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Shopping On A Budget For Occasion Wear: Tips You Need To See

Being a wedding guest can be an expensive time. As well as sorting a gift for the happy couple, you have to also find a great outfit to wear. Purchasing beautiful occasion wear can often break the bank! Here are some tips you need to see when shopping on a budget for occasion wear!

Sleeveless Velvet Fur Trim Sheath Dress (Black)
photo credit: Maria

Go shopping out of high season

One tip you need to see when hunting down a great deal on occasion wear is you need to go shopping out of high season. Everyone wants to get married in July and August as the weather is great for pictures. The shops know this, so they often hike up the prices on their occasion wear. Therefore, you need to look out of the high season. Soon as you get the invite, you should head to the shops to find some fantastic occasion wear. You should still find some stunning outfits that will love great for the wedding, and they will cost much less!

rack of women's clothing
photo credit: Pixabay

Look for discounts before you go

Another tip you need to see when shopping on a budget for occasion wear is you should look for discounts before you go. You can often find vouchers that you can take with you when you go shopping. It will mean you can get a percentage off a beautiful outfit which will stop you breaking the bank. You can find them online for high street stores such as Debenhams offers at Plusvouchercode. You can also sign up for newsletters when you are in stores. They will send you emails when there are sales on, and they will send you good discounts you can use in store!

Consider buying second-hand

You can also shop on a budget for occasion wear by considering buying second-hand clothing for the wedding. A lot of people will only wear an occasion dress once, and then it will just sit in their wardrobe. So it’s no surprise they often end up selling them online on sites like Ebay. Therefore, you should consider having a look to find a great second-hand dress online. You might get a beautiful dress that’s only been worn once for a fraction of the original price! Don’t be afraid to hunt clothes down in charity shops too.

woman in dress holding flower
photo credit: Pexels

Make sure you compare prices for styles in different stores

Another tip you need when shopping on a budget for occasion wear is you need to ensure you are comparing prices on styles from different stores. You might get a similar style dress for a lot cheaper in a different store. They tend to have the same top fashions in at the same time, so you are likely to find similar dress styles in different stores. Therefore, make sure you shop around to find the best deal!

Wear an old dress with new accessories

An additional tip you need for shopping on a budget for occasion wear is you should consider wearing an older dress and just buy new accessories. It will look like an entirely different dress if you wear vibrant jewellery and a fab belt. No one will ever know you wore it before!

Remember to choose a great pair of heels as well when choosing your occasion wear. Comfort should just be as important as quality and appearance as weddings are long days!

woman in dress and heels
photo credit: Free Stock Photos

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Your Starter Guide To Weddings That Won’t Cost Thousands

The estimates vary, but generally the quoted figure for the cost of a wedding is over $30,000. You’ll figure out what type of bride you are by how you react to that figure.

Reaction One: “Yes, that seems about right. There’s the dress, the cake, the band… yeah, I can see how it gets up to that figure.”

Reaction Two: “WHAT? That’s a downpayment on a house. Not me, not ever. Justice of the Peace it is!”

wedding ring on a bible

photo taken by PDPics

Unlike some, there’s no claim that either reaction is “right” or somehow more valid. It all depends on your priorities, your finances and where you are in life. Don’t let someone else influence how you choose to spend your money.

If, however, you’re closer to the second reaction, then there’s a few things you can do to lower that cost. There’s no need for a load of stress; just efficient planning. You don’t have to go quite as drastic as foregoing the whole wedding idea and signing documents only. Not without trying some of the points below, anyway.

1. Think about what’s actually important to you.

Sit down as a couple and think about the basics of a wedding. This can include:

Then talk about which of these actually matter to you as a couple. You may be focused almost entirely on the ceremony, so you can cut back on the other areas. Go as far as to barely have a reception if you feel that way; a few drinks with those who attend the ceremony is a far better use of resources if it’s what you want.

Tip: don’t under-invest on the rings. They seem like a sideshow of the event of the wedding itself, only involved in one small part. However, you’re going to (hopefully) be wearing them for the rest of your life. You have to like them, and know they are made from a hard-wearing metal that won’t tarnish. Sterling silver may be affordable, but it has a terrible track record for dents and tarnish.

2. Are you comfortable stepping outside of tradition?

If there was a standard idea of a wedding, it’d go something like this: church, to reception venue, to party afterwards. Ask yourself if you really need all of those? Are you religious enough to warrant a church, or are you just doing that because you think you should? There are hundreds of options if you step away from the normal pattern, from backyard wedding tips to destination weddings on a beach. Don’t do anything because you think you “should”. Make every aspect of your day included because it’s what you want.

3. Be ruthless with the guest list.

Too many brides go down the route of thinking they have to invite as set amount of people to their wedding. No one wants to risk causing offence, so distance family and couples who invited you get an invite – and it all costs. The size of your guest list has a direct impact on finances, from the size of venue needed to the price-per-head for the catering. Contact anyone you’ve chosen to leave out directly and explain; they will be a lot more understanding that you expect. You can always promise a second party at some point, which has the extra benefit of extending the celebrations for you too.

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Solutions For Pets That Eliminate Joint Pain

If you have a pet, you must pay attention whenever the animal walks and runs. Joint pain is a serious problem that affects dogs, but you can prevent arthritis and other common joint conditions by following a few easy steps.

Understanding the Signs

Joint pain issues usually occur when a pet reaches a certain age, so you may not have to implement any preventative procedures if you have a puppy. However, if the animal is fairly large, you should monitor key movements regularly since extra weight can lead to arthritis problems. When the pet moves around the environment, carefully examine its knees, hips, and elbows. Dogs are very strong and efficient, so they won’t display any noticeable signs whenever their joints hurt. A typical dog will only begin to wine after major joints are severely damaged.

The Solutions

Cetyl M is one of the best solutions for joint pain. However, to prevent recurring pain after your pet takes the supplement, you must:

Whenever your dog exercises, always follow a schedule because certain joint will begin to ache if the animal jumps too high or runs very aggressively. Puppies are at a higher risk since they have weaken bone tissues. When bones aren’t fully matured, injuries happen quicker and easier.

The design scheme in your home is very important because most joint-related injuries occur when dogs jump off of high furniture. If your dog can‘t access your sofas and chairs easily, a ramp can be very benefit; by using this accessory, your pet will never have issues getting on and off your furniture.

According to vets, all joint injuries should be treated without any delays. If your pet recently stumbled after jumping off your sofa, you must take the animal to a medical clinic so that a vet can recommend proper treatments. The solutions that veterinarians use very helpful since they can prevent ongoing joint issues that affect pets down the road.

Overall, if you give your dog a joint supplement and follow a few strategic steps, every visit to a local park will be more enjoyable. You can find Cetyl Myristoleate and other helpful products at most pet stores.

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What Are the Essential Pieces of Equipment and Tools for Any Gardener?

Unfortunately, gardening is not something that you can do with nothing but your own two hands. Of course, your hands are very important. But you won’t get very far as a gardener unless you have the right tools of the trade and top pieces of equipment. Luckily for you, there are many gardening tools and items out there than ever before that can help you out.

It doesn’t matter how big your garden or plot of land is; there are some products that you simply must have. They will help you get every job that could possibly need doing done. And many of these tools will simply make your life that little bit easier and more painless. And as any gardener will know, that’s a big deal when you have a big undertaking to tackle in the garden. So, read on to find out about the essential pieces of equipment and tools every gardener should own and use.

photo credit: Pixabay

Reliable Gloves

It’s important to start with the simple stuff. You should always have a pair of reliable gardening gloves that you can use time and time again. Your hands will get rough, damaged and cut if you don’t wear a pair gloves while you tackle jobs in the garden. In fact, it can be a good idea to have multiple pairs of gloves for different tasks. You only need light and simple ones for most tasks. But when you’re tackling large branches, thicker gloves are required.

Long-Handled Pruner
If you need to cut large branches on a tree, then you need to use a long-handled pruner. It’s quite obvious why you would need to use an implement with a long handle for this kind of job. It makes it easier to reach which brand you need to, no matter how high it is. You shouldn’t try to use shears or smaller items for this kind of work because it will simply damage the blade. And it probably won’t get the job done properly either. You really need to have a pruner because it gives you the strength and grip you need to cut through those tough branches with relative ease.

A Good Lawn Mower
Your garden’s lawn is probably the thing that you care most about. It’s what we all see first when we enter a garden. You want it to be as green and luscious as it possibly can be. You are not going to achieve that unless you have a good lawn mower though. The lawn mower should be adept at the tackling the job in the right way. It shouldn’t cut the grass too short though, and it shouldn’t leave it too long. When the grass is too short, it makes it more likely to die out and not grow back. But grass that’s too long is just messy and unappealing. This lawn mower for sale might be a good option because you ride it while you mow. That give you more control, and the blades hit the grass at a precise angle.

Lightweight Electrical Trimmer
Those shrubs and bushes won’t take care of themselves. And they can get really messy and ugly when they are not kept in shape. But it’s actually a lot easier than you might expect to take care of these problems. All you really need to have is a lightweight electrical trimmer. You just plug it in and then it’s easier to move around and shape the hedges and pushes in whatever way you want them too. You can even reach up, or use a ladder, to trip some of the leaves from trees if you want to. It’s one of those items that you will be plenty of use out of, so it’s definitely worth investing in one. You don’t have to have huge muscles to use it either because they’re so light.

flowers in watering pot
Photo Source

Digging Fork

The soil is one of the most important things that you will find in your garden. If you care about your plants and flower, then you really need to care about your soil. First of all, ensure that you get the right kind of soil for the plants that you have because there are so many varieties. Once the soil is in place and you’re happy with your choice, you need to maintain it. This means turning it and moving it around to keep it healthy throughout the year. And to do that, you really need to have a digging fork. These are simple instruments, but they can have a big impact on the health of your garden in general, and the soil in particular.

Hand Tools

Every gardener needs to have the right hand tools to get those small but important jobs done in the garden. When you don’t have a good trowel and other such hand tools, you can’t do many of the most important jobs in the garden. There are many different types of hand tool out there, so which ones are most important? A small hand rake can be very useful for moving leaves and other garden waste out of your way and into a pile when you’re cleaning up. And small trimming jobs can be taken care of with small shears, so they are important to buy too.

Kneeling Pad

When you are doing a lot of work in the garden, you often spend a lot of time kneeling down. It doesn’t matter how young or fit you are, this can take a real toll on your knees after a while. They begin to ache and feel sore, and you simply have to stand again. This makes it hard to get those jobs in the flowerbed done. And it also makes weeding a lot more difficult than it should be too. That’s why you really need to invest in a good kneeling pad. These can be used to kneel down on when you are trying to get a job done. You can get ones that have small frames that allow you to grab hold of to pull yourself back up. And the cushioned pad makes pulling up weeds and planting flowers much less painful.

woman digging in garden

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The Many Benefits of Papercraft Art

Making paper crafts is a lot of fun and it can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity to do. Many people create papercraft creations just for the pure joy of it, but there are actually a lot of benefits to making paper crafts. Here are some of the reasons why this hobby will be really good for you.

It is Relaxing

Life can be stressful, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities and a long to-do list. When you sit down at a table and fully immerse yourself in creating crafts, you will be able to forget about your stresses for a while. Many people report that when they are working on a crafting project they lose all track of time and hours can go by without a stressful thought. Afterwards they feel calm and happy as working on the project brought them peace.

It is a Form of Recycling

Those small scraps of wrapping paper that are not enough to cover a present? Those old greeting cards? Those magazine clippings? We end up with a lot of extra paper in our lives and it doesn’t have to all get thrown away. Putting those little bits of paper into your paper crafts can be a great way to make use of them so that they do not go to waste.

It Can Help you Connect With Your Kids

If you let your little ones join in with your crafting, it can be a wonderful way to connect. Spread out the paper craft supplies on the table and let everyone join in, from toddlers to teenagers. Your younger ones might need a little help with the gluing and cutting, but everyone can make their own creation at their own skill level. This makes for a great opportunity to chat to each other and spend some quality time together.

It Makes You Smarter

Studies have shown that doing arts and crafts has a number of developmental benefits – so the more projects you do the more you will actually grow your brain. For example, crafting encourages key visual processing skills such as spatial awareness and pattern recognition. It also helps you improve your fine motor skills and help you to develop your problem solving. By keeping your brain active and learning new things, such as how to make paper crafts, you will keep yourself mentally alert well into your old age. The brain is like a muscle – if you don’t use it you lose it!

It Connects You to a Community

The internet will help you to connect with people from all over the world who love paper crafting. You can read blogs, look at Pinterest boards, follow crafters on Instagram and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. You can join in with crafting chats and post questions on forums and crafting groups. There are so many people around the world who love to craft, so when you get involved in this hobby you can connect with and learn from all of them.

You Can Create Meaningful Gifts

With your paper crafting skills you can make one of a kind unique and meaningful gifts for your friends and family. Imagine how touched your grandmother or your next door neighbor will be when they receive a handmade greeting card or a beautiful piece of artwork as a gift from you. Handmade gifts are so much more personal than something that you buy in the store and they will be treasured forever.

You Might Make Some Money

If you really get into making paper crafts, you could actually make some money from your hobby. There are many websites where you could sell your crafts and artwork online, such as Etsy and Ebay. You could also sell your handmade paper crafts at your local art gallery, farmers market or artisans market. How wonderful would it be to make money from enjoying this great hobby?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should be doing paper crafts! Making paper crafts offers you all of these benefits, plus it is a fun and enjoyable activity that you can do. If you are interested in getting started, why not find some arts and crafts supplies online and start working on your first project. 

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