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Happy 10th Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa was born on October 27th, 2004 at 8:06am. ♥


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Happy 10th Birthday Alyssa! I love you!

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Ten years ago today!

This time ten years ago I wanted to die, or at least crawl outside of my body and run far, far, away. But there’s no escaping your body, and so I had to stick around and stick it out – and Alyssa was born at 8:06am after just twenty minutes of pushing (and no tears or any damage other than minor abrasions due to her coming out sunny-side-up) but four horrendous days of back labor. Still, she was worth it. ♥

Since Alyssa’s 10th birthday party was last weekend, her actual birthday will be pretty low-key – some small presents from Dan, Cat, and I in the morning; she’s taking donut holes to school to enjoy with her classmates, and then dinner of her choice followed by cake and singing.


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242 miles

Yesterday I drove a total of 242 miles and 5.6 hours (according to Google Maps). I had to make two trips up and back for my youngest brother, Cat (he was at a mental health facility for a week and was ready for discharge yesterday; I had go to yesterday morning for the treatment plan/discharge meeting, then back yesterday evening when his post-discharge appointments had been scheduled and thus he was okay for release). I had to take Puff home. I had to take Dan to a gastro appointment (in addition to Fibromyalgia, he also has Eosinophilic Oesophagitis). We had to stop at Target for meds. And, after I picked up Cat last night, we had to stop at the pharmacy for some medications, and then my mom’s apartment so Cat could get some things. Then, finally, I got to come home and stay home – it was almost 9pm when I walked in the door. Fortunately Dan, Jason, Sex Tape and wine were all waiting for me!

My mom had her foot surgery on Thursday, and luckily for all of us it went very well. So far no amputation, but she did lose her big toe’s nail bed from what is being called a “crush injury”. She is still in the hospital because she is a diabetic and they’re worried about pre-op/post-op infection – Monday is the earliest that she’ll be discharged. Until she is discharged, Cat will be staying with us, and Puff will be at their apartment in order to take care of the cats and my mom’s fish.

Right now Alyssa is at a classmate’s Halloween party. She’s a dragon this year – wings courtesy of Target, spikes and tail courtesy of Dan (the man has mad sewing skills, even with mangled fingers and a torn up shoulder!), makeup courtesy of me. Cat, Ryan, and I will be picking her up at 6, then heading to Dan’s aunt’s house for their Halloween bonfire.

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Social skills are the cure for depression!

Believe it or not, depression is a very serious issue in the times we are living today. It’s happening to more and more people, from teenagers and their huge life or death problems, to the midlife adults that don’t find happiness in what they do. There are so many ways that anyone can choose when trying to overcome depression, but one of the most common one are the social skills that a person can develop.


We are social beings, we seek the company of others in almost every aspect of our life, our jobs and even our families. This is the reason why people that suffer from depression can overcome it if they have the courage to go out in to this world and discover other people. Friendship is something that is much deeper than any bad feeling and it can help an individual to overcome the most important problems in his life.


Why don’t you think about a friend from childhood and how many things you have done together? Do you think he is supportive of you?

Specialists from Health Annotation talk about the importance of having support when trying to overcome any psychological issue. By having friends around, people that understand the situation and help you go through it, the person is more likely to grow and overcome any problem that he or she might have.

Empathy helps us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and try to understand what is going on there. Depression is something that is deep inside a person’s heart and mind, but knowing that there’s someone out there who knows what is really going on, makes things a lot easier.


We live in a world where the word “sharing” has lost its meaning. People used to share things in person because it gave them a sense of bonding and understanding from another person. Nowadays, sharing is something you do with a click or in front of your computer. It has been proven that one of the most important segments of people that suffer from depression is the one that spends a lot of their time in the online environment.

Sharing something to a person face to face is actually a lot more different than telling things through a social network. To add here, sharing an experience with someone is one of the most powerful ways to actually change a person’s life. Think about a moment in your life when you have done something amazing that made you feel incredible. Who did you share it with? How did you feel?

The very same things go for the negative experiences as well. If a person goes through a rough patch, but he is not alone, than surely, he will remember this when it’s all over.

This is what it is all about: people helping people in any type of problem. We are social creatures that have forgotten all about the importance of friendship, empathy and even sharing. We need to always be informed. Books can change our lives and social skills can so easily help us to deal with depression.

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SurgerIES (yes, plural)

Dan saw the orthopedic specialist this morning. His MRI revealed a torn/separated labrum muscle, and frayed/cracked/damaged cartilage. The treatment: arthroscopic surgery (date to be determined when we meet with the other orthopedic specialist, the one whose specialty is shoulder repair, next Thursday).

And my mom just called: despite having her toe tended to in the ER last Thursday, keeping it wrapped, and taking antibiotics, it’s infected, and severely so. She’s going into surgery tomorrow. Best-case scenario is wound debridement. Worst-case scenario is amputation.

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