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Sensible Steps to Choose Your Pet’s Medications

illustration of vet examining dog
photo credit: Waldryano

If you own a pet, you know that they sometimes need medical treatments. They might need something because they are ill or injured. However, they also often need preventative treatments to help them avoid problems. For example, both dogs and cats need to have treatments to prevent fleas, ticks and worms. When you buy treatments for your pets, there can often be many to choose from. It may seem confusing when you’re not sure what it most effective. Some medicines come in different forms and you may be unsure about which is best. If you want to find the right option for you and your pet, use the advice below.


If you don’t know where to begin with pet medications, asking others will help you. Your vet is usually the best person to ask. However, be aware that they might occasionally recommend something more expensive than you need. You can also speak to other pet owners about their experiences and what worked for them. Just remember that what works for others won’t always be best for you and your pet. You can look online too and find reviews and recommendations. For example, you can read Nexgard reviews to learn about people’s experiences with the chewable flea tablet. You can also compare prices online to find the best deals.

cat lying in grass

Preferences (You and Your Pet)

You also need to consider what will work best for both you and your pet. This is a matter of convenience, as well as reducing stress for your pet. For example, flea treatments come in a variety of forms. They can include shampoos, collars, sprays, tablets, and more. For some cat owners, a flea collar is more convenient because they last a while. But for others, getting their cat to wear the collar might be hard. Similarly, some pets will take pills, while others will resist them at all costs. You might prefer a treatment that you can do less frequently or that is easier to administer.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

You should think about the effectiveness of the treatment you’re considering too. Speaking to your vet will help you, as will learning about pet owners’ experiences. Sometimes, however, you might have to try out a treatment to see how effective it is. For example, fleas can be resistant to a particular treatment and you might have to try something else. You also need to make sure you use the right medication. Some worm treatments will only prevent certain types of worm, while others will tackle everything.

dog catching ball

Considering Side Effects

It’s important to consider any side effects or complications any treatments might have. However, you also need to put them into context and understand them properly That’s why it helps to speak to your vet or another animal expert. For example, a medication might have a long list of side effects. But they may have a minimal chance of occurring, which is far outweighed by the benefits.

There are a few things to consider when you choose treatments and medication for your pets. Sometimes, however, you just need to try out some different options.

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Ryan loves Brick Loot!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a commission – this would be greatly appreciated, as all of my commission payments go to feed, clothe, and care for my husband and two children!)

Brick Loot sent us a complimentary box to check out, and we’re hooked! Brick Loot is a monthly subscription service that is all about LEGOS and similar products. Each box is just $27.00 + $6 S&H, and inside you’ll find anywhere from four to eight full-sized LEGO and similar products! Brick Loot adds all sorts of neat retail and custom LEGO kits, as well as other fun trinkets that are LEGO or Brick Loot exclusives.

The box we received contained several building kits, a LEGO head container (to store LEGOs or even random small items in), and a cute little LEGO figurine. But without a doubt, Ryan’s favorite product is the Kitzshop LOZ Pixels Arcade Pac-Man Nanoblock – he stayed up late two nights in a row to build it!

Ryan - Kitzshop Pac Man from Brick Loot

Thanks, Brick Loot! We can’t wait to see what other cool products we’ll be introduced to via your service.

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I’m coming back.

I’m coming back. I promise. I miss blogging, and is in desperate need of a revamp. Hopefully I’ll be able to do both this week!


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I’m still here.


I’m trying to make a comeback.

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Thanks, Kizzy!

The lovely Kizzy recently held a beauty box giveaway for a box of full and deluxe sample beauty, hair, and skincare products – and I was the lucky winner! My prize arrived yesterday:

Kizzy's Beauty Box Giveaway prize box
(that’s Gizmo, Freyja’s brother, in the background)

Thanks, Kizzy! I’m still quite excited to try out so many great products. ♥

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