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March 09 2014: Movies, trains, and eye contact
February 21 2014: Bit chomping
January 29 2014: Positive.
January 28 2014: So this is happening tomorrow.
December 07 2013: From zero to Jenny Crocker
December 02 2013: An appointment, a mutt, and a grocery run
October 02 2013: Asperger’s
October 01 2013: Anniversaries & Appointments
September 08 2013: Fix those neurons.
August 26 2013: Back to school!
August 11 2013: Legos and water balloons
August 01 2013: A belated Mom brag
July 29 2013: Ryan’s seventh birthday (+ impromptu birthday party)
July 26 2013: Happy 7th Birthday Ryan!
June 07 2013: Summer break: initiated
June 06 2013: Yesterday was the day of doing things
May 24 2013: Hoorah!
May 13 2013: The cat came back
May 12 2013: Sick? Not sick? I DON’T KNOW.
May 12 2013: Living up to the holiday’s expectations
May 11 2013: Undodged bullet.
May 10 2013: Scrootal
May 03 2013: Bus stop brawls, classroom clashes, neighborhood annoyances
April 27 2013: Birthday stuff
April 21 2013: I had to Google my kids’ illness.

Hello! I'm Jenn, and this is my blog. I'm 29, married to a sexy man named Daniel, and mother to a nine year old girl named Alyssa and a seven year old autistic boy named Ryan. I'm obsessed with all things hot pink and/or glittery; I'm a crazy cat lady (5) and Betta fish hoarder in the making; and I work from home full-time doing what I enjoy: SEO and web design. I love digital photography, and I dream in CSS & HTML.
- @kissmykitty on Twitter


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