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A shameless request: if you purchase protein products (powder, granola, fruit bars, etc.), PLEASE consider purchasing from with my custom coupon code, INJENNSBAG. You will save 25% with this coupon code, and I’ll earn a commission from your purchase. Or, if you know someone who purchases protein products, share this with them! There is no expiration date or any conditions attached to the coupon code – it will work for any purchase.


Why I’m requesting: We’re facing a pretty big vet bill for Felix. As if having FIV isn’t enough, today he required emergency surgical treatment for a complete urinary blockage – without the surgery he would die a painful death from sepsis. The final bill is to be determined by Felix’s recovery (and if the vet has to go back to do a more “invasive” surgery that would involve widening Felix’s urethra), but the estimate is anywhere from $900 to $1,400.

Thank you so much from Dan and I – and Felix, too! ♥

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A morning in the ER, an afternoon in the vet’s office

I went to bed early last night, figuring it’d be awesome to be nicely rested for a busy working Monday. Instead, I was nicely rested to take Alyssa to Urgent Care, who then bounced us to the ER since her chief complaint was ongoing abdominal pain (over twelve hours at this point) ranging from a 5 to a 7 on the 1-to-10 Pain Scale. They were quick to admit us and run tests, but then we waited, and waited, and waited…we were discharged shortly after 11 with the diagnosis of either a viral infection that is inflaming her abdomen, or too-early-to-detect appendicitis…so, “wait and see”.

Our Monday morning so far. Abdominal pain for 12+ hours = visit to Urgent Care, who sent us to the ER.

I was anxious to get home to check on Felix, who was miserable this morning with a UTI. I gave him medication shortly before leaving with Alyssa at 7:30am, but as of 12:00pm he still hadn’t peed at all, and was growling and meowing pitifully. I skipped the wait and see approach with him (as I did a couple of weeks ago, when he had a UTI that we were actively treating with Amoxicillin and Elavil, but he was still peeing (albeit frequently) and it did clear up within a couple of days) and took him to the vet, and I am SO GLAD I did, because as I suspected from some quick Googling, he has a complete urinary blockage/obstruction. This is fatal, and will kill a cat within 72 hours of the last successful urination.

My poor Felix has a complete urinary tract blockage that's going to take surgery (to the tune of a 3-4 day vet hospital stay and way too many dollars) to fix. I'm so glad I ignored the wait & see approach and took him in - he might have died otherwise. #F

As miserable as Felix had to be, he still managed to come out of his carrier on his own volition, and stand directly in front of the vet, waiting expectantly to be petted as the humans discussed his fate. His fate is going to be pricey for Dan and I (to the tune of potential quadruple digits), but good for him: as I was filling out treatment authorization paperwork he was whisked away to be sedated, catheterized, and pumped full of pain medication, antibiotics, and fluids. He’ll stay at the vet’s office with the catheter in and all sorts of yummy IV-delivered healing goodness for the next three to four days – possibly a bit longer if his FIV complicates his recovery.

So far Felix has bounced back from: living outdoors and being beat up by other cats, undernourishment/underweight, a nasty cold, and conjunctivitis. Cross your everything that he bounces back from this, too! ♥

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Shine bright

So this happened today:

So this happened. Miraculously, I found the diamond after only a five minute search. #engagementring #diamond

Earlier today I was in the process of removing nail polish from my nails when I happened to glance down and noticed that MY ENGAGEMENT RING WAS MISSING ITS MAIN DIAMOND. AHHH! I freaked out, spent five minutes combing through our bedroom and found nothing, then happened to walk through the living room and spotted the diamond, upside down, on our tiled entryway. Whew! What are the chances, right? So now both my engagement ring and the loose diamond are safely tucked in a Ziploc bag that’s stashed inside a zippered compartment of my wallet, and my left hand feels naked, despite my wedding band on my ring finger and a sterling silver ring on my middle finger.

So now I need to get to a jeweler and get the diamond re-set into the ring (or, as my husband’s uncle suggested, break out the Gorilla Glue). I suppose a jewel falling out of its setting on a 12 year old ring that has been worn almost 24/7 (the only times I’ve taken it off have been for surgeries (seven) and resizing after I lost the first 100 pounds – so in twelve years and two months it’s only been not-exposed-to-everyday-wear-and-tear for a sum total of maybe 100 hours?) isn’t a shocker to anyone…still, it was a shock to ME to see that my ring was missing its diamond!

Other than bracing myself for what could have been a needle-in-a-haystack hunt, it’s been a quiet Sunday. Alyssa is sick with a cold and has spent most of the day in our bed, Dan and I slept in (if you consider 9am sleeping in), and I’ve been battling a headache for several hours now, and am about to give up and just go to bed…at 6:18pm.

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You better run, run, run

(Name that song/please accept my apologies for the ear worm!)

On this day last year I was two weeks post-op from my hysterectomy and appendectomy, but that didn’t stop me from hauling my bloated, sore self out of bed and driving Alyssa and Ryan to one of the local schools for a race – a race they told me about 35 minutes before we had to be there for registration. Meanwhile I had been asleep, none of us were dressed, and did I mention that the drive to the school is about 20 minutes if there are no Amish buggies on the road? But we made it, and the kids raced and had a blast.

This year I was prepared – Alyssa and Ryan told me about the race two weeks in advance, we had the registration forms, and I reminded them last night. Ryan wound up skipping the race in favor of attending a Boy Scouts field trip, but Alyssa was excited to go – and she placed eighth for girls in her grade!


While we were waiting for her grade to race she hung out with friends and I sat around a little awkwardly in awesomely glittery tights and a dress (I was seriously the only woman there in a dress, and there were at least two hundred other people!), while she raced I shamelessly cheered her on and took loads of pictures, and once she was done she bought two sprinkled donuts and asked me to take her home, because she was exhausted. A half-mile run on an unevenly, slightly hilly grassy field is no joke!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites



Felix & TItanium

Felix & TItanium

Felix & TItanium

Minerva has RBF.

Felix is over a third of Alyssa's size. #fatcat #cat #catstagram #FIV #FIVpositive #FIVcat #rescuecat


Country dusk.

Country dusk.

BFFs for life. #FIV #FIVcats #FIVpositive #rescuecats #RussianBlue #cats #catstagram

Felix REALLY loves Dan. #cat #catstagram #FIV #FIVcat #FIVpositive #rescuecat

Alyssa's Tooth Fairy note

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