blood droplets in the kitchen, living room, and hallway. I thought one of the cats or Leah had injured themselves and was about to start rounding up animals to do paw checks when I saw bigger splotches of blood in Ryan’s room, right next to the bottom bunk, and I knew: somehow my mom had injured her foot. Again. While sleeping, she managed to catch the underside of one of her toes on a sharp piece of the bottom bunk’s metal framework (a spring had popped off, but we hadn’t removed the metal piece because we were hoping to find the spring in order to put it back on; the metal piece is normally tucked under the mattress but had somehow shifted up), and cut it pretty deeply – we’re talking halfway through. Because of her diabetic neuropathy she didn’t feel a thing; it wasn’t until I saw the blood and we checked her feet that she even knew of the injury. So off to the ER we went for a thorough examination, cleaning, and loads of antibiotics. Since everyone and their mother (me included!) seems to hit up the ER after a snowstorm, we brought along tablets (for my Mom to watch funny Russian drivers videos on YouTube) and nail polish (for me) to amuse ourselves during the 2-hour wait in the waiting room.

* * *

I’m now on Week 3 of No More Zoloft. Week 1 was all physical symptoms of abrupt cold-turkeying: nausea, some vomiting, headaches, severe dizziness/lightheadedness. Week 2 was much more emotional: I cried at a cheesy injury lawyer commercial, an episode of Call the Midwife (but in all fairness, in this episode a daughter and her estranged father re-united while he was on his deathbed; and he died mere moments after she gave birth to her first child — his grandson), in Target’s office supplies section, Sia’s Elastic Heart, Dan insisting on refilling my Zoloft prescription “just in case”, Dan’s random acts of kindness, etc. I should have come with a warning sign: FEELS EVERYWHERE. WEAR SPLASH GEAR.
Week 3, on the other hand, is absolutely-fucking-awesome, because while there is still some residual These-Are-Real-Feels-So-That’s-Why-My-Eyes-Are-Leaking, I have suddenly rediscovered my sex drive. And orgasms. OH. MY. GOD, the orgasms. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that lots of orgasms and multiple orgasms and a sudden need to get as many orgasms as possible has suddenly become My Thing. Dan is more than happy to come along for the ride. Come. Ride. Ha – see what I did there?

* * *

And because this kind of shit never ends, there’s some family stuff going on. Not on my side, for once, but it involves Dan, so of course it involves me. Just send good vibes our way — and especially to Dan — okay? This is a very emotionally and mentally trying time.

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