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September 18 2008: When will that happen again?
August 21 2008: Those photos I promised
April 16 2008: *snore*
March 31 2008: I never learn
January 02 2008: So lustable
November 24 2007: Bleary eyed
November 15 2007: Just what we need
November 14 2007: I shouldn’t have gone out today
October 19 2007: Did we or didn’t we?
October 05 2007: Day two
September 25 2007: Firefox goodness
July 14 2007: Fuzzy headed
June 22 2007: Why am I awake?
March 19 2007: Back and tired
November 05 2006: ZzzZzzz.

Hello! I'm Jenn, and this is my blog. I'm 29, married to a sexy man named Daniel, and mother to a nine year old girl named Alyssa and a seven year old autistic boy named Ryan. I'm obsessed with all things hot pink and/or glittery; I'm a crazy cat lady (5) and Betta fish hoarder in the making; and I work from home full-time doing what I enjoy: SEO and web design. I love digital photography, and I dream in CSS & HTML.
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