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November 21 2013: The Christmas Can-Can
October 09 2013: Cheers to working ovens (thanks, PartSelect!)
February 11 2013: {Product review} Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer & Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier
December 11 2012: Even shoemakers have to use the bathroom
November 11 2012: I’m going to #BlogHer13 much more comfortably, thanks to the Synergy Laptop Backpack from eBags!
May 08 2012: Video blog
March 30 2012: Video blog
January 30 2012: Anxiety is a great laxative
July 14 2011: Teacup humans
March 09 2011: Sick trifecta
February 11 2011: Fifty Questions
February 04 2011: Say what?
January 16 2011: I’m a random windstorm
November 17 2010: Testing a new video camera!
October 23 2010: I’m basking in the glory that is Saturday
October 21 2010: Why look, another video blog
October 01 2010: Another video blog, imagine that.
September 25 2010: Hey! It’s a video blog. Fancy that.
September 17 2010: The 30 Day Meme: Day 28
September 10 2010: LifeStudio Mobile Plus
September 02 2010: The 30 Day Meme: Day 13
August 14 2010: Why pluck when you can twist and roll?
August 12 2010: Just out of reach
August 09 2010: I went to BlogHer and lost my brush, voice and driver’s license
February 08 2010: Infectious

Hello! I'm Jenn, and this is my blog. I'm 29, married to a sexy man named Daniel, and mother to a nine year old girl named Alyssa and a seven year old autistic boy named Ryan. I'm obsessed with all things hot pink and/or glittery; I'm a crazy cat lady (5) and Betta fish hoarder in the making; and I work from home full-time doing what I enjoy: SEO and web design. I love digital photography, and I dream in CSS & HTML.
  • Being louder doesn't make you the winner. Nor does my silence make you the victor.,
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