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The Ultimate Guide To Raising Your Self Esteem

Having a good level of self esteem is really important. It changes the way you look at yourself, and even how others see you. If you’re insecure, it can affect all kinds of things, from your relationships to your job. This guide to self esteem will help you to raise yours so you can feel amazing and witness miracles in all areas of your life:

Be Kind To Yourself
Raising your self esteem should start with being kind to yourself. After all, you’re the only one who has to be with you all of the time! Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you haven’t done something properly. Speak to yourself nicely in your head, and take care of yourself when you need to. You should start to become your own best friend. It really is the best feeling!

Look After Yourself
Look after yourself when you need to be looked after. Take a long bath, deep condition your hair, and do things just because you’re worth it. Take lots of time to yourself to feel great. Make time for it, don’t find time for it!

172/365 - I'm Apparently The Poster Girl for Internet Narcissism
photo credit: Helga Weber

Work On Things To Be Improved

Make a list of things you’d like to improve on and begin to work on them. Maybe you’re not naturally a very positive person. Work on being more positive. Maybe you aren’t very good at staying active. Work on it. Don’t do too much at once. Just aim to get into these good habits slowly but surely, and see how much better you feel. Plastic surgery should be a last resort for many people, but if you feel a treatment would make you feel better then go for a consultation and see what happens. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, and you choose a reputable place. Places like ROXY plastic surgery has all of their clients best interests at heart.

Watch The Words You Use

The words you use can make a huge difference to how you see yourself. Cut out using negative language and change it to positive. This can take some practice but it’ll really make the world of difference.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is a natural mood booster. You can enjoy endorphins, which will make you feel incredible and almost superhuman for a while afterwards! Not only that, it’s great for managing and controlling weight, which can keep illness away and make you look amazing. You don’t need to exhaust yourself. Just having 3 good sessions a week could make a massive difference to your self esteem!

Eat Better

The things we eat play a big part in how we feel too. Natural foods will make you feel more energised and fill you up faster. If you eat junk, you’re going to feel that way. Start changing your eating habits and you’ll notice so many amazing changes.

Use these tips consistently and you can’t fail to raise your self esteem. It might take a while, but slowly but surely you’ll feel like a brand new person!

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6 of the Most Sustainable Trends in Healthy Eating Today

Healthy eating is no longer about the Beyoncé diet or the Master Cleanse. Today, it is centered on trends focused on finding food that you can and want to eat every single day of the year, as well as food that is accessible for everyone.

Healthy eating is about getting nutrition from everything you can, and not letting anything go to waste. Even food companies, like hamptoncreek, are getting in on the action and producing nutritious foods from the resources that are readily available at home.

Here are the six sustainable food trends to get excited about:

Eating Local
The healthy foods you know and love, such as produce and meat, taste better and are easier to get when they are local. Lately, more and more people are starting to understand that.

When you pick up locally grown produce, you are getting fresher produce. You are not getting produce that has traveled by train, plane, and automobile to get to you.
In some cases, the costs may seem higher, and no one is saying local farmers are giving their food away for free, or that it is cheaper than discount stores. But, what is so exciting about local eating is that those extra dollars are going to your neighbors and community, and not to oil and shipping companies. That is something people can celebrate together.

Eating Grass-Fed
Grass-fed got the spotlight when the Paleo Diet first took off, but grass-fed is about more than just letting animals wander in the pasture in an attempt to avoid grain at all cost.

When animals are grass-fed properly, farmers spend more time caring for them. It is the closest you can get in the modern world to slow farming, because animals take longer to grow when they eat these diets compared to corn or grain-fed diets. You can’t get a good steak after a year and a half, you need almost an entire extra year if the cow munches almost exclusively on grass.

This means more time and care goes into raising livestock. Farmers keep them happier and healthier for longer, and you can be more appreciative of what these animals provide when they do reach your plate.

Eating Seasonally
Seasonal eating is incredibly important. Yet, it is one of those things that has not hit the spotlight until now, despite the fact that eating food in season means you get better quality food, local food, and cheaper food, because it is not scarce or imported.

Until relatively recently, people only ate what was in season in their local area. Only those who could travel were able to eat a pumpkin in March or a tomato in December. But, all that changed when countries began importing and exporting food on a mass scale. Now, you can get a ripe avocado even when an avocado tree cannot be found for thousands of miles.

While this is awesome for those who love guacamole, it results in spending extra cash on imported food while neglecting the amazing food that is just next door.

Eating Nose to Tail
A few decades ago, grocery stores started providing prime cuts of meat wrapped up individually for purchase. Since then, most Americans have gravitated towards the breasts and filets of animals, and wasting the rest of the meat.

The new resurgence of eating nose to tail does not just cut down on waste. It also promotes eating cuts of meat, such as organs, that few other places in the world dare neglect because of the number of nutrients available in such a small package.

Eating Root to Stem
Most people treat vegetables like they do meat. They stick with the safe stuff, such as the prepackaged and pre-cut vegetables, because it is easy. There is no thinking involved, even if scraps go into the garbage after dinner.

One of the most exciting trends over the last few years is the reemergence of vegetables as a food, and not as a side dish, and enjoying them from root to stem.

Pre-sliced carrot sticks are on the way out, and fennel bulbs are on the way in. Squash blossoms are a delicacy, and using vegetable scraps to make stocks is an easy way to create delicious broth for later. All of this is exciting because it expands food horizons, but it keeps food consumption in perspective.

All of these trends do more than promote healthy living, they also teach valuable lessons about how precious food is, and how delicious it can be when given proper attention. When you value and appreciate food before it enters your home, it is a lot easier to appreciate it once it sits on your plate.

With this in mind, healthy eating can move away from the lemon juice and cayenne pepper, and you can start enjoying real food and real health.

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Caring for Your Family’s Eyesight from 0 to 60+

close-up of woman's eye
photo credit: Pexels

Just like the rest of our bodies, our eyes change as we age. There are different problems you should watch out for when it comes to your eye health and that of your family. There are a number of issues that are common in children. Plus, as we get older, our eyes can be more susceptible to a range of different health conditions. It’s important to be aware of how your eyes can change. You should visit an optometrist when you think something might be wrong. Get familiar with some of the things to watch out for below.

Eye Problems for Children

Children, just like people of any age, might need to wear glasses. However, there are other conditions that may affect them. Childhood or even infancy is when many eye conditions will be diagnosed. Your child’s vision will be monitored as they grow. Some of the things to watch out for include lazy eyes or crossed eyes. Up to the age of about 5, parents need to watch carefully for any vision problems. Signs of any issues might not be visible in the eye. They could include squinting, headaches or even difficulty concentrating.

close-up of blue eye

Eye Health as a Teen and Adult

Teenagers might find that they need glasses at some point in their lives. Many people can find that their eyeglasses prescription can change several times before it settles down in adulthood. However, as a young adult, most people have healthy eyes. When people do have eye problems when they’re under 40, it is often due to stress and eye strain. Creating the right working environment can help to combat this. Visiting an optometrist every two years is recommended to check for any issues. A lot of adults now decide to get laser surgery to fix their vision. You can find plenty of information about it online, such as on

Eye Health as You Get Older

As you begin to get a little older and enter middle age, many people begin to experience issues with vision. One problem that is common is having trouble seeing things close up. You might find yourself holding books, tablets, and newspapers far from your face. If so, you probably need eyeglasses. If you already need a prescription to see into the distance, you can switch to bifocal or multifocal lenses. These enable you to see close up and far away with one prescription.

close-up of green eye
photo credit: Pexels

Issues for Seniors

In old age, there are a number of common eye conditions that can affect you. Most people are familiar with some of them, such as cataracts. Other issues that you could experience include macular degeneration and glaucoma. If you have diabetes, you could be at risk for diabetic retinopathy. It’s important to detect these problems early, which is why older people should have their eyes checked every year. The sooner these conditions are picked up on, the quicker they can be treated to prevent further damage.

Everyone needs to look after their eyes, whatever their age. Of course, if you have family members who can’t do it themselves, you can help them.

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5 DIY flower arrangement tips for beautiful home decoration

5 DIY flower arrangement tips for beautiful home decoration

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is something that can liven up any room. The problem is that professionally arranged flowers tend to be kind of expensive!

Why not save some of your hard-earned money by getting blooms online or from a shop, then using some DIY tips to whip up an arrangement by yourself? It’s easier than you might think!

Brighten Up Old Mason Jars

If you don’t have a nice vase, you’ll probably have a few old Mason jars knocking around your house. Clean them thoroughly and then decorate using adhesive and gold leaf, or even just some lengths of colored ribbon. For the ultimate rustic look, fill your makeshift vases with lavender or wild flowers. This idea also works well with vintage glass milk bottles.

Vintage sheet table cloths, 1/2 gallon mason jars, and flowers from the farmer's market
photo credit: Kori Monster

Fashion a Collar of Leaves

If you want something really simple and straightforward, take a handful of flowers (all the same kind, for ease) and arrange some large flat leaves around the outer edges like a bright green collar! Hosta leaves work perfectly for this purpose – just remember not to cut the stems too short to begin with; instead trim down and arrange as you go.

Try the Minimalist Look

Sometimes less is more – not to mention less time-consuming and expensive. Take a single stem or branch with several healthy flower heads at the top and drop it inside a large vase with a small amount of water at the bottom. Extra decoration can be added in the form of a large leaf and a couple of petals dropped onto the surface of the water. It’ll be like a mini art installation.

Go All White

A really simple yet striking arrangement is a bunch of white flowers in a white jar, vase or jug. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your flowers – when everything is white or cream (or even a light shade of yellow), you don’t run the risk of clashing colors. Dark green leaves and delicate accents of Gypsophila (baby’s breath) make for a stunning bouquet that will suit any kind of room or event.

US Trip 95 (2).jpg
photo credit: Joni Dao

Off With Their Heads!

This unusual yet easy-to-assemble arrangement requires a clear, flat-bottomed vase, some large pebbles and a selection of flower heads with about an inch of stem left attached. Put some water into the bottom of the vase, and then place your pebbles on the bottom in a mound. Once you’ve done this, take your flowers and arrange them in the vase. Fix them in place, and make sure they have access to the water by sticking the stems into the gaps between the pebbles. It might take some time to get the arrangement looking just the way you want it, but the finished result will be gorgeous!

Do you have some easy and affordable flower arranging tips? Share the love below!

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PDF Beats the Zip Format – Learn the Benefits of This Software

The PDF software is beneficial to create different types of documents like eBooks, forms and manuals. You could insert drawings and images into the document using this application. It is easy to redact confidential information and encrypt sensitive files. Moreover, it provides the digital signatures features for validation.

Some of the unique features of this software make it better than others. However, not many people are aware of the wonderful benefits. You could easily send the files to others by attaching the PDF document to email.

It is difficult to email too large files. To make things simpler, users use file compression feature to zip the file. In this way, they can easily send same zip file format to another user or computer. When you will unzip the file, all of them will be saved to a single folder.

The drawbacks of the ZIP format

However, many users face several issues while using zip file format. Some of the email filters usually block all the files having .zip extension. The reason is many phishers use such format to send harmful and malicious files. In this way, your inbox will remain secure from malware. Many times, the process becomes corrupt. If you try to modify a file and then compress it, there is a high risk that file is corrupt.

Instead of using the complicated ZIP format, you could use the modified PDF software. It provides an excellent way to package the multiple files to transfer data. It offers an envelope to all the files that could be further attached to email.

Many users are not sure which the better way to compress files the PDF or the ZIP format. Many times the PDF software does not serve the purpose when you have to shrink the size of files. However, it makes much more sense than the ZIP format while sending collection of files.

By using the PDF software to compress files it allows you to use many other great features of the application. Besides this, you can also include the content relevant to the attached file. There are plenty of features to use to organize content and attach files.

Why use PDF files?

You can use the software to combine PDF to make the process simpler. It is a great application to compile large data into one file. Now you do not need to clutter the computer’s file folders. In order to merge the files, you have to create a secured account and sign in. then, choose the combine files to PDF option. Now, choose all the files you need to merge. You can further add or subtract the files using add files and remove files option.

The software will successfully merge different types of files like JPG, Microsoft excel, and word and rich text format to the PDF format. It is a brilliant software for those who are involved in the technology based industries. Once merged, the resultant PDF file will consume lesser space than other types of formats.

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