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How to Wear Designer Clothes Without Going Broke

Designer clothing is usually gorgeous, high quality, and highly sought after by the fashionable among us. However, it can cost way more than you’d usually like it to. Well, I’ve got some good news for you; you can wear designer clothing without going broke. It’s true! Use the advice in this guide to wear designer garments for a fraction of the price:

Shop in Second Hand Stores
Search second hand stores and see if you can find any gems for a fraction of the price. Vintage stores are really good for this kind of thing, and you’ll often find vintage Chanel jumpers and Moschino bags. Wearing vintage designer is often considered better than wearing current designer, especially if you want to look unique.

Look on Online Selling Sites
Online selling sites such as eBay might have the occasional designer bargain, but you’ll need to keep your eye on it. New things are put on every day, so you might not find something one day but find something perfect the next. You’ll then either need to pay a ‘buy it now’ price or put in a bid. Bidding is risky because you may not necessarily get the item. To win every time, you need to remember when your item is set to finish and then put in strategic bids towards the end.

Search Charity Shops in Wealthy Areas
You won’t always find hidden gems in charity shops, but you might just find some if you shop in wealthy areas. Even rich people need to find something to do with their old designer clothes! Pop into Oxfam in a rich area and have a good old root around to see what you can find.

designer clothes for the frugal-minded
picture credit: Jen Collins


Swap With Your Friends
Maybe your friends have some designer garms that you’d love to get your hands on? You could suggest holding a clothes swap with your friends where you both put clothes you don’t wear anymore forward to be swapped. Make sure you have some quality stuff on offer too, as this will make the offer more enticing.

Shop With Reputable Retailers
By making sure you shop with reputable retailers, you’ll always get the best value for money when purchasing designer stuff, whether it’s Alexander Wang handbags or Miu Miu sunglasses. If you aren’t careful, you could end up paying way more than the retail price, or not receiving your item at all!

Set a Budget
By setting a budget to stick to when shopping, you’ll avoid having to live off toast for the rest of the month. Give yourself an absolute limit that you’re not allowed to go over. I like to take it out in cash and leave my card at home!

Buy Out of Season
If you buy summer dresses in winter and vice versa, you can easily get a huge percentage off the price. The only catch is that you’ll have to wait a little while before you can wear it. Be smart and plan in advance!

Designer clothes can be yours with a little planning and patience. Happy shopping!

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MRI results!

I finally got my MRI done last Friday afternoon, and the results were posted today (copying & pasting below):

Not sure what all of this means and what the treatment will be, but between Dr. Google and my follow-up appointment with my orthopedist on Friday morning, I guess I’ll find out!

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The Art of Asking for Forgiveness

sorryimage credit: butupa

Everyone has had a fight or a falling out with someone that they later regret. It can be horrible realizing that you were in the wrong, and you don’t know how to fix the upset you’ve caused. Sometimes you might feel like there’s no way to repair the damage, and sometimes you might be reluctant to because you feel like you weren’t the only who was wrong. Perhaps you’re unwilling to say sorry because you’re holding out for the other party to do it first. Or you think that no matter how much you apologize, you won’t be forgiven, and you won’t be able to repair your relationship. But you should always try to seek forgiveness if you can. It might be difficult, but there are ways to ask for forgiveness, and perhaps receive it.

Knowing What You Did Wrong
Before you can be forgiven, you need to know what it was you did and be willing to admit that it’s hurt someone you love, even if you didn’t mean to. A lot of people struggle with this kind of self-reflection because it hurts their pride to say they made a mistake. Sometimes it’s also hard to own up to hurting someone because it makes you feel like a bad person, even if you didn’t intend to hurt them. But facing the issue is the first step to asking for forgiveness. It’s important that you understand what you did. You might think that you upset someone in a certain way, but it was something else you did that offended them. You should think about how you might have hurt them and think about it from their perspective.

Reaching Out to Say Sorry
The next step to seeking forgiveness is apologizing for your behavior. It’s essential to recognize that your apology won’t magically fix everything all at once. But opening the lines of communication to make your regret known is a start. You should be careful not to be too forceful about trying to get them to accept your apology. Some of the best get your ex back programs advocate being gentle and contacting someone you have fought with on their terms. Make it clear that you are sincere and that you are genuinely sorry for what you have done. But let them know that you don’t expect their forgiveness, even if you would like it.

Give it Time
You can’t rush forgiveness. Think about how you have felt in the past when someone has hurt you. Even after an apology, it can take weeks, months or even years before you’re willing to let it go. You might have said sorry, but it doesn’t mean that the person you hurt has stopped feeling sad when they think of what you did. You need to give them time until they’re ready to forgive you, and try not to be too pushy. Let them indicate whether you can do or say things to show the sincerity of your apology.

It isn’t fun when you fall out with someone, but it’s nearly always possible to repair your relationship. Have patience and be humble, and you might find them much more willing to forgive.

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Do you know where your diamonds come from?

Ever wondered under what conditions diamonds are mined? Learn more about identifying and staying away from conflict diamonds and choose those that have been ethically sourced.

Have you been hearing talk of ethical diamonds and wondering what people are on about? Well, to understand why you should be shopping for an ethically sourced ring, you need to know the potential consequences of choosing a conflict diamond.

Conflict diamonds, according to the New York Times are defined as “gems that have been used by rebel groups to pay for wars that have killed and displaced millions of people in Africa, the source of an estimated 65 percent of the world’s diamonds”.

diamond ring

What’s more, human rights violations are the only ethical concerns when it comes to acquiring jewellery. Earthworks, a mining watchdog group states that a standard wedding band alone leaves behind 20 tons of waste rock and ore. And gathering gold and precious gems can lead to toxic mine drainage; wreaking havoc with our environment. Not something you really want to consider when buying diamond rings from Serendipity Diamonds UK.

The good news is that many jewellers and retailers are hard at work trying to avoid such detrimental effects. After all, it just doesn’t seem right that something meant to symbolise love and last a lifetime should have environmental and human costs that last for a long time.

Alternatives to Diamonds

There are a couple of popular eco-friendly and conflict-free alternatives to diamonds. Moissanite is one of them. This stone has a sparkly, brilliant façade and is produced in laboratories. It boasts 10 percent more lustre and brilliance than a diamond as well as 2.4 times more fire.
Other coloured stones that can be sourced ethically include citrine, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby. Many of these are also created in labs, completely bypassing the environmental and worker exploitation issues that plague the mining industry. Lab-created stones also have a much smaller carbon footprint than even some of the most ethically mined stones.

Another Way To Ensure Your Gems are Ethically Sourced

Another way to make sure your stones are ethically sourced is to avoid new materials and buy vintage pieces instead. This is recycling and reusing in its simplest form. What’s more, vintage diamonds are actually guaranteed to be conflict-free. That’s because the practice of using diamonds to fund wealth and wars only began in the early 1990s.

There are further advantages to buying diamond rings from Serendipity Diamonds UK, too. These ethical and eco-conscious pieces hold even more meaning when it comes to happiness, lasting love and dedication. This is a great way to show your dedication to the one you love.

Look For Diamonds Free From All Wars and Violence

Ethical diamonds are completely free from violence. They are mined while sticking to strict environmental and labour standards too. So for a diamond to be ethically sourced it should not have financed a civil war in any way.

Looking For Gems Mined According to Strict Standards

For diamonds to be ethically sourced, they need to keep within strict standards. This also means that child labour should not be used. Furthermore, miners and mining organisations should take measures to avoid serious environmental harm, treat local ecosystems with care, and give workers fair wages and safe, decent conditions.

Retailers Rely on Kimberly Process Certification to Sell Ethically Sourced Diamonds

The Kimberley Process is the most well recognised effort to regulate diamond trade. But it only attempts to keep conflict diamonds out of supply. It grants conflict free certification, though, to diamonds tainted by extreme poverty; environmental harm; child labour and worker exploitation.

The Conflict-Free Guarantee

When you buy diamond rings from Serendipity Diamonds UK you are guaranteed conflict-free diamonds. If you’re ever unsure when purchasing diamond jewellery, ask the retailer how familiar they are with where their diamonds come from and how they were sourced.

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Beware of wrong sleeping posture as it can be the slow poison

Sleep, the most relaxing task of the day which re-energizes your senses and gives a whole new life to your body and soul has many positive impacts on your health. The advantages of sleeping are quite popular and it has now been known that 8 hours of sleep per day is necessary for healthy body and active mind. While people are religiously spending one third of their lives sleeping, very few know the correct posture of sleeping that will offer them the due benefits. As per one major International Sleep Association, the sleeping position is more important for good health than the total sleeping hours and the wrong posture may cause more harm to health than the benefits.

Before you lose your health to the wrong sleeping posture, make note of these favorable and unfavorable sleeping conditions that will surely make the difference to your health in long run.

Image courtesy of marin at

Comfort comes first – There are many different sleeping positions and many of them are beneficial to your health but the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is the comfort. The comfortable sleeping position is the best sleeping position as it will protect your body against unnecessary muscle sprains. Many times people tend to compromise on their comfort in order to go right with their sleeping style but that way they may deprive themselves of their valuable sleeping comfort. So, first check what is comfortable to you and then check for its health benefits. If your comfortable position is strictly against the positive health then get adapted to the other positions and you will find comfort then as well.

Turn to your left – Lying flat on your back or your stomach may not always be the best idea and you may turn on one side for better night’s sleep. Whenever you take the side turn, make a point that you do it towards your left as this is the position where your heart rests comfortably and doesn’t have to struggle much. If you are taking a small nap after heavy meals then sleep at your right as according to Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, it will aid the digestion process. Ayurveda has also specified the benefits of sleeping on right side after meals and on left side during night as the science of sleeping position holds true from ancient times.

Take a pillow to keep your head up! – Your head is always above your heart and hence the heart has to pump blood with extra power to reach the brain when you are awake. At the time of lying flat during the sleeping position, the heart and the brain are aligned. The flow of blood to the brain increases as there is no blood pumping against gravity required. The body’s natural mechanism will control the blood flow to the brain but still if you keep your head a little above your heart level with the help of pillow then it will regulate the blood flow effectively. When you are sleeping on one side, the pillow should be thick enough to cover the span between the mattress and the head. This way you will be protected against any shoulder or neck pain.

More sleep will be the source of better health but sleeping with the right sleeping posture will be the source of wholesome health for entire body and soul which is quite apparent from the points mentioned above.

Carol, is a full time blogger. She creates useful content on overall health and wellness topics. Currently she has partnered with Pure Garcinia Cambogia US, a weight loss product that is produced from the garcinia cambogia fruit.


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