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Take The Stress Off Your Job Search By Making Money While You Look

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Money can be tight, especially when you’re job hunting. Landing your dream job can take time, and time is expensive! If you don’t have a regular income, look into the options for making extra money on the side. Knowing that you’ve got enough to tide you over will take off a lot of the job hunt pressure. Keep positive and put in the work to sustain yourself at this hard time. After all, you’ll want to be your best self when that important interview crops up! Getting creative with money making ideas is essential for getting through the hard times. There are many more ways to make money from home than you might realize! Here’s a list of just a few options.

gold heart pendant necklace
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Selling household items you don’t use can be lucrative. It’s surprising, once you start selling, how much you find you don’t need anymore. If you have a jewelry box, go through it and see which pieces you don’t wear. Selling jewelry can lead to significant money, especially if you’ve got some beautiful pieces. DVD’S and books can earn you good money, too. As can selling old clothes. Get up in the attic and think about what you no longer need. Old electricals can fetch quite a lot of money if they’re in mint condition. With a bit of luck, they might have become vintage since you last used them. Vintage stuff is big business. Selling things couldn’t be easier, with sites like Ebay there to do the hard work for you. Put your old stuff online and see how much money you can make!

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Blogging can be a fun way to make money. Have you got a niche subject you’re dying to tell the world about? Setting up a blog is much easier than you’d think, and could lead you to massive success. Blogging isn’t just a way to make a little extra cash either. If you put in a fair amount of effort, you might find this is the dream job you never knew you wanted. You can have a lot of fun with a blog, and get your voice heard. Learn how to draw traffic to your blog. Getting a large enough audience is essential if you want to start making money. Most of the money you’ll make is off of advertising. Companies will pay well if you have a strong enough audience. Get to work and build a blog that’s sure to draw the numbers. It’s also essential that you integrate yourself into the blogging community. Get your name out there by becoming familiar to existing bloggers. The blogging option is a fantastic one. It gives you something to focus your energy on during your unemployment, as well as offering potentially large payouts!


If you have some savings behind you, you could look into the investment world. Investing in stocks and shares can be a lucrative money making scheme if you do it right. Be aware that investing in the wrong shares could result in losing your money. Take care and study the market.

If you want market information, find it from Money Morning. Sites like this are a huge help in giving you an idea of where it’s worth investing. There’s no denying that the world of stocks and shares can be overwhelming. Do your research and don’t jump into anything. If you think you’ve got the hang of the market, investing could be the perfect thing for you!

yarn balls and knitting needles
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Have you got a crafting skill you think you could make money from? Homemade items are always desirable. It’ll amaze you how much people are willing to pay for your crafting goods. If you’ve got a knack for knitting, use it to make you money! Knitted goods sell for top money. If you’re a whizz on the sewing machine, why not get to grips with your inner designer, and sell your creations? Take a look at what’s on the market and see if you can do anything a little different. If knitting and sewing aren’t for you, there are many other options. How about making candles? If you’re good with computers, you could create your own art prints. Again, it’s worth looking through your unused items here. Repurposing household items into quirky items can be a great idea. How about repurposing your old clothes and selling those? Unique items always go down a treat, and people are sure to pay if your creations are good. Take your time to ensure your merchandise is good quality. Getting creative can take your mind off your job hunting dilemmas, at the same time as making you some money.


Various online panels that offer cash rewards for the completion of surveys. Signing up for one of these is unlikely to make you rich, but it will give you a little extra spending money each month. Studies usually last between 10 – 30 minutes. You’ll be required to answer a series of questions about a variety of subjects, ranging from shopping habits to your opinions on a product. This is a hassle-free way to make money. Once you’ve signed up, survey invitations will go straight to your inbox. Many survey sites even offer the option to take part in control groups. If you’re able to travel to these, you could make even more money! Remember to check that you will be making money, even after petrol. If you’re not making money, don’t go!


Last on this list, but definitely not your last option, are competitions. Sites like Loquax give you a low-down of a variety of competitions. Most of these are free to enter and offer anything from money to rewards. Even if a competition offers a reward, it’s worth entering. You can sell any prizes you don’t want and get your money that way! Take the time to enter as many free competitions as you can. You have to be in it to win it, after all!

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Boost Your Employability And Land Your Dream Job

three women in business meeting
photo credit: Pexels

Looking for jobs can be soul destroying. You spend hours on application forms and updating your resume. You craft a beautifully worded cover letter that highlights your skills and experience. And then silence. You don’t even reach the interview stage. There are countless reasons why you weren’t shortlisted, but it’s hard not to take it personally. What can you do to boost your employability and land a job?

Education And Training

Having a strong academic background is always an advantage when you enter the jobs market. Choose your college course wisely so that it provides you with a clear route to employment. If you’re unsure of your career path, opt for courses that provide access to many different careers. Psychology is a good example. You can find many examples of psychology colleges & jobs related to that field online.

It’s never too late to obtain qualifications. Even if college wasn’t an option for you, there are many online and evening courses that will boost your CV. Employers like to see evidence that you keep your skills up-to-date. So, having a section on your resume for professional training, etc. will be an advantage.

Voluntary Work

If you feel that your work experience is a little thin, consider working on a voluntary basis. This can be part-time and fit in with your current job or studies. It will enhance your skills and demonstrate your willingness to give your time for free. It’s a great tool to get those sought after skills on your resume.

Your Application

Updating your resume is not the most interesting task. It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of concentration. But it’s a vital part of your job search. You shouldn’t have one resume that fits all jobs. You should alter it each time you apply.

Begin your resume with a strong personal profile. This is a summary of your skills and abilities. You should also add a sentence or two about your next steps and career progression. Next, add a section for your employment history. This should be in date order with your latest position appearing at the top. Separate your achievements from your day-to-day duties. Employers like examples of where you have made a difference or excelled.

After your employment history, you should add your education and qualifications. This could be followed by a section on professional training. i.e. training completed after school and college. If you’ve just left school or college, your education should appear at the top above your work experience.

As a general note, don’t write in the first person. i.e. don’t use the word I. Resumes should be written in the third person. This adds trust and is more professional. Use strong verbs wherever possible. For example, delivered, performed, exceeded, implemented, established, etc.

Always check your grammar and spelling carefully. Then check them again. If this isn’t your strong point, find someone who will proofread for you. If you’re completing an online application, write it in Word or similar first so you can spell check before submitting.

Interview Skills

If you reach the next stage of the process, you will be faced with an interview. This can be daunting, and feeling nervous is completely natural. Try to view it as a two-way interview. You’re also interviewing the company to see if it’s a suitable fit.

Though there are a lot of unknowns, you should still prepare as much as possible. Do your research. Read as much as you can about the company so you can demonstrate your knowledge and interest. Look for common interview questions and prepare your responses carefully in advance. Be confident and friendly. Don’t overdo either.

Have we missed anything? What factors have helped you land a job in the past?

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Dear America, part two

Dear America,

Jill Biden summed it up perfectly:

Sincerely written with disgust,

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Dear America

Happy Election Day! I voted this morning with @Kuldin. We both voted for Gary Johnson, but made differing choices for the various Pennsylvania ballots (all except one of my votes went to Democrats; the exception went to a Green Party candidate).

Dear America,

Please don’t fuck this up.


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Sensible Steps to Choose Your Pet’s Medications

illustration of vet examining dog
photo credit: Waldryano

If you own a pet, you know that they sometimes need medical treatments. They might need something because they are ill or injured. However, they also often need preventative treatments to help them avoid problems. For example, both dogs and cats need to have treatments to prevent fleas, ticks and worms. When you buy treatments for your pets, there can often be many to choose from. It may seem confusing when you’re not sure what it most effective. Some medicines come in different forms and you may be unsure about which is best. If you want to find the right option for you and your pet, use the advice below.


If you don’t know where to begin with pet medications, asking others will help you. Your vet is usually the best person to ask. However, be aware that they might occasionally recommend something more expensive than you need. You can also speak to other pet owners about their experiences and what worked for them. Just remember that what works for others won’t always be best for you and your pet. You can look online too and find reviews and recommendations. For example, you can read Nexgard reviews to learn about people’s experiences with the chewable flea tablet. You can also compare prices online to find the best deals.

cat lying in grass

Preferences (You and Your Pet)

You also need to consider what will work best for both you and your pet. This is a matter of convenience, as well as reducing stress for your pet. For example, flea treatments come in a variety of forms. They can include shampoos, collars, sprays, tablets, and more. For some cat owners, a flea collar is more convenient because they last a while. But for others, getting their cat to wear the collar might be hard. Similarly, some pets will take pills, while others will resist them at all costs. You might prefer a treatment that you can do less frequently or that is easier to administer.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

You should think about the effectiveness of the treatment you’re considering too. Speaking to your vet will help you, as will learning about pet owners’ experiences. Sometimes, however, you might have to try out a treatment to see how effective it is. For example, fleas can be resistant to a particular treatment and you might have to try something else. You also need to make sure you use the right medication. Some worm treatments will only prevent certain types of worm, while others will tackle everything.

dog catching ball

Considering Side Effects

It’s important to consider any side effects or complications any treatments might have. However, you also need to put them into context and understand them properly That’s why it helps to speak to your vet or another animal expert. For example, a medication might have a long list of side effects. But they may have a minimal chance of occurring, which is far outweighed by the benefits.

There are a few things to consider when you choose treatments and medication for your pets. Sometimes, however, you just need to try out some different options.

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