Cats as pets

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They may be arrogant, selfish, naughty and whiny at times, but no other animal is better suited as pets than kitty cats. Why? Because they are also incredibly pretty, fluffy, funny, soft and cuddly - and they are rather low maintenance.

Top quality cuddling

No other animal cuddles like a cat and she will only cuddle when she feels like cuddling. The way she purrs can soothe even the most stressed person and a cat usually prefers to sleep on top of her favourite person and thus also work as a heating pad - perfect for those cold winter nights!

Cats are so funny

Anyone who ever visited Youtube has come across the funny cat videosthere are millions of them! Why? Because cats are incredibly funny to watch! They move in mysterious ways and even if they do spend most of their time sleeping, their waken time is usually incredibly entertaining!

Cats vs. dogs

People usually compare cats with dogs and most are somewhat either cat lovers OR dog lovers, even if there are exceptions who love/hate both species. But cats make very different pets from dogs. They are way more independent and can be left alone much longer periods of time than dogs can. They sleep more and need less food (exceptions exist). If your cat learns to do her business outdoors as well, you just have to open and close a door or window every now and then and she'll take care of her self. A dog needs several walks a day, first one often early in the morning and last one late in the night. To any clever person the choice is obvious...

Real cats can be incredibly adorable, but so can fictional ones! If for some reason you cannot own a cat but would still like to play a few games with them, then you might enjoy playing cat-themed games, such as the ones featured on Watch those cartoon cats spin on the reels and enjoy your playtime with these amazing creatures!